Dalton Keene Selected By Patriots In Third Round

Virginia Tech tight end Dalton Keene was selected by the New England Patriots in the third round of the NFL Draft on Friday night.  He was the 101st overall pick after declaring for the draft following his junior season.

Keene started 38 of the 39 games in which he appeared during his three-year career with the Hokies.  He caught 59 passes for 748 yards and eight touchdowns.  He was also known as being a good blocker at the college level.

Keene will sign a 4-year contract worth a total of $4,057,645. 

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  1. Congrats to D. Keene –> he made a great call by declaring and i was wrong in my 6th round prediction – glad I was wrong…

    Kick Arse D Keen!

  2. It is really amazing how high he was drafted and what a talent we had. We under-utilized him too

  3. I’m fairly surprised he went this high, but it only takes one team.

    Even though I thought he would go lower than this, I still always thought he didn’t make a bad decision – and this certainly confirms it. His draft position wasn’t likely to improve much – if any – with another year in college.

  4. Hope Dalton does well in the No Fun League – he has opportunity with the hated Patriots (less hated now than when the smug doofus QB is gone).

        1. It’s not a binary question.

          Both will probably be liked more now that they’re apart.

      1. I’m not a fan of BB the coach, but his generosity and tireless community work is admirable. that side of him is woefully under-reported, imo

    1. While I wish him luck, but Gronk? not exactly………. Julian Edleman-esque maybe. Hybrid Slot, TE kind of setup might work for him

  5. I’m definitely NOT a Patriot fan, but I gotta admit this is a good fit. And Keene also gets props as a 4th round pick. Makes VT look good.

    Go Iggles!

    1. We don’t try to be first. We’d drive ourselves insane and never get any sleep.

    2. So what, I saw it on ESPN last night.
      Note that TSL isn’t a live news site and don’t think they intend to “break” every VT story.

  6. he made a really good decision to leave early, after taxes he may put $1.5 million into his bank account. Hopefully he can get the Patriots back to the where they were during the Tom Brady years.

    1. As a Jets fan, I hope not! But I wish him the best for his career.

      J-E-T-S (Just End The Season)

    2. After taxes…HA! Counting that money for him are ya? All depends upon how he wants to live and whether income, sales and real estate taxes blow through the roof in the next few years- which I think is a certainty. I lived through the 1970’s as a college student then a very young family man. It was hell and I’m beginning to smell that same stench in the air.

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