TSL Podcast Episode 110: Closing Out the Fuente-Baylor Topic; Hokie Hoops

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TSL Podcast Episode 110

The latest TSL Podcast opens with Will Stewart talking about something he wishes Justin Fuente had done last week, plus his thoughts on the need for athletic vision at Virginia Tech. The guys then talk about Hokie hoops: the loss to Syracuse and Tech’s chances of making the NCAA Tournament. (90 minutes)

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  1. Thorn – Size. Agree with Chris
    Rose – Landers Nolley. Knew he was good but he’s been better than advertised
    Bud – Coach Mike Young. He has a knack for getting the most out of a team similar to Buzz. I believe as he gets his players and his teams are more comfortable with his system better things are yet to come.

  2. Will – I totally agree with your opening comments relative to how Coach Fu should have addressed the Hokie Nation concerning his flirtation with the Baylor offer. We as involved fans and donors deserve better. I know a lot of fans say “well this business as usual” and he has the right to look around. We pay his 4M$ salary in this “business” and we can expect the coach to at least try to sell us on his position. If he is not “all in” then don’t expect us to be either.

  3. I have to agree with other comments that TSL, as a whole, has been negative towards Tech athletics, particularly football. It seems to have started with the arrival of Fuente and his lack of openness. We will never have the number of living alumni as Penn State, or ND, or FSU so should we just give up? A number of us are active givers and Whit is growing the base which has never been done successfully. All I hear from TSL lately is negative especially on money and football (Fuente).. I am naive enough to believe with the right coach and recruiting we can be competitive, actually more than competitive. A more positive attitude would be appreciated.

  4. What the heck does Roth know?? I am very active in the Hokie Club and athletic gifts..status..now 16 million Hokie club members headed to 25 million!! its so easy to be uniformed and negative!! Roth they have an opening at UCLA!!

  5. we are not second class financially,,do your research comparing VT to rest of ACC..maybe you should donate more!


  6. Will now why are you so negative on VT athletics….I believe Whit has a distinct vision for the athletic program!!


  7. So, how have Hokie Club donations been since Bill Roth’s revelation that we’re second class financially?

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