Isaiah Wilkins Enters the Tranfer Portal

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Isaiah Wilkins
Isaiah Wilkins will transfer from Virginia Tech. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech guard Isaiah Wilkins will enter the transfer portal, per online reports.  The news was first reported by Evan Daniels of 247Sports.

Wilkins exploded onto the scene as a true freshman, scoring 21 points in his college debut on November 9, 2018 against Gardner-Webb.  However, that was the first of only eight double-figure scoring games in his career.  Wilkins played in 66 games with six starts, averaging 4.5 points and 2.5 rebounds for his career.  His field goal percentage dropped from 48.7% as a freshman to 34% as a sophomore, and his three-point percentage dropped from 40.7% to 28.4%.

There is no word on where Wilkins plans to transfer, and as of right now student-athletes in the transfer portal can’t take visits to other schools.  Wilkins’ transfer means that Mike Young has one scholarship available.

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  1. he is a great young man and I hate to see him leave. He always or I should say often, he provided a spark to them and help in some victories. Wish him the best.

  2. Isaiah might not have set the court on fire at VT but all indications are that he’s been a great teammate and character guy. The way he’s handled this development further supports that. Those kind of young men don’t grow on trees, and can have just as positive an influence on the development of younger players as a first team All-American can. I was hoping that after the departure of Nolley, that there would be room to keep Wilkins. All the best to you, Isaiah. I hope that life is good to you, and thanks for your contribution at VT.

  3. I was high on Isaiah when he came in. I expected him to get better over time and become a full time starter and a force to be reckoned with. I thought, I guess it was more of a hope though I had no reason to think it would not happen, he would find the right playing weight from work in the weight room. I think he was too heavy. All considered, I think if he had dropped some weight he could have been better off, but maybe we saw all there was. I do seem to recall reading some where that he had a goal last year to get more “cut” so I was excited to see the results, but it appears he didn’t do that.

    At this time and his age, I would advise him to lose some bulk and gain a half-step or more. When he gets old(er) he can get comfortable.

    1. Pretty close to my thoughts. I was expecting more this year. Maybe him, maybe the system, maybe me.

  4. Gonna miss you Isaiah!
    Always will be a Hokie!
    Good Luck and thanks for the high effort adn class!

  5. With the two 4 star guard recruits coming in next year, IW playing time would have been little to none!

  6. I thought Wilkins would have a much better. Some players(people in general)don’t take to change/transition as well as others. Could be the case.

  7. I wanted him as a Tight End – good height, good hands, good vertical leap and can stop / pivot for end zone or over the middle throws. A whole different level of contact.

    1. Agree. Remember that Big Man for VCU, Mo-Alie Cox, who was a good 6’6″ interior player at the A-10 level but wasn’t a pro Big (nor a wing, for sure)? He caught on in the NFL as a tight end.

      Mr. Wilkins is a good guy, but a bit of a tweener for top-drawer college basketball.

  8. 6’4” though… ideally want a lower center of gravity on a back. His size is better suited for a WR or linebacker

    1. TE, with some plays out of the backfield?

      Sounds like:

      CLASS Junior
      HEIGHT 6-4
      WEIGHT 251
      HOMETOWN Littleton, Colo.
      HIGH SCHOOL Chatfield

  9. I don’t blame him and I wish him the best but he really doesn’t seem to have ACC talent.

  10. Disappointing. I thought he showed real flashes of potential. I don’t begrudge anyone doing what they think is best for them. However, although I am not against the transfer portal, I think it does provide some athletes the facility to explore any easier path rather than just working harder in their current situation to improve their skill set.

      1. Coach: Hey PlayerX, what do you think about the portal?

        Player: I don’t know coach, i haven’t thought about it

        Coach: Ill ask again, what do you think about the portal?

        1. Haha I know this is in jest

          But the actual conversation goes something like

          Coach: hey Isaiah, we’ve enjoyed having you as part of the program. We have some young players coming in who we are looking to develop. If you’re willing to stick around in a lesser role (than your current already small role) then we would love to have you. However, if you’d like to transfer somewhere that you can have a larger role, we will help you with that. Please let us know in the coming weeks what you decide so we can shape our roster accordingly

  11. He looks like a running back in the photo, good ball security. Can he transfer to the football team?

  12. One of my favorite current players – thought he should have been getting more minutes this year. Best of luck to him.

    1. Agree. I thought there was still room for development. Always played good “team” ball when he was in the game.

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