Rob Porcher Enters The Transfer Portal

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Rob Porcher, Virginia Tech
Rob Porcher has entered the transfer portal. (Ivan Morozov)

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Virginia Tech redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Rob Porcher is entering the transfer portal.

Both media sources – Andy Bitter of The Athletic and Mike Niziolek of The Roanoke Times – indicate that Porcher plans to transfer to a lower level FBS school, or perhaps even an FCS school, in a search for more regular playing time.

Porcher had been the fifth-man in a five-man rotation at defensive tackle this year, recording three tackles and a sack.  However, he remained behind true freshmen Norell Pollard and Mario Kendricks on the depth chart, and with starters Jarrod Hewitt and DaShawn Crawford only juniors, he didn’t see a path to more playing time in the near future.

His departure could leave Virginia Tech short-handed at defensive tackle for the UNC game.  Sources say that Crawford is unlikely to play against the Tar Heels due to injury, leaving the Hokies with just three defensive tackles with game experience – junior Hewitt, and freshmen Pollard and Kendricks.  It’s possible that JUCo transfer Jaden Cunningham could see his first action of the season.  He was injured in August and was unable to compete for playing time at that point.  True freshman Josh Fuga is another option. 

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  1. Very few if any are saying he should not enter the portal. It is the timing that is in question. What could he possibly loose by staying for the season? If nothing else he would stand by his team. Sorry, but I see no positive reason for leaving mid-season. These young men are given a great deal in the form of education, room and board, and coaching etc. Some are pushing for a monthly salary. Is there no responsibility in return that should be exhibited by each individual? A couple on months seem little to ask.

    1. The positive is he gets to focus solely on academics and contacting schools to play next fall…

      He is going to get a great deal in the form of room and board and a free education at the next place as well. Virginia Tech wasn’t offering him anything that he couldnt get elsewhere (besides a Power 5 status, which by his states goals of moving down a level, he isnt concerned with)

      Hey, it stinks to see someone want to leave a school we all love, but there are absolutely great reasons for choosing to start new elsewhere, and that applies at any point of the season especially if you havent been a part of the rotation.

  2. Obviously no one who says this is OK has never played a team sport at any level. Of course he has the right to make choices as to where he wants to be and what level he wants to play.. However, he owes it to his team to finish the season, then go wherever he wants. Bottom line, to me he is a quitter, not willing to finish what he chose and started, If I were a coach on any level, I would expect him to quit again if things were not handed to him on a silver platter. If he does want to leave, let him leave today. Why stay for the semester?

    1. I played multiple team sports through high school, and coached basketball at the collegiate level. I am more than ok with his decision BECAUSE of my background in athletics. He recognized he was not in the plans for the team this season, despite playing a position that had a need for bodies. He was clearly out of his element at VT and wanted to enjoy his college experience, the only time in his life he will ever be able to do so.

      Kudos to him, and shame on any supposed Hokie who suggests otherwise.

  3. What doesn’t make sense is that with our thin depth, he could have actually played some today and made a contribution and gotten more game film to send to other schools.

    Why leave now, in the middle of a season when we are starting to slowly turn it around, and leave us with potentially three DT’s who have game experience?

    It certainly doesn’t show good judgement on his part and I imagine any coach would look at this as well and say, “Do I really want a kid who would do this to his teammates?” All things being equal, I’d say no way.

    And given that two true freshman have already passed him on the depth chart, obviously no way he gets drafted.

    He should have stuck this season out and transferred elsewhere after the season was over. I think that is what has most posters confused about his decision.

  4. Wow, what is the matter with some of you people. This young man is admitting that P5 is beyond him and considering lower level FBS or FCS programs. He doesn’t deserve any criticism for this at all. He has worked hard and played hard and it’s not enough at VT so he is going to chase other options. That should be win both for Porcher but for VT as well. There is no reason it is anyone’s “fault” either sometimes things just don’t work out.

    1. Agree. Despite the nasty ‘fill in any insulting expletive’ posts below. They are likely not saying the same about HH or others who entered portal and withdrew…

    2. It’s a super dumb move by any measure. He does nothing for himself quitting mid season. As thin as we are at DT, hes an injury or two away from starting. At least finish out the season and get the work in. DUMB.

  5. Who quits during the season in search of more playing time? It tells any other coach “ hey- I am a quitter and don’t care about the team”.

      1. Not during the season. He left before any games. And there was a reason unrelated to playing time

  6. His father played for the Detroit Lions. As a life long Lions fan I suggest that the Lions “culture of mediocrity” perhaps accompanied the younger Porche’ to VT. I think his portalling may be a blessing in disguise.

  7. Why doesn’t the kid just work harder? I played college sports when this didn’t exist. If you wanted in the lineup you worked harder. Too easy to quit these days. I hate the culture that the NCAA has created.

        1. The follow-up is there has been a DECREASE in transfers in men’s college athletics from 15.9% to 14.9% from 2004 to 2018. The transfer portal is not making more kids transfer.

          So whatever era this person played in, it is very likely the transfer rate was similar to what it is now.

    1. Sometimes you can work every bit as hard as the first string kids and never see the field. Many of you think the honorable thing to do is to continue to bust your *** being a tackling or blocking dummy for the top dogs. Good for Porcher. He worked hard here and kept his nose clean. I hope it works out for him. VT will be fine.

  8. years ago it used to be “quitting the tea.” then “transferring.” now it’s the hated and dreaded “portal.”

    years ago it used to be team and his family news with sad connotations. then it used to be on campus news. later in the newspapers. now it’s on the ncaa portal, social media, blogging sites – near endless visibility with political, insinuations, hacks, and conspiracy theories!

    what a wicked web WE 21st centurions weave.

      1. born ‘50. VT ‘69 – ‘75.

        i was trying to be concise and list the prevalent trends – not a complete, exhaustive list. and when “quitting the team,” and if there was a transfer it was post season and after the next calendar year began.

        thanks for your response and allowing my explanation.

        1. Larry Bird left Indiana in the early 70s, he did so well before the semester had ended. This isn’t a new thing…

  9. You want a portal to move? Fine. Go for it. However, the portal should close when the regular season begins and reopen after the season. Moving during the year is just ridiculous. The folks paying the scholarship bill are getting tired of this.

        1. It’s a sign of the times that every entity involved in CFB rakes in the $$$ except the kids. The only thing they still own is themselves. When they choose to exercise that one tool then we still whine. Many of you would like them to be chattel for five years.

  10. 18 P5 offers.
    Gets passed by freshmen after 2 years.

    Was told “you will have the opportunity to play as a freshman” when recruited

    What he heard: “you will play as a freshman”.

  11. Best for all sides to let him go right now. Staying and playing out the season, in his frame of mind, could be disruptive to a fragile team chemistry. We’ve been there, done that and know how that worked out. He will get a new opportunity somewhere else and VT will get the opportunity to recruit another, hopefully better, prospect in this years class. Win – Win
    Hope you find that opportunity, Rob Porcher!

  12. The saddest part of this is, it’s clear Robert isn’t going into the NFL draft. So at that point his future is reliant on his degree. No flies on any s hooks he may be considering but it feels like the kid thinks degrees are all equal. Maybe he lands somewhere and it’s not a problem, but I’d hate to see him pass up a VT degree for a degree from (fill in the blank)_______.

  13. The timing of this departure causes me to raise an eyebrow. Easy to reach conclusion he was unhappy about something(s). Unhappy enough to leave his team mates hanging when playing time was possibly going to increase. Hope I am off base.

    If he preserves a year of playing by leaving now, I kinda get that. Not sure how many games he has appeared in.

    Too bad, I had hopes for him.

    Best wishes Mr porcher.

      1. No fan of the portal. If he isn’t 100% on board with Tech and his team then “hit the road Jack.” The portal is bad for college football and bad for the fans. I want players who are going to be dedicated and loyal. Their full scholarship is worth a lot and they should not take it so lightly. I’m disappointed he is leaving but got over it very quickly.

    1. I think this young man is looking for playing time. Is it not fair for someone to leave one position to find their happiness someplace else? I hope he finds what he is looking for and succeeds in his goals. Once a Hokie always a Hokie!

      Yeah, blah blah blah . . . with that said “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.” I wish you well if you choose to leave, but my focus is on the players that want to be here. So once you leave “Fine………don’t care.”

      I’m with you VT Rockie. Good post.

    1. That is pathetic and indicative of the overall problem…Kid QUITS on his teammates and it is the coach’s fault… PATHETIC, but not at all a surprising reaction.. MUST blame the adult, not the poor little child

      1. why is there a need for blame? It doesn’t hurt us to lose a player who is not playing and it may benefit him to go where he can play.

    2. He’s buried on the depth chart. He’s been a huge disappointment. This isn’t coach Fuente’s fault at all. Heck Porcher looks to be dropping to a lower football level.

      1. Very true. We are obviously very deep at this position and he wouldnt have much of a chance to play meaningful snaps even if a guy or two were to go down with an injury, which given tech’s recent history is highly unlikely!

    3. Let’s blame him that Porcher couldn’t play over TWO true freshmen or get PT at DE, despite the lack of production. Think a little – just a little. No big loss.

  14. If a player enters the transfer portal, they can’t play anymore for the team that they are on? Is that by NCAA rule?

      1. Would you really WANT someone playing for you who has already said, publicly, that they don’t want to be here? The guy, either consciously, or subconsciously, will not be giving 100%.

        1. Well, wait a minute, he wants to transfer to an FCS school so he can “play more” OK, fine I get that, and more to the point he thinks he’s in above his head. But heck, he can play right now if he loves the game and for the next few weeks, it’s not like he’s going to be at the FCS school in a couple weeks playing for them now.

          The other point here is that there’s no technical rule saying you can’t play if you enter the portal, it’s just saying “I’m available” Now sure, they may be practical points like you suggest, coach may not want a player who’s not happy in the locker room, but it’s not like he pushed the button and a trap door opens and he’s gone.

          1. Come on man..As soon as we start playing QUITTERS, every one of them will quit as soon as you look at them wrong

    1. I think it is the “Hokierit Rule” to keep quitters off of the field. I will happily take the heat for that rule, because we know it CAN’T be the fault of the kid who quit..poor baby..

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