Virginia Tech’s Hard Hat Series (Updated 3-9-20)

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Virginia Tech
Quincy Patterson and Hendon Hooker were the subject of the first video in Virginia Tech’s Hard Hat Series.

For those Virginia Tech fans looking for more access into the program, the athletic department recently introduced a new “Hard Hat Series” recently that goes more in-depth with particular players.  Tech has released two videos already, and they hope to release one more video per week leading up to the start of spring practice.

For those of you who might not follow Virginia Tech on social media, and who perhaps don’t read the boards very much in the offseason, we realize that it’s entirely possible that you might miss this new feature.  Therefore, we’ve decided to compile each video in an article, and we’ll update the article every time a new video is released.  Each time the article is updated, it will appear on the top of the TSL homepage as if it’s a brand-new article.

The first video features Hendon Hooker and Quincy Patterson, and their 10-minute one-on-one conversation revolves around their friendly competition as well as their thoughts on Brad Cornelsen and the jet sweep!

The second video features transfer offensive lineman Brock Hoffman, who sat out the 2019 season after his much-publicized battle with the NCAA for immediate eligibility.

Though not officially part of the Hard Hat Series, Tech also ran a short video of the members of the coaching staff that coached together and lived together at Illinois State.


This past Friday, Virginia Tech released a video featuring linebackers Rayshard Ashby and Dax Hollifield.  They talk about various subjects such as what it’s like to play for Bud Foster, and their relationship with head coach Justin Fuente.

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  1. Damn. Brock could motivate me to put on pads and go out there. I think he’ll make a great coach some day

  2. Brock leading the OL UNIT while on the scout team- very strong 💪

    I look forward to seeing him play this season. I expect him to anchor the line and get us some push against big heavies. If he has it then Hudson can compete for a guard spot and back up Brock.

  3. Sounds like QP here to stay, but don’t be resigned to backup, tell HH you are coming for that job and wanna take it. Competition is great

    1. I know a kid who was a PWO this past year as a freshman.
      He was a budding star on the scout team and he told me at Christmas that Burmeister lit up our 1st team D in practice.
      He thinks Burmeister will STRONGLY figure in the QB competition this spring.
      Said he is a good leader as well and is well like by his teammates.


  4. I don’t watch much video on line but these were excellent. I’m looking forward to the rest. Best of all there was almost no buffering.

  5. I enjoyed both. Was really impressed all three kids. I didn’t remember hearing many “you knows” in those videos either.

  6. Also mentioned in HH-QP video is the idea of transferring. Interesting stuff. Great Hokie ambassadors and leaders.

  7. That was my first look at the HH-QP video. Most excellent! I liked HH’s unflinching eye contact — a little detail you wouldn’t get outside of a video like this. Good decision on the part of the Athletic Dept to produce these!

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