Charley Wiles Will Not Return As Virginia Tech’s Defensive Line Coach

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Charley Wiles, Virginia Tech
Charley Wiles will not return. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech has announced that defensive line coach Charley Wiles will not return, per a noon press release from the athletic department.

“I’ll be forever indebted to Frank Beamer and Bud Foster for giving me an opportunity to begin my coaching career at Virginia Tech as a graduate assistant back in 1987,” Wiles said. “I could have never imagined the run we’d enjoy in Blacksburg when I returned in 1996. I’ve enjoyed every minute and was fortunate to coach countless young men who I will always consider part of my extended family. Having the opportunity to coach alongside my friend and mentor, Bud Foster, all these years has been an experience I’ll always cherish.” 

Wiles will not coach in the Belk Bowl.

“I’d like to thank Coach Wiles for his many contributions to the Virginia Tech football program,” Justin Fuente said. “Coach Wiles developed some of the finest defensive linemen in Tech’s history and helped many of them play at the next level or go on to successful careers outside of football. These decisions are never easy, and we wish Charley and his family the best going forward.” 

Wiles began his coaching career as a graduate assistant working under Frank Beamer at Tech in 1987, and later returned to Blacksburg in 1996.  He had served as defensive line coach through the 2019 regular season.

Virginia Tech now has open coaching positions at defensive line, linebacker, cornerbacks and running backs.

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  1. Anyone know what happened to CJ Beasleys commitment to Tech? His team just won state championship in Virginia.

  2. Charlie Wilds did a fine job at VT….great coach, recruiter and true Hokie. Wishing him and his family much success in the future. Things change hopefully for the best for all concerned, and Charlie has a fine resume for the future.

  3. I admire Charlie Wiles as a man and a coach. He was rarely in the spotlight but over the years I would seek him out on the sidelines and he was just as passionate and animated as Bud. He earned his Hokie stripes and I’ll truly miss him.

  4. Thank you to my long time friends and Great coaches Charlie, Bud and Billy Hite. Those were
    the days at Va.Tech. Congratulations to Justin, he is one of my favorites frim southwest ,Va.
    Jim Rosenbaum
    Marion, Va.

  5. I have met and talked to Coach Wiles on a couple of occasions. He is a true Hokie and I am disappointed that he is leaving the program. I supposed its Coach Hamilton’s choice to choose his assistants but I doubt he will find a better DL coach than Ol Charley. Good luck Coach Wiles and I for one appreciate all you have done for VT and the community.

  6. Let me take this opportunity to share a quick Charley Wiles story. I had flown from Chicago to Roanoke to attend my first VT game post 9/11. When I arrived at the ROA airport to fly home on the Sunday after the game, the security posture was tighter than a rats rectum. National Guardsmen were carrying automatic weapons. I spent a very long time in a very long security line standing next to, and talking with, Charley Wiles. He was going on a recruiting trip. We had a great conversation about Hokie football, the state of the world, and life in general. I was so impressed with him as a person that day. His record on the field speaks for itself, and requires no embellishment from me. And he was a terrific recruiter.

    I am good with the J-Ham hire and I understand things have to change. However, I sure am going to miss Coach Wiles. It brings tears to my old Hokie eyes to type this. 😢

    God bless you, Charley, and thanks so much for everything you did for VT over so many years. I wish you fair winds, following seas, and a long, happy life.

  7. Wiles was the “wind beneath (Foster’s) wings.” One hell of a d-line coach who brought us some of our best recruits out of Florida.

    I wish Charlie the very best and sincerely hope that this was his wish.

    Now, Justin, let us see who you can find to replace someone with such d-line wisdom and living room appeal.

    p.s., the Justin I am referring to here is the HC.

  8. Thank you Charlie Wiles for your service to VT Hokies! I think Charlie Wiles and Bud Foster are such good friends that Charlie might have wanted to exit at the same time. Amazing team but the band is breaking up. I do like having Justin Hamilton as a young defensive coordinator bringing in a new group of defensive minded coaches for our VT defense. It might help to bring in some of the top up and coming defensive minds to our defense!

  9. Not sure what to say here other than long time Hokie fans[pre 1999] know who the coaches were that built the program doing it with 3 star recruits and a fair amount of walk-ons. BF & CW you will be greatly missed!

  10. Many thanks to Coach Wiles…..damn good coach! He also made a lot of chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  11. Thanks Coach Wiles, for the good times .. best of luck in future endeavors .. you’ll always be dear to the Hokie Nation

  12. Chapters open and chapters close……nothing stays forever in this game.

    Hearty congrats to Bud and his loyal running mate, Charlie Wiles. You both put an exciting brand of football on the field which makes it tough to say goodbye. But with all good things coming to a close, we have some very positive trends happening. We could not be more opportunistic than to be in position to offer an opportunity for increased responsibilities to one our own in Justin Hamilton. His enthusiasm for the game, his leadership, his ability to mentor youth, and his track record of excellence since being on board our coaching staff, gives Coach Fuente an excellent foundation for our next LPD!
    JHam will grow and he needs our support. Many wishes to him for making good decisions on who to surround himself with in the coming year.

    Sober times saying goodbye to guys that have represented us well, however very exciting times for what youth and enthusiasm can bring to this new chapter. I have faith!

    Lets GO!!!!!!

    1. I love that so many hokies want a new off. Coordinator . But can you give all of us that think there o is getting better with better players here and coming. The o did not lose the bus game. Also did anyone think it is off that coach W leaves right we name out new d coach, you think he may have been wanting the job…. I don’t know but makes you wonder.

  13. I just don’t understand with the new DC coming from within, why we are terminating other coaches immediately. I can’t fathom a reason where it makes sense. The decision just seems to hurt our chances of winning the bowl game. Is Bud coaching the bowl game?

  14. Do I understand KY runs a sort of option offense?
    No LB coach, no DL coach, facing an option defense?
    uh oh

    1. It’s not an option offense. ALL their QBs have had season ending injuries causing them to insert a WR at qb. Their OLine is BIG AND they ran for 500 yards against Louisville.

      1. They had four yards passing on two attempts. They are a de facto option offense and they’ll give us fits.

  15. Congratulations Coach Wiles on a terrific career. You’ve built tradition and a culture. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Thanks for everything. (especially the goal line stand against Pitt!)

  16. I say let this play out through the bowls. So Coach Foster’s recommendation seems to be a bad one to a few of you. I can assure you the attrition going on is not a surprise to him.

    There are plenty of good up and coming coaches out there ready to make their mark. After all, someone took a chance on a young Bud Foster many years ago.

  17. Maybe Carly wanted to retire.. man i think these negative nancies (wasp and Alaska)will eventually kill this program . If we let this commentary continue.

      1. Drives me nuts as well, as though they all are in the locker room and on the field every day and have an inside line on all that’s going on; how much money do they think VT has to spend on high profile coaches? Everybody has to get the their first shot; it’s not as if this has all just happened, it’s been brewing since Foster announced his retirement. And it’s not as if they just started thinking about all this after the UVA game – give it a chance to work and trust the people at the top.

  18. Coach Wiles had a good run and did many fine things for our program and our student-athletes. Like most things…they cannot last forever. When Bud announced his intentions, most of us knew that the new DC would want to assemble his own staff. Why would coach JHam be any different? He is not.

    He has a job to do so i look forward to his version of the LPD. It probably needs a new wrinkle or two and cannot be accomplished without his guys…coaching his style.

    Lastly…I wonder how much all of this is a result of Coach Kill’s influence. My guess is he has weighed in heavily by his assessments. Coach Fu is demonstrating great leadership in “listening” and making the tough decisions that for the betterment of the program going forward. I for one…congratulate him and am certainly backing him!!! Go Hokies!!

  19. There were a couple of distasteful and unfair comments above toward individuals about CW not coming back. Do you really think Bud did not know what JH’s plans would be if he was named DC. Of course he did, and yet he “highly recommended” him anyway. Coordinators get to choose their own coaches for the most part and the idea that a team should keep people for any reason other than who their bosses want, is absurd. Beamer Ball, as great as it was during its heyday, is over. Those who want to live in the past are welcome to it. I, for one, am ready to move on with this new team of coaches who, above all, show the ethics we are used to seeing. Go Hokies! Beat Kentucky and start a new era of Va Tech Tech football.

  20. Going to be interesting to see how they prepare for the bowl game on defense with just two coaches?

  21. My guess is he didn’t get selected for DC and it was just time to move on. Probably mutual decision once DC decision was done. Would have been tough to stay under the circumstances. Great coach and person. Good luck CW…and many thanks.

  22. Good luck to Coach Wiles. Very underrated recruiter. Here’s hoping his replacement can take VT forward

  23. this will leave a mark on Fuente
    he is totally effing up the program
    its not like Justin Hamilton knows a better coach for the DL than Charlie Wiles
    the one guy left with a personality and Fuente didn’t hire him back
    total BS, loyalty to a program trumped by some smugass gum chewer
    FU cant be gone fast enough

    1. Grow up Wasp … this is a business. Happens across the college football landscape. Wish Coach Wiles the best. Great guy.

    2. You are entitled to your opinion of the current situation just like all of the other posters on the site, whether they agree with you or not. No need for anyone to insult you for it. One sad aspect of TSL.

      1. Ordinarily you would have great agreement and support with this take but read what was written and how hateful and ugly wasp was – no one gets to go that far without backlash nor should they.

    3. Hokiewasp—If you know so much why didn’t Whit hire you as the new head coach back in 2016? My gosh some of these comments are ridiculously stupid and overly negative!

      Good luck Coach Wiles and thanks for all you have done for Hokie Nation!

    4. I hope not but I guess we will all know in time…..won’t we. Eventually, all will be reveal.

    5. Wasp, Did your mother mistreat you? Did you grow up in a dysfunctional family? What is it with your and the bile in almost every comment you make?

  24. I kinda expected this. I thought it would be awkward for everyone if he stayed. He was so joined at the hip with Bud Foster.

    1. I don’t disagree, but if JH is going to run the BF defense, there was nobody better to help than CW on the dline. Plus, he is a good recruiter.

  25. Is there any sign that we might get some of these positions filled before the bowl game? I am not sure what that looks like, nor would I hazard a guess as to who these coaches might be. Just trying to learn more about the mindset of this “new-er” coaching staff a la JHam, Corny and Fuente.

  26. This is the business aspect of the situation. Great person, great run but things change over time. Wish him and his family the best.

        1. JC Price is coming home I believe. Jack Tyler at LB coach. Would love to have Anthony Midget back but he’s already a DB coach in NFL so idk if he’d come back to same position at VT.

          Prioleau moving on up

          1. Just curious…but is an all VT alum defensive staff the way to go? Hell, put Marcus Vick to coach kickers.

    1. Assistant coaches are typically on 1 year contracts. I’m sure VT chose not to renew his 1 year contract. So interpret that how you will.

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