Virginia Tech 2020 Football Schedule Released

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Virginia Tech
(Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech’s 2020 football schedule has been released, with the biggest news being the return of Thursday night football to Lane Stadium, and the annual VT-UVA matchup moved back to the final Saturday of the regular season.

Here’s the schedule, which features seven home games in Lane Stadium…

Sat. 9/19 @Middle TN StateTBD
Sat. 10/10 @UNCTBD
Sat. 10/17
------------- OPEN -------------
Sat. 10/31 @ LouisvilleTBD
Fri. 11/6 @PittsburghTBD
Sat. 11/14 MIAMITBD
Sat. 11/21 @DukeTBD
Sat. 11/28 UVATBD
Sat. 12/5 ACC Champ. Gm.TBD

The Hokies only play back-to-back road games once, and that comes against Louisville and Pitt.  Tech gets a bye week ahead of their Thursday night home game against Boston College, and that game being on a Thursday night also means they will get extra time to prepare for their road trip to Louisville on Halloween.

The Hokies are coming off an 8-5 season, and many preseason predictions have Virginia Tech and North Carolina as the two favorites in the Coastal Division this season.  Those teams will face each other in Chapel Hill on Saturday, October 10.  Of course, the biggest home game of the season will come in September when the Hokies host the Penn State Nittany Lions, a game that has been on the minds of VT fans for quite awhile.

The Spring Game (not shown) is scheduled for April 18 at 3:30 PM.

We’ll have more on Virginia Tech’s 2020 football schedule in today’s podcast, which is coming up at 10 AM, as well as a TSL Pass article on the schedule this afternoon.

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  1. OH MY ! Looks like the same record for 2020 as 2019 = 8 Wins & 5 Losses ???
    Not really sure that the Hokie Football Program is actually going anywhere ???
    Only time will tell !!!

    1. Yea let’s skip right to the last game of the season and look for a reason to Boo our coach – there’s a good idea.

  2. The amount of complaining about this schedule is mind boggling. It sure beats last year’s schedule (which actually ended up including some pretty good games…6 OTs vs UNCheat anyone?).

    Sorry Whit can’t consult with every single fan to make sure the schedule meets with your approve before he releases it….

    1. Looks like a good schedule to me PSU, Loserville, pUVa, UNC, Pitt, GT, the pU, Duke, ACC Championship. Lots of good games on the schedule. Missing that scrappy ODU, they’ll get after you, and beat you sometimes.

      Season Ticket model applies more here, but is still is dead for me. Not paying for Liberty and N. Alabama, not being constrained to a Thursday night.

      Go Hokies!

      1. Think of paying for VT regardless of the opponent. Liberty will be a handful, North Alabama should give us a look at the 2020 redshirts and backups.

        1. If Liberty is a handful then this team is in for a long road next year. Wow Liberty and handful in the same sentence

          1. Pay attention to them. UVa had to kick it in gear to beat them this year. Opening day is usually full of surprises. They get a share of the transfer portal that helps them.

  3. For anyone interested in attending the Louisville game 10/31 the rates today for Downtown hotels are still reasonable . Marriott downtown $215 a night

  4. No one should bellyache about playing creampuffs. EVERY D1 TEAM DOES THIS, including Alabama, LSU, Clumpson, and Ohio Snake. Get over it, and start counting up the wins for a bowl.

    The Penn State game should be interesting, but all the so-called creampuffs are not really William & Mary or VMI. In case you’ve been sleeping, MTSU, Liberty, and NA have all notched quality programs with respectable records recently.

    Get over it folks. It’s D1 football.

    1. Looks like a good schedule to me PSU, Loserville, pUVa, UNC, Pitt, GT, the pU, Duke, ACC Championship. Lots of good games on the schedule. Missing that scrappy ODU, they’ll get after you, and beat you sometimes.

      Not going to complain about the cream puffs, just not going to pay season ticket prices for them.

  5. We are making the Sept 12 PSU game into a week-long vacation in Nashville. Either driving on from the ‘burg or returning to VB then flying out. 19th annual Americana Music Festival in Nashville that week, and one of our Hokie daughters lives there. I’m predicting VicTory on both the 12th and the 19th, and lots of fun and music in between.

  6. Goodness gracious people give the complaints a rest. Some of you sound like Whit can just walk into the ACC commissioner’s office and tell him exactly who and when and where we play opponents. Sorry but it doesn’t work like that. We’ve got Penn State, Miami, and UVA at home what else do you want? And do you not see the likes of Clemson and Alabama playing a few cupcakes each year too? Every Power 5 team does it and we are no exception.

    1. AMEN TO THAT. Please, take a break from the constant “[insert your whine] sucks.” CONSTANT whinage. Contemplate, lament, question, even disagree but give your pie holes a rest from the constant whining and complaining even if just for a while. Much appreciated, had to get that off my chest.

  7. Can someone explain to me again why VT is traveling to Middle Tennesse State? Why would we give them a home game?

      1. Why are we doing a home and home with MTSU? We aren’t doing one with North Alabama. Is it because we needed an away game this year and couldn’t find a home and home with a bigger name opponent?

    1. Penn St! You think we should schedule Bama, OSU too??

      Fans B&Ming about our annual 2-3 cupcakes is so old.

      Liberty did just win a bowl game at least

      1. Isn”t that what we fans do – bitch & moan?

        I get we have to play a balanced schedule but those 3 teams just don’t move the needle for me.

      2. We have one cupcake, North Alabama, and we better be ready to play that day. MTSU on the road and Liberty will be games will will have to play well to win. Their teams are usually good, their names are not “sexy” enough for some.

    2. After seeing Rhode Island pass all over us and barely getting by Furman. I am not considering anybody a cream puff. MTSU has knocked of GT on multiple occasions.

  8. Ugh. Was really looking forward to going to Louisville, but Halloween? With young kids, it’s not workable.

    1. PitHokie–What? Whit didn’t consult with you before making the schedule? Sorry the schedule doesn’t suit your every need. Is that all fans can do now…complain, complain, complain….

      1. It’s not a complaint, it’s a lament. Big difference. Stop your complaining about an expression.
        Allow dialogue. Thanks,

        1. It’s a complaint, not a lament. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment; a lament is an expression of grief, mourning, or sorrow.

          It seems more like a statement of simple dissatisfaction given PitHokie’s schedule and family dynamic.

  9. One Saturday home game in October. And we are forced to play BC on Thursday night at home when those games haven’t added value to the program or benefitted the fans in years.

      1. The BC game on Thursday isn’t one to raise a problem, IMO. And the overall schedule is not bad.

        HOWEVER, there is one game that is a problem. We play @ UL on Saturday, and then turn around and play @ Pitt on Friday. That makes for a very short week, against a very tough opponent. It’s not right to make college kids play on short weeks. And if the UL game is at night, the problem is exacerbated.

    1. It’s an even shorter week, since we’re on the road @ UL. There is travel back to B’burg, and then playing at Pitt on Friday, which means they will have to leave on Thursday to get to Pitt. These are not pro players. That is harsh for college kids.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see us play at UL at night.

      There is one other hiccup in that schedule. Of course it only applies for those of us who take our RV’s. That game could conflict with an on campus Duke basketball game. unfortunately, Duke puts RV’s in the same lot that used for Duke basketball fans.

    1. Yeah was announced a couple months ago.
      They’re either FCS Or transitioning to FBS. It’s fallout from ECU

    2. yeah, i never knew they existed until now. i guess the fulfill the directional school slot in the schedule…

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