TSL Podcast Episode 84: Tough Times for Virginia Tech, a Miami Preview, and More

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The Fisher Law Firm TSL Podcast

The TSL Podcast is sponsored by The Fisher Law Firm: Virginia’s DUI and Traffic Defense Firm! From our locations in Blacksburg and Roanoke, we serve all of the Commonwealth. For a free consultation call us any time, day or evening at 800.680.7031 or email us at [email protected]

The TSL Podcast posse talk about the negativity surrounding the Virginia Tech football program (don’t feed the trolls!), provide a preview of this weekend’s game at Miami, and field questions from Facebook. (57 minutes)

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  1. Guys on the TSL team:
    I just listened to your entire podcast and I just had to tell you that to me its the best one you’ve ever done..BECAUSE you put our current situation with the football program in the proper perspective, and you reminded many long time supporters in the Hokie Nation that we’ve been spoiled rotten with what Beamer, those staffs, and those players accomplished over the years…like winning, consistency, doing it the right way, stability for the most part, and players that loved – for the most part as well – being part of the culture that was in place during the Beamer days. I have frequently expressed my frustration…and a better word may be “dismay” that some of our posters bash Beamer repeatedly, like the guy never did a thing positive for the program..Posters who find nothing but bad things to say about what that guy did to build our program are entitled to their opinion, but I remember VIVIDLY when we were an “also ran” program. I sat in Lane Stadium for many a game dreaming of the day when ESPN would do College GameDay from Blacksburg, and of a Lane Stadium FILLED with fans who were ther EXPECTING and GETTING a team that would make it tough as HELL for ANY opponent to win a game there. You guys put in perspective that what we’re experiencing now is the NORM for 90% of all programs, and that even the BEST teams have down years (or series of years) where the team just isn’t very good. I hate to agree but I DO agree that the best advice for ardent Hokie fans is to NOT stop wanting/expecting things to get better but to STOP expecting it’s going to change any time soon. I also loved your comments about going down to Miami and TAKING IT TO Miami…play hard, play with reckless abandon..and win or lose, make a STATEMENT about NOT giving up, NOT throwing in the towel, etc. If I ever saw a team/program that needs a victory, and if that isn’t in the cards, then getting a MORAL victory by making sure Miami has to work their asses off to win,, then this is the team and this is the time for it. I don’t know when we’re going to be “back” like Miami supposedly is every year, but if it happens, it won’t be this year, and it may take several years because a LOT has got to change…I happen to believe that the thing that has to change the MOST is that the kids starting believing and ACTING like they are bad ass WINNERS. We need to learn how to WIN again..and a lot of that is between your ears, especially when you’re an 18-22 year old who learns the hard way that winning is NOT guaranteed,,,not on the football field, and not in life. I hope we go to Miami and play like we’re “possessed” with the Terror Dome attitude that used to be on display in Lane Stadium. IF that happens IMHO we’ll start to see a change in the culture and the confidence of this team that could be infectious going forward. I’ll use UNC football as an example…I have NO idea if UNC is that good or Clemson is just NOT that good, but I can guarantee you that after this past weekend in Chapel HIll that there are plenty players and coaches on that UNC team that think the can play with ANYBODY. It may or may not last, but the potential was clearly on display. I am NOT a UNC fan, but as I watched that game I thought virtually all game long that VT USED to play like we could play with ANYBODY too. Keep up the good work and thanks for putting things into perspective for a hungry fan base that needs some perspective right now!!

  2. Good show. Maybe one show you can display Ivan’s photos of Tech’s campus on the TV via PowerPoint.

  3. Just listened and what’s worse? Fan base that’s out of their minds with negativity or an apathetic fanbase

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