Jeremy Webb Enters The Transfer Portal

Jeremy Webb
Injuries set back the career of Jeremy Webb. (Jon Fleming)

Rising redshirt senior cornerback Jeremy Webb will enter the transfer portal according to his announcement on Thursday night.

Webb was recruited to Virginia Tech as arguably the top JUCO cornerback in the country, and he was slated to start immediately in 2018.  However, he suffered a pair of Achilles injuries before  he ever got a chance to set foot on the field.

After an offseason of rehab, Webb served as Virginia Tech’s fifth cornerback during the 2019 season.  He appeared in three games for the Hokies.

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  1. If he is able to play, why would he transfer? If he can’t play, then why would anyone take him? This is such nonsense…and more often than not, just an excuse to spin his deficiencies into a “choice”

    1. at best hes #4 db. kid is a great teammate. imo, his case is the best argument for the portal

  2. Freakish injuries. Bad luck X 10. He’s healthy now why transfer? Are we that deep in DBs?

  3. It is sad to see him go, but I totally understand. He has 1 year left to demonstrate that he can play. JWebb go crush it at your next stop. This Hokie will be routing for you!!!

  4. HERE is a portal guy who i will always pull for.. In my mind, he will always be a Hokie. I wish you great success JWebb, and am sorry to see you go!

  5. Jeremy Webb has my full sympathy and support. His story is nearly Shakespearean in its level of tragic what-ifs. He almost surely would have started from day one in 2018, which likely would have led to his locking down that position, had he not been injured. It’s amazing to look at the stories of some truly great athletes who were cut down by injury before they could take root and blossom. One example is Greg Cook, an Ohio QB who was drafted by the Bengals in 1969. Cook was viewed then the way Joe Burrow is viewed today. His NFL career began spectacularly, but a shoulder injury limited him to only one partial season. “What might have been.”

  6. Once a HOKIE always a HOKIE!! Except for the one defensive end. Good luck JW!

  7. JW#2 gets it – he needs a chance to show that he can still play and perhaps get a look at the NFL later. He is behind top picks here and may not see the field for meaningful play time…He lives in FLA where MANY schools are available to him as a portal-ready guy…this totally makes sense though I wish we had him as a back-up IF we play and IF we have serious injuries.
    Really nice well written note to team/fans/admin/coaches!
    Go Hokies!
    Go Mr Webb!

    1. I agree though likely minor schools given the two injuries . Doubt if the nfl is there unless he really is better

  8. No shade on this kid but the amount of time of money VT spent to help him get ready to get on the field was significant.

    1. What his mind and body went through to try to get on the field was also significant. I say it cancels out the cost.

      1. Doubt it cancels. The rehab cost to him and his body? That does not cancel out the rehab provided. Without the rehab and good medical team here, he isn’t even on the practice field.

        1. Jeremy Webb did everything the VT staff asked of him from practices to training to in the classroom. He more than held up his end of the bargain. Dont hold healthcare over his head as though he owes you something

    2. Win some lose some. Was worth the risk IMO. We were severely thin at the position. Can’t blame them for trying.

  9. Sucks it didn’t work out for JW. Well written note on his Twitter regarding his experience at VT. Maybe he should be an English teacher and coach football.

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