TSL Podcast Episode 88: Reliving Virginia Tech’s Epic 6-OT Win Over North Carolina

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Doing their best to unpack all aspects of Virginia Tech’s 6-overtime win over UNC, the TSL Podcast trio drill down into this classic game. (71 minutes)

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  1. So y’all talked about the stub hub tickets; we sit a few rows up and a little to the left of where Chris sat and put several of ours up on stub hub this week. It isn’t apathy though, it’s HS homecoming for our teenagers that made seats available.

    The two of us who made it were glad we did, and obviously pleased with the result.

  2. The win percentage 100% prediction by espn for UNC in their predictive modeling is all based on historical models. No team had lost in those scenarios in any prior game.

  3. Agree that RSN broadcast crew Saturday, while not great, was much better than the Miami game ESPN crew. The ACCN crew that did the BC game, who have done other ACC games I DVR’ed and watched, need to be fired; both the play-by-play guy and the BC idiot who does the “expert” commentary.

    When Mack Brown was hired by UNC, I said that he would be a recruiting problem for the next few years. Supposedly, a legend at Texas, who got his start at UNC, has come home to “re-establish” UNC as a football power. He is already making UNC, over NC State, as “THE” state of North Carolina college program to play for. The sooner we can negatively recruit Brown’s age, just like we know UNC did with Frank Beamer, the better.

    Wake, then Pitt, then UVa will all be tough; but, have watched enough of each to know they are all beatable. Have to play at a high level and not like the Duke game.

  4. After the Duke loss, I thought this team would still improve. I thought all the “time for a change” stuff was premature. Maybe 15-20 years ago, I would’ve been with the majority, but getting older does have its pluses. Let’s be honest, we have a very young team. All I was hoping for after the Duke loss was for weekly improvement. We learned in the past 3 weeks that Justin Fuente hasn’t lost his team and that all Fu’s talk about “finding an identity” wasn’t BS. We all rediscovered what we’ve all known for most of the past 30 years, Tech’s offense does better when we have a mobile QB who can throw. I still believe that Fuente is the right man for Tech football. I also know that we have 5 games ahead that we could easily lose. Notre Dame will be heavily favored. Georgia Tech is getting better. Wake is good. We all know about Pitt. UVA will be a hard fought game up in Hooville. To some, I will advise that you take your heart and high blood pressure medications and antacids because the remaining ACC games will be like the last two conference games. Enjoy and relax!

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