Justin Fuente To Stay At Virginia Tech

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente will stay at Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

After a brief flirtation with the Baylor Bears, Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente confirmed on Thursday morning that he would be remaining in Blacksburg for the 2020 season.

Though there is no official announcement, Fuente Tweeted this on Thursday morning at 8am…

Fuente was tempted by an offer of more money and more resources for support staff and recruiting, but we’re told he likes his players and the staff he’s put together, and couldn’t bring himself to walk away.

We’ll have more information in a TSL Pass article later today, as well as a TSL Podcast on the subject.

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  1. Why worry? Shane Beamer would jump at the job, and as the Assistant Head Coach at Oklahoma he’s more than qualified. He’d never leave as it’s almost his birthright. Yep, I was actually hoping Fuente bolted and we jumped on Shane. Short term pain for the long term gain.

    1. Yes. I expected Fuente to improve on 2018 and he did. Moving in the right direction but the bowl loss did not help. Needs to continue to improve. Especially next year with 19 starters returning. I am sure that is why he stayed along with his own staff. Both VT and FU would have struggled if left. Let’s lay off the fire Fu thing until we have a real reason

  2. The media oppose Coach Fuente partly because he restricts access to team practices. To me, I trust Coach to do whatever is in the best interest to the team. Also, it has been reported Coach has been approached by other schools on numerous occasions—Florida, Arkansas, FSU, Baylor— to name a few. I support Coach Fuente completely and believe VT is blessed to have this man lead the football program.

  3. Phwew. Trying to remain positive like many others. A heavy dose of winning next season and a return of The Cup will go a long way to making this little ordeal a distant memory.

    THIS IS HOME means a little bit more now doesn’t it? 😉


  4. Man it is a relief coach Fu is staying..his job is no different than an executive in business..so head hunter comes and says we need someone to take over and he would sit down and listen!!!! It is the nature of business! And college football is business. One time i asked coach if he was happy in Blacksburg ..and he gave me a look and yes he was!! He didnt hesitate a second at all to answer me and his answer was YES! And to everyone who wants Frank to come back and coach..get over it!!! We finally got rid of his last class of players this past season..and there was only 5 left in that class..out of 25 ..man maybe they weren’t that good!! Frank was good when he was there but remember all of you NEGATIVE NANCIES. Frank did the same thing to Tech once and i think 2 times about going out and looking for a new job.. if you don’t believe me check the UNC “HIRE WITH A HANDSHAKE” between unc and Frank… no one had much to say about this and the negative Hokie media didnt lambast him for trying to move on!!!

    I wish that all you negative haters just be quiet and just sit back and enjoy football…you are the same haters that lambasted mike young before he even had one practice or recruited one player or who won one game.

    I guess if you dont like what i am saying then i would suggest you go to some other school and complain….because i am staying like i have for the last 50 years!!!

    1. But people forget that Frank thought about going to UNC because Weaver was not giving him or his assistants ANY love and there was always friction there. That’s why fans gave him a pass – because they agreed with him.

  5. I’m hoping/thinking it will work itself to the positive side of the ledger:
    – Fuente sought after coach
    – The new staff really is good, recruits & wins
    – The fan base has a bump in appreciation of Fuente.

    Outside hope – Fuente goes to media training and does better.

    1. Excellent. Positive take. We have to find a way to forgive and move on. Frankly if he wins people will forget.

  6. Looking at the picture of the coaches having a meeting in that small of a conference room is embarrassing. If all of the athletic offices are like that then VA Tech Administration as well as Whitt Babcock and the athletic department should be ashamed. You can’t have a top 20 program in any sport without the facilities to support it. Someone needs to get off of their tail (HOKIE CLUB) ambassadors Frank Beamer, Bud Foster and get money rolling in. It can be done with the proper motivation.

    1. I’m pretty sure that normally, all the staff and support associates don’t meet together very often.

    2. I’m sorry, but what do you expect? Do you envision the football staff to meet in a glitzy conference room that rivals a high-end law office?

      When I heard SEC people bad mouth VT, etc… my thought is always “look, we all can’t be in the SEC..”

      When I hear a complaint that the conference room isn’t good enough, I can’t help but think “at what point will people be satisfied?” You upgrade the conference room to that high-end level and it that rolls into complaints about the next item not at that level. Perhaps the golf carts the facilities staff drive around aren’t good enough? Additional support staff to shuttle the guy’s backpacks to/from classes so they don’t have to carry them?

      I think I’d actually be disappointed if the team spent my donation money on upgrading the conference room.

    3. Do you not think that was intentional? That was strategic, and point taken. We need some upgrades. They will now happen. The Art of the Deal! 😜

    1. Too bad–what a let down–he has been here 4 years & has not recruited 1 stud on O or D.
      Not even a above average QB or RB

      1. You will eat that crow gladly when Dematrius Davis shows up. He is a program changer similar to MV7. We will go from top 10-15 (yes Hooker will have us at that level) to top 5. He is that big of a recruit. Things are changing in a positive way. The 20’ class only had a few openings. 21’ is shaping up to be the game changing recruiting class that pushes us back into the stratosphere. Mark my words. Change gonna come…

        1. does he block? does he tackle at the line? does he defend receivers? One player, even a very good one, does not a team make.

  7. Folks who complain about “loyalty” need to understand the current coaching business. CF not at least thinking about a near 50% increase in pay, relocating to his home state and getting better facilities would be a surprise. A lot here wanted a marketable coach that others want and now we apparently have one. Time to pay up or shut up! Glad CF stayed.

    1. Well said!!! College football is a dog eat dog business today. It’s not the good ole days anymore. Money is too big not to at least hear what others have to say.

    1. More resources, yes. Part of me thinks he is paid too much, and some of his pay should go the assistants. I know that is not the way it works though.

      1. I don’t think he meant more $$ for Fuente himself, but more $$ for the program to build facilities and recruit where we want to be

  8. I just have a hard time believing that Fuente was Baylor’s “guy”. I also have a hard time believing that Fuente was using this to leverage more $ for assistants. Fuente had zero leverage other than his massive buyout to demand anything. Part of me wonders if Fuente was interested in the job, had his agent setup an interview, and Fuente wasn’t actually offered the job. And now Fuente and Whit are doing damage control. Will probably never know for sure, and that is okay. I guess we can see how Baylor reports on this over next few days.

    Regardless, can’t blame Fuente for flirting. A bit of a bad look for Fuente, Whit, and VT, but in a few weeks the focus will be on upcoming spring practice and the 2020 season. I do think Fuente and Whit just upped the ante for 2020 season.

    Go HOKIES!!!

    1. Baylor insiders were reporting first that Fuente was their top target, then reported that the job had been offered to him. At the same time, there were reports that a contingent of Baylor reps flew into Roanoke. Then, by late yesterday night, Baylor insiders were saying that the offer had been declined. Then Fuente tweets this first thing in the morning.

      That’s all consistent with Fuente being offered a job that he decided not to take. Maybe those Baylor insiders were wrong and Fuente didn’t get the offer, but there’s certainly enough circumstantial evidence that I believe he did get the offer.

    2. Thank You, you are Very Close to the whole Truth.. IMHO, this was way to get Dr. Sands attention, BOV attention and Whit didn’t have to be “involved’ , with the Buyout Fuente Has, VT has to keep him. So He’s here, Whit didn’t have to worry and Now Dr. Sands has to answer. BUT I sure as Hell hope Fuente Can start doing his Over Paid Job.. Win when you are suppose to. Act like every minute is valuable in a Game. Quit playing to Lose. He’s here , so Act like Head Coach at a P5 College…

  9. I follow VT football for its entertainment value. Either way FU decided, VT would continue…maybe better, maybe worse, who knows. I got my money’s worth this week!

  10. Glad he is staying to be our coach. He will now take us to greater levels, and I agree, this can be relayed to recruits as a selling point instead of a negative issue. I suspect the TX2VT will only grow!

  11. Oh good, now I can sleep at night. Actually, if someone threw a bunch of money at me I’d listen to what they have to say too.

    1. and no one would fault you for trying to improve the income of oneself or one’s assistants. The whole program needs to make what they deserve. Right now, that is a little more based on number of wins in his tenure compared to the rest of the ACC over that same period. After 2020, he may be getting an even bigger raise if he exceeds expectations 10wins, ny6bowl, coastal title.

  12. This is a wake up call. Some of our facilities need serious upgrading, It’s just the times in which we live.
    More Hokie Club members are needed with an increase in contributions where feasible. It’s time for everyone to step up to the plate….including the guy in the mirror.

    Go Hokies !!!

    1. I’ve been giving to VTAA for decades and frankly, I’m not giving any more. I put up thousands per year and they made me put up more this year just to stay where I’m at in benefits. It’s time for others to step up. I’m retired and I have things on my bucket list that don’t include Virginia Tech. I bleed orange and maroon but I don’t bleed green. I don’t like it that the Hokie Club participation is too low compared to other similar institutions. I’ve always felt our fund raising was only fair to poor.

  13. I was just thinking about FSU’s interest in him, and he refused to talk with them (at least this is my recollection). I think the Baylor thing was different, and he’s not out there trying to change jobs.

  14. I am glad he is staying. I met him at an alumni event last summer and I liked him. I cannot blame him for making inquiries. He has a young family. I plan on making a donation to the football team to show my support.

  15. I’m glad that Justin Fuente decided to stay at Tech. If I were in his shoes and another Power 5 school with more resources located in a state loaded with high school football talent wanted to interview me, I’d first ask my family, then the AD, and at least be true to myself by taking the opportunity. You’re suppose to put your family before your job. Fuente was simply being true to himself and being honest. How many on TSL would take a better paying job and be closer to your aging parents? IMHO, I think Fuente showed his love and respect for Virginia Tech by staying. Fuente showed that he is loyal to his coaching staff. Les Miles, Bobby Petrino, … would’ve bolted. I have read comments about hoe this event will hurt Tech football, but I disagree. Did Frank flirting with regional rival UNC hurt his reputation in the final 15 years at Tech? Frank decided to stay because in the end because he loved Virginia Tech. Fuente deserves the same understanding that we gave Frank. Will Fuente eventually leave Tech? Maybe? Maybe this was the moment he and his wife decided that Blacksburg is the place where they’ll plant their roots and watch their three little girls grow up to become young women?

    1. I was planning to post my thoughts but you said it in total and far better than I would have.

      Agree 100% Without the news leaking out from another source we would have never known. Too bad that wasn’t the case here.

      go hokies!!!

  16. This is great news. Coach Fuente is a very good coach and I am very excited about the staff overhaul. I truly believe the program is going to have an amazing resurgence over this next decade.

    As for recruiting, the new staff was designed to deal with this. Let them do their work. There will be ups and downs, but I like where the program is going.

    We, as Alumni and fans, need to embrace Coach Fuente fully and support him, the team and program. Go HOKIES!

  17. I’m glad he is staying. I like the new coaching hires, finally getting some depth and experience on the team and the new #TX2VT pipeline. I think the next few years will be great.

  18. i’m actually a little disappointed. shane beamer was mentioned as possible replacement if fuente leaves. shane beamer is as hokie as they come…maybe 2021? fuente doesn’t seem committed to vt…

    1. Being a “hokie” or having Beamer as your last name doesn’t automatically make you a good college football coach. Shane Beamer doesn’t have the experience or track record to be a head coach yet. It would be a HUGE gamble.
      Glad Fuente is staying.

      1. except Shane has more P5 experience than Fu. Think about it. VT, UGA, OU. Maybe he has learned how to recruit, eye P5 talent, develop, (use timeouts effectively) in that time versus our current status quo. I’m glad Fu is staying because of the timing, but to turn a shoulder on Shane down the road is short-sighted possibly.

        1. Depends on what he does between now and then. If he takes HC at a big G6, say somewhere like UCF, and does well for a few years – then I’d be open to it.

        2. I think you would find it interesting to dig into his track record at USCe, UGA, OU. Of course we know at VT recruiting was a disaster, coaching was not coordinator, and Fuente didn’t retain him. There are lots more tea leaves out there.

    2. I was disturbed to hear speculation it would be Shane…We can’t JUST stay a colloquial little college and hire inside our circle. You will find NO ONE who thinks more of VT and Frank Beamer than I do…Nobody!

      That said, we can’t just hire Hokies and ex-Hokies. I was a little concerned on the surface that we would hire only Hokies to replace the staff for JHam. As it is, we got an excellent mix and I am ready to rock.

      Also, Shane made no friends on the recruiting trail in Virginia (I live in Richmond and have heard as much locally). He’ll be a fine coach somewhere, I am sure…Just not for VT i hope.

    3. Frank’s shoes are big enough for a regular person, but huge for his son. Its better to let sleeping Beamers lie. And, if he tanked, imagine the difficulty firing him…

    4. I’m with you on that. I think at this point it would be good for stability and VT fans like stability because it’s what we know best.

    1. I’m certainly not doubting the truthfulness here, but yesterday I saw TSL posters say Mrs Fu hates Blacksburg.

      1. It pains my heart to hear that someone might hate Blacksburg. My family couldn’t be happier…. but we are all Pure Hokies, love hiking and playing in the river, and other NRV activities. I hope they are into that stuff.

      2. I would think being a wife of a head coach, of a major program, can be challenging in any community. Opinions change on a dime. Just the fact he turned down a opportunity to be close to home; says the family must like it there.

  19. Glad he is staying. Renewed my season tickets and increased my donation today as a show of support.

  20. Except … now recruits know he was tempted seriously to leave, so how does that affect their interest? Fu has work to do.

    1. Now recruits know his services are desired by other programs. It swings both ways depending on the view one wants to present.

      1. I agree NMB Hokie. Frank made similar flirtations and almost went to UNCheat in 2000. People say that was different but I don’t see how. I think the whole Baylor / Fuente deal got way over blown flowing a single story a couple of days ago from Yahoo Sports ??? and then got legs.

    2. Disagree. Might even help his stock actually. A – He’s wanted by other teams so that makes him good, right? and B- He just showed he’s loyal to his players/coaches even with 10 mil over the next few years waved in his face.

    3. Actually, I think we can spin it to our advantage. He can tell recruits that …

      “As a family man, I owed it to myself and my family to at least listen to what Baylor had to say. I’m from that part of the country and they made me a very generous offer. I am genuinely appreciative of their interest in me. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough to make me want to leave Virginia Tech. I love my job at VT and I love our life in Blacksburg. We’re building something special here and we want YOU to be a part of it!”

      1. Exactly, I don’t know why others don’t see it that way, this can be a huge selling point to recruits.

      2. IF he bothers to spin it…We (and my indications are, HE) typically do a LOUSY job selling ourselves and our university…I could bore you with examples, but we all know.

        It WILL be used against us on the recruiting trail.. As a lifelong salesman, I could easily blow it up to my advantage.EITHER way…Let’s hope he actively sells it as you describe above!

  21. Makes sense. It was kind of like when people (me) were speculating that WoJo might be a candidate for b-ball last year. In hindsight, that was wrong because why would any coach walk away from a program that is poised for a breakout with so many experienced players returning? I was really concerned about losing the #TXtoVT recruits. Excited to see how that pans out.

    Let’s Goooooo!

  22. I am of the philosophy that you need to choose your job every six months. That requires you looking around to see what is out there to make sure you are choosing wisely. Fans need to chill. This is still his JOB not his VOCATION.

    1. But I don’t care about his job. That’s for him to decide what’s best for him.

      I do care about VT and VT Football. His flirtation has unnecessary heart burn for most fans, has damaged his ability to recruit, and caused more distrust between him and many of us fans, along with (reportedly) Whit, his boss.

      1. How did we get him from Memphis?

        If our coaches are not sought out by other programs we need to get rid of them

        There is always work to be done with recruiting and trust

      2. Did the same happen when Frank was on the verge of leaving for UNC? We as a fanbase definitely forgave him in a heartbeat. It happens – coaches flirt with other programs all the time. As a fanbase, let’s get over it and stay behind the program.

      3. You are looking at this all wrong. What better sell to recruits than saying “2m more a year from another school wasn’t enough for me to leave VT, that’s how much I believe in this school and this program”.

        Now that’s loyalty!

    2. Thanks for your comment .. I had two careers & found loyalty to an organization an integral part of my happiness .. of course, it has to be the “right” organization that honors their employees .. so, in my case, I think, in both careers, my well being was elevated by my “vocation” which was also a “profession”

    3. Respectfully disagree re “job vs vocation” comment. When someone chooses to be a football or MBB coach at the major college (P5) level, is widely considered successful at it, and is making millions doing it; then it is a profession or vocation, and certainly not a job. I agree that all should periodically re-evaluate their specific employment situation w.r.t. professional and personal objectives. But it’s not like Fu is a junior accountant considering a choice between corporate or public accounting.

  23. Fantastic. This is the best that I’ve felt about VT athletics in a long time. Will be re-upping for FB tickets shortly.

    Coach Fu did what he should have done for himself and his family. Sometimes the greenest pastures are in your backyard.

    BTW, great observations, guys! Best $$$’s spent are still on this site.

  24. If you have committed to Virginia Tech but you’re still talking to other schools, then you’re really not committed to Virginia Tech.
    Who was it that said that??

    Hit the road JACK and don’t ya come back no mor, no mor”

    1. I try to control reacting to stupid posts, but this is so stupid I could not control myself. Have you graduated from HS?

      1. That was not his statement in context

        It was trust and lying……many guys keep looking with a commitment

  25. Good, he has brought in a good staff. He has a good O coming back and we will have a whole new D look with Hamilton et al. Looking forward to the season already.

    GO HOKIES!!!

    1. IB4 what IB4TECH posted. Let’s give CJF, staff, and team our FULL support.
      This is really great news.

  26. Now the people that don’t like him will be saying they wish he had left LOL. While I have not had the personal interaction with him that I had with CFB, I am glad he stayed. Hopefully he will be more interactive with the fans in the future.

  27. OUR coach #ThisIsHome al you haters go somewhere else or eat crow & recognize turning down $2m+? Raise IS LOYALTY

    He deserves some in return

    1. I absolutely agree…….any one of us would have listened to someone offering us a 2m raise and being closer to home, and if you say you wouldn’t your a liar. THIS IS A BUSINESS, LIKE IT OR NOT! For him to turn it down says volumes!

      Get real everyone and support this guy…………..he deserves it!

    2. Do not disagree with the point. However, I am not sure I would put a lot of faith in that $2MM speculated raise number.

    1. This is the man for our program. I’m glad he made this decision as I suspected he would. Too many on this board and maybe even some of the writers have a far too great an expectation for the program than is realistic given the current environment of the college football landscape as a whole and given the PRESENT economic ability of this University. Of course this could change in the future, Anyway. Thanks Coach for the decision.

      1. I agree. I am excited to have him stay. I think we are on the way up, perennial top 25, occasional top 10 is a realistic expectation to me.

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