ACC Announces Plans For 2020 Football Season

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The ACC is planning on having a 2020 football season according to a press release by the conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the known information on the 2020 football season, per the release…

ACC Football

  • The season’s first games will take place the week of Sept. 7-12
  • The 2020 scheduling model includes 11 games (10 plus one: 10 conference and one non-conference)
  • All non-conference game opponents, selected by the respective school, must be played in the home state of the ACC institution, and all non-conference opponents must meet the medical protocol requirements as agreed upon by the ACC
  • The 11 games will be played over at least 13 weeks with each team having two open dates
  • There will be one division
  • Notre Dame will also play a 10-game conference schedule and be eligible to compete in the 2020 ACC Football Championship Game
  • All television revenue for the 2020 season, including Notre Dame’s home games broadcast by NBC, will be shared equally by all 15 institutions
  • The ACC Football Championship Game will be played on either December 12 or 19 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will feature the top two teams based upon highest conference-game winning percentage 
  • All 15 teams will continue to be part of the ACC’s bowl selection process; should Notre Dame win the ACC Football Championship Game they would be eligible for the Orange Bowl, if not selected as a College Football Playoff semifinal team
  • The 2020 ACC Football week-by-week schedule and television selections will be released in the future

“Today’s decision was made after months of thoughtful planning by numerous individuals throughout the conference,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “The Board’s decision presents a path, if public health guidance allows, to move forward with competition. Our institutions are committed to taking the necessary measures to facilitate the return in a safe and responsible manner. We recognize that we may need to be nimble and make adjustments in the future. We will be as prepared as possible should that need arise.”

Virginia Tech will play 10 ACC opponents, plus one non-conference opponent.  At this point we don’t know who that non-conference opponent will be, but we do know which ACC teams the Hokies will face, and where.

What we don’t know right is what date each of those games will take place, and whether any fans will be allowed in the stadium.  Those announcements will be made at a later day.  Here’s a look at each team’s 2020 opponents…

ACC football scheduling model for 2020
(graphic via the ACC)

Other fall sports are also scheduled to be played, with the ACC also making an announcement about winter and spring sports.  That information is below. 

ACC Fall Olympic Sports

  • Fall Olympic Sports competition may begin on Thursday, Sept. 10
  • Team sports will play a conference schedule that meets the NCAA minimum amount of games: field hockey (6), women’s soccer (6), men’s soccer (6) and volleyball (10)
  • Schools will continue to schedule regular season cross country competitions at their discretion
  • Any additional games against conference opponents or non-conference opponents are at the respective school’s discretion and all opponents must meet the ACC’s medical standards
  • Any additional games against conference opponents that are beyond the conference-mandated schedules would not count in the ACC standings
  • The schedule for ACC Fall Championships 
  • The cross country championships will be held at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, N.C. on October 30, and include all fifteen member schools
  • The field hockey championship will be held at Duke University on November 5, 6 and 8
  • The women’s soccer championship will include the top four teams and be held at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, N.C. on November 6 and 8, as previously announced
  • The men’s soccer championship will include the top four teams and be held at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, N.C. on November 13 and 15
  • Television selections via the ACC’s partnership with ESPN and ACC Network will be made in the future

ACC Winter and Spring Olympic Sports

  • Competition in the sports of swimming and diving, indoor track and field and fencing will be postponed until at least September 10 
  • Fall competition in the sports of men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s tennis, rowing, men’s and women’s lacrosse, softball and baseball has been canceled
  • Student-athletes in golf and tennis continue to be eligible to compete unattached 
  • Teams in all sports may continue practice at their institution’s discretion 
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  1. I think you left this paragraph out of the actual acc announcement which is

    The ACC’s 2020-21 basketball schedule has yet to be announced.

  2. This is all a tease. I would love to see this season play out, but I don’t see how in the world it will ever happen. Look at what is occurring right now in the MLB? Three games in and an entire team is side-lined (and baseball has a lot less teams, players and isn’t even an contact sport!). What are the chances that college football can get through an entire season without major outbreaks? So, let’s say you are 7-1 when they postpone the season, which gets you into the conference championship game. So what? the season is postponed!! When will that CC game ever be played? Don’t get your hopes up….

    1. The test will have people testing positive, even though they arent sick, so they can’t play. May as well postpone it until next year imo.

  3. On the positive. Controlled negotiations within a single conference. Also show s how acc could so much better leverage the conference. Need 9 conference games at least every year. Let’s hope for the future

  4. The release of the schedule is just like Lucy teeing up the football for Charlie Brown…….. 🏈

  5. Great upgrade over the normal 8 league games… Would much rather play 10 conference games annually, as this feels more like a true conference vs the see you every 8 years with current model for Atlantic Members not named BC…. Johnny Boy’s last season may turn out to be his best…

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!

  6. How nice for UNC, Duke and NC State that they don’t have to play Clemson. Same ole ACC.

    1. UNC & Duke do have ND On their schedules. At first glance, NCSU has the easiest schedule of all 15. No ND or Clemson. Everyone else has at least 1 of them.

  7. What a schedule.
    Love ND in
    Make money now,better exposure for ACC
    Bridge to future
    I’m ready to go anywhere any stadium any city.
    Will open vs Liberty probably on 11th
    2020 Let’s Go

  8. Hope we get to play this great schedule. WF, NC & Duke away games. Great for travel if fans allowed.

    1. +1 This comment was interesting:

      All television revenue for the 2020 season, including Notre Dame’s home games broadcast by NBC, will be shared equally by all 15 institutions

    1. ACC is splitting ND’s NBC contract, good deal. Lots of talk of this being the bridge to ND joining full time

      1. We really need ND. Clemson helps but ACC has fallen to the bottom of the Power 5 in football. According to Sagarin last year even the AAC West ranked higher than either ACC division.

    2. I don’t see it that way. This is bringing ND closer into being a regular ACC member in football and that is a very good thing for the ACC. Plus, I am hearing that we will have an equal share of their NBC contract – this is a very good outcome of having ND in the ACC as our regular TV contract leaves much to be desired. I say bring it on! I love this schedule.

  9. Well at least team won’t have to go to GA and got a 50/50 shot of avoiding FL too. Though GT and FLState will probably be two of worst 3 teams, keeping team healthy off the field will be biggest challenge of the season

  10. TSL already updated the home page FB schedule so I can’t tell. Did we lose anyone from the original 8 we were playing or just a straight up add 2. Same home and away?

    1. I just added a link to the top of our schedules that enables you to access a graphic showing the original and updated schedules side by side.

  11. Shame on ACC for letting Notre Dame play in our conference after time and time again being told to join a conference and didn’t. Love the scheduling but hate the fact that an independent school could win a conference championship that’s not even in it.

    1. Yeah, but you’re missing that this time they have to share their TV revenue with the conference. So the ACC bride at least gets kissed before being ravished

      1. “Bride?” Shame on me for instead envisioning a scene from Deliverance with ND playing the role of Bill McKinney to The ACC’s Ned Beatty

  12. Just don’t see how they are going to make it through 11 games. I could see the season start and then you get a handful of players contract the virus. Games start to be cancelled without the ability to reschedule. It could be a huge mess. I think we will see many more guys opt out not only to prep for the NFL but also just for health reasons. Hate to view this in the negative but I think the reality is this season ain’t going to make it.

    1. Don’t think you’ll need to reschedule. It says top two by winning percentage so not all games have to be played. Theoretically a 7-1 team would make the championship over an 8-2 team.

  13. Releasing this fantasy is next level cruel. I’m desperate for Hokie football, but I don’t see how in the world they make this work. I really hope I’m wrong!

    1. Agreed. Odds of a successful full season? 1/10,000. Heck, most people around here seem to feel that the University will only be open briefly before going online. But let’s hope. Great home schedule

  14. TOUGH schedule. It will take being better than good to make it to the ACC Championship this year, if we do indeed play football.

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