Deshawn McClease Declares For NFL Draft

Deshawn McClease
Deshawn McClease has played his last game for the Hokies. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech tailback Deshawn McClease announced on Monday afternoon that he would forego his sixth year of college eligibility and enter the 2020 NFL Draft.

The announcement, which was also coordinated with an announcement from the athletic department, was released at 1pm on Monday.

McClease finished his Virginia Tech career with 1,833 yards and 12 rushing touchdowns.  He is coming off the most productive season of his career in which he carried the ball 177 times for 843 yards, averaged 4.8 yards per carry, and scored seven rushing touchdowns.

McClease also caught 28 passes for 231 yards during the course of his career, developed into a good blocking tailback as a senior.  On the academic side, he has graduated with two degrees from Virginia Tech.

A strong runner in bowl games, McClease finished his career with 42 carries for 352 yards in bowls, an average of 8.4 yards per carry.

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  1. Solid player. I think he’d be better off playing another year at VT and getting a Masters degree… I don’t quite think he’s an NFL caliber player, and don’t quite think he’ll be drafted, but I wish him all the best. He was a first class Hokie and a great young man.

  2. We could hear the drumline during Oscar Smith Football games from our first house. Always pulled for McClease and wish him luck with his NFL pursuits and in life!

    I think we win the Belk Bowl with 4-5 more carries for McClease and a few less slow developing run plays with Hooker. Hooker had a great season but against that defense we needed McClease’s speed, shiftiness, and ability to get small in traffic.

  3. God bless and best of luck to a true Hokie! I know that you will be successful in whatever you undertake.

  4. go get ‘em DMC ! have yourself a ball in the nfl, and wherever you go.

    thanks for being a great Hokie.

  5. Whether he ever plays another down or not DMC is a big success. Thanks for all you have done for the Hokie Nation and best of luck for your future.

  6. A wonderful team 1st player and person. It’s OK to chase a dream, but the NFL is not for dreamers.
    I wish him the best, but very seriously doubt that he will get drafted or last as a free agent.

    Two degrees and a Hokie for a lifetime. GO, GO DMc.

      1. and we are talking about his 6th year, at some point there is a timeline which isn’t necessarily extract every last drop out of an experience, there is a time to move on to the next set of experiences, I would doubt another year would give him any more advantage in the draft, might even be less even with a better year, late in the window kinda stuff.

    1. It rains every day at Georges house…
      His pet is eor.

      Go get’em DeShawn! Good luck and God’s speed!

      1. “You should do whatever you want to be as long as you’re happy!” Isn’t that the common refrain now from a coddling society? It’s nonsense…and horrible advice.

      2. I thought George s post was positive and encouraging “2 degrees and a Hokie for life. Go Go DMc”.

    2. And why does it matter if he does not “get drafted or last as a free agent”?

      Why should he come back for one more year as a RB? Just to help the VT football in 2020? At this point in his life, that would be silly.

      And even if the NFL dream doesn’t come true, he will then begin his journey in life, armed with a couple of degrees from VT. As long as he pursues the rest of his life with the same effort he did as a player, he’s good to go.

  7. It was either warm the bench in college or try to make an NFL roster via the practice squad. I think he made the right choice.

  8. Hard to argue with his choice. And two degrees…. wow. Good luck, sir, and thank you! We’ll be rooting for you. Once a Hokie…

  9. A solid citizen and great example of a true Team Player. Throughout his career here, Deshawn was always pushed by competition from other backs. Seemingly every year we heard how this, that, or the other back was going to be “The Answer”. Deshawn kept his cool and his focus; worked hard; and simply got better. Not to mention that he earned 2 degrees! A great role model for his teammates.

    Ironically, when we finally made coaching and system tweaks this season that could better utilize his skills, we were able to see what he’s truly capable of down the stretch. It’s a shame McClease is leaving with more eligibility left in the tank, but he’s already given VT more than we probably deserved. All the best to you, Deshawn!

  10. I get it but, man I wish he would have come back. He got REALLY good this year, a complete running back. Good luck young man, all the best.

  11. Great job on the field and in the classroom. I wish you well. I hope you endear yourself to a NFL team like you endeared yourself to Hokie Nation.

  12. I good hokie and better man……..wishing you nothing but good fortune and luck in all of your future endeavors!

  13. Hopefully he gets drafted and/or makes a team after the final cut. If not, he has graduated with two degrees from Virginia Tech. Best Wishes to a First Class person.

  14. It’s been a pleasure watching you DMC and we will continue to root for you in all you do!!

  15. He’s developed into a very decisive runner. Any team that can adequately block for him will get a very dangerous explosive back. I’m interested to see what his combine numbers will be.

    1. Do you think he’d get an invite? Now that’s got me wanting to see the typical number of invitees and what garners an invitation.

      1. Just for fun. 28 RBs in the combine last yr. 25 drafted. 49 total RB prospects in draft. McClease would be the smallest by 7 lbs. of those combine invites. Smallest guy was 5’9″ 197 and didn’t get drafted. Justice Hill drafted by Ravens(4th rd) is 5’10” 198 with a 4.4 and 40″ vert. I know measureables aren’t everything but the NFL loves them for some reason.

  16. I think in the right situation he can find success in the NFL. Hope a team takes a chance on him.

  17. Wish that young man continued success. Hope he can make some making and live the dream!

  18. The fact that he came back from the portal and persevered through adversity that would have side-railed most has endeared him to me as a Hokie forever.

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