ACC Suspends All Athletics-Related Activities

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The ACC announced on Thursday afternoon that all spring sports and athletics-related activities would be suspended effective immediately.

The ACC is the latest in what is a near total shutdown of sports in the United States, as well as many other places in the world thanks to COVID-19.  The ACC Tournament was stopped shortly before tipoff this afternoon, and several hours later the announcement came that all sports would be halted for the time being.

Naturally, this shuts down Virginia Tech sports as well.  All spring sports have been halted, and spring practice, which was scheduled to begin on Saturday, March 21, is very unlikely to begin on time.  Tech’s Spring Game, scheduled to be held on April 18, is also in doubt.

On-campus and off-campus recruiting has also been shut down, so there won’t be much football recruiting news for the time being.

TSL will keep you posted if anything changes.

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  1. Overreaction. Even if you don’t want thousands to attend games, the games themselves could have been played with little danger. In our litigious society, I’m sure some consideration was given to the hyper sensitive lawyers who are telling them to not risk it. I’ve never seen such panic and idiotic behavior over this disease.

    1. I simply cannot believe folks are still saying this. If anything, the US is behind curve. Experts have been saying since December that this was a serious matter and our leaders at the state and national levels have tried to turn this into no big deal. I am 70 years old male with heart, lung and kidney issues. Frankly I am scared to leave my house because I don’t know when or where I might come into close contact with some idiot who has refused to self quarantine.
      Ask some cruise or airline passengers (JetBlue) if they feel authorities are overreacting.

      1. I’m 69 years old with Type 1 diabetes and I am not afraid. I use common sense and don’t expose myself unnecessarily. When the swine flu hit, we had 59 million people infected, had thousands of deaths and we didn’t react like this. I am appalled that our nation has become a bunch of “me toos” and have reacted like this. The panic and damage to our economy is liable to be much worse than the virus itself. Oh well, this is not the place. I’ll get off my soap box.

      2. Well seekoHoG i am 69 working on 70 and have a heart condition. Go pull up some statistics, the US is not behind the curve. Our leaders did not know what was going on in China until very late December. And when they did the President shut down flights to and from China. Europe did not and now THEY have a serious problem. In 2012 i was in Venice, Italy and the place was packed with Chinese tourists … i am guessing more so today. And, it would appear more than one came into Italy with the virus. In 2009 the swine flu was brought into the US. 1,000 or so people died before Obama even recognized there was a problem. By the time the smoke cleared 12,000 people died, 275,000 were hospitalized. You lived though that one, maybe you’ll live through this one.

  2. This is so surreal. I hate this for our women’s basketball seniors especially as well as our softball ladies who were on their way to a potential magical season

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