Duke Crushes Virginia Tech in Lane Stadium, 45-10

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Virginia Tech duke 2019

Blacksburg, VA — Things may not have been going 100 percent according to plan early on, but Virginia Tech still was controlling all portions of the game.

The Hokies’ defense came out sharp and was stingy, holding Duke to just eight yards on 10 plays into the second quarter. The special teams made three big plays with two Oscar Bradburn punts being downed inside the 10-yard line and a shifty 25-yard punt return from Hezekiah Grimsley.

The offense certainly wasn’t a thing of beauty, but Virginia Tech led 3-0. Suddenly, it all came crashing down as the wheels fell off. 

Hoping to jumpstart the offense, Justin Fuente inserted Hendon Hooker into the game at quarterback along with freshman tailback Keshawn King. Five plays later, a botched exchange between Hooker and King caused the ball to come loose and the Blue Devils recovered, allowing them to breathe life again after the air had been choked out of them throughout the whole first quarter.

“As the quarterback, I take full responsibility in that situation on the handoff,” Hooker said. “Just try to move forward.” 

Immediately, Duke’s Quentin Harris connected with tight end Noah Gray for a wide open 16-yard touchdown after a pump fake to a screen pass drew all the defenders in.

Noah Gray broke open for a TD that gave Duke a lead they would never relinquish. (Ivan Morozov)

“It seemed like that turnover and how that next play just took the wind right out of everything, out of the energy in the stadium it seemed like,” defensive coordinator Bud Foster said.

It set off a chain of events as Duke (3-1, 1-0 ACC) rode the newfound momentum to a 45-10 thrashing of Virginia Tech (2-2, 0-2 ACC).

“Obviously, we are not ready,” head coach Justin Fuente said. “We are not at the point where we can compete and play and have a chance to win against that team we played tonight. That’s my responsibility and my fault. I do believe in our group. I’ve got to find a way to get more out of them.” 

After starting the game 2-of-6 for five yards, Harris began to look like a David Cutcliffe-coached quarterback. The senior engineered a 9-play, 67-yard touchdown drive capped off by another touchdown pass to Gray, this one from one yard out. On the next drive, the Blue Devils showed some ingenuity – something Virginia Tech’s offense could have benefitted from – by using a double pass to wide receiver Jalon Calhoun behind the line of scrimmage, who then connected with Deon Jackson all by himself for a 25-yard touchdown.

What once looked like a competitive ACC affair now became a 21-3 halftime deficit for Virginia Tech. Harris added a 42-yard touchdown on a quarterback keeper in the second half to finish the game with three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) on 20-of-27 passing for 163 yards plus 100 yards rushing.

Quentin Harris had a good night for the Blue Devils (Jon Fleming)

“We didn’t respond to adversity really well,” Foster said. “That’s one thing that we’ve really talked about… You have to give Duke credit. They hit us on a couple gadget plays. We’re a gap-controlled defense and we busted on their two long running plays.”

Willis and Co. started drives from midfield and Duke 40-yard line on back-to-back possessions in the first half, yet only mustered three points. 

Those three points came after the Hokies were stuffed on three straight runs inside the 6-yard line on a drive that actually could have ended with an interception in the end zone if not for a roughing the passer penalty. Add in three three-and-outs, two turnovers, and it was a recipe for disaster.

The Virginia Tech offense never developed any rhythm throughout the game and looked lost on occasions. Shallow crossing routes and jet sweeps that had become a feature of the offense were snuffed out over and over.

The Hokies continually attempted to run the ball up the middle, but were largely stopped at the line of scrimmage, rushing the ball 43 times for 139 yards (3.2 avg.). That included a 45-yard rush from Deshawn McClease, who ended the game with 17 rushes for 102 yards. Take away that one big play, however, and it decreases the yards per carry average down to 2.2. 

Credit can be given to the Duke defensive front, one that only allowed 3.5 yards per carry in a week one loss against No. 1 Alabama, but the Hokies made no adjustments to showcase any semblance of a rushing attack. There’s was even a stark imbalance as Virginia Tech ran the ball 43 times and only passed 20.

“Like any good offense, you have to have an identity,” Fuente said. “We’re struggling to find that identity. We’re inconsistent in the run game. We’re inconsistent in the pass game. It’s a culmination of all of those things that we have got to find a way to get a handle of.” 

The one bright spot was Willis’ 72-yard touchdown bomb to Damon Hazelton, who played in his first game this year after missing the first three with a hamstring injury. Willis was just 7-of-18 passing for 112 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. 

Virginia Tech
Damon Hazelton got behind Duke’s defense for one of the Hokies’ few bright spots on the night. (Ivan Morozov)

Meanwhile, Hendon Hooker was 1-of-2 passing for eight yards along with four carries for 13 yards, not including the 24-yard loss that was credited to him on the fumble. With both Willis and Hooker dealing with various health concerns, Fuente explained that it was part of the game plan to manage the workload between the two of them.

“It’s several factors,” Fuente said. “Some of it has been play-based. Hendon has worked hard and deserved a chance to play. Ryan hasn’t always been as consistent as we want. Both of them are dealing with health issues. We’re trying to split the time a little bit for those guys and maybe lessen the load a little bit was what we were trying to do.” 

All of it points to a larger problem that is stirring in the program and heading toward dangerous territory. The Hokies are now 0-2 in the ACC for the first time in program history. They’ve also lost three straight night games inside Lane Stadium, dating back to last year. And this performance comes on the heels of a bye week where the team had 13 days to prepare. 

The 35-point dredging is the biggest loss inside the confines of Lane Stadium since a 49-12 defeat at the hands of Houston in 1974. It is the largest home loss since the Hokies entered the ACC. So how does the team respond moving forward?

“I hope there’s disappointment,” Foster said. “You want [the players] to hurt. We’ve gone through a lot of success here, but it didn’t start out that way. We had to come in and roll up our sleeves every day and fight through some really tough times when there’s naysayers and people questioning what you do.

“The only people who can control what we can control is us. That’s really what we’re going to do… We’re going to be demanding and we’re going to have high expectations for our kids to uphold what our expectations are.” 

Virginia Tech will travel south to face Miami next Saturday at 3:30 p.m. The Hokies will be looking to avoid an 0-3 start in conference play.

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  1. I am still too upset to talk about our performance against Duke. One thing I will say is that I was not too happy about the Cutcliff fake punt decision when up by 28 with 7 minutes left.

    1. I read somewhere that it wasn’t a called fake.. they called roll-out rugby style punt to avoid pressure, and the punter found himself all alone so he just kept running.

  2. Really, really hard to watch that game. Stayed up till the end to see how bad it would get. Thirty years of watching in Lane stadium, bowl games and TV and never felt I was watching such a bad Tech team. Watching UVA and UNC and Wake today, all seemed to be getting better while Tech seems going in the other direction. May be time to start one or the other QBs and get ready for 2020. Take your lumps now rather than next year.

    1. We did play one of the other quarterbacks. And that completely changed the momentum of the game, and not in a good way. We have many, many more problems than QB play.

  3. I don’t think we realized how much competitive and toughness CFB brought to VT football. What do we know about CJF’s teams- 1) He won with CFB’s players 2) turnovers are an issue 3) they don’t ever seem prepared to play or jacked up 4) they’re not aggressive (thinking too much about the predicted outcome. Additional issues – DL talent, RB talent, speed at LB. I’ll be interested to see if HH starts vs Rhode Island. Those Rams will get after ya.

    1. yeah, if we beat the Rams we will hear how VT is now on the way back. Nothing short of a blow out is acceptable IMHO. No, not VT getting blown out.

      1. I agree about nothing but a blowout is acceptable. Also good laugh when you specified who should have the blow out because nothing is for sure with this team. Well done

      2. Yeah, the Rams played straight up against Pitt yesterday but lost by 3 pts. 20-17. That’s against the same Pitt team that beat undefeated UCF the week prior. The Rams are no gimmie for this VT team! Same thing, I thought the Hokies would have a shot vs. UNC until they played Clemson tight yesterday only to lose 21-20 when their 2-pt conversion was shut down to end the game.


    2. Agreed. I feel CFB, the Defensive player, understood toughness that paid dividends repeatedly like all those years beating more talented Miami teams. I suppose our QB coach CjF is more cerebral where execution and situational matchups are the end all and there is less of the basics of this violent sport done in practice. So I gather we see the results that we find so embarrassing. To bad because I think the players lose out on the best life lessons you can get from a sport like football.

    3. Truly if I were the Rams I would smell blood in the he water. They have a lot to gain by a win and nothing to lose by a loss. If I were them I’d want this opportunity. This youth excuse on our part be damn; we win, and win big, or the beatings will continue on the boards. Time for Tech to get mean. Pride if nothing else should motivate the good guys. None of this BS about “they need our support to win” crap either. Come on Hokie football team, do it for yourself. Us fans who are so disappointed in you would love to see you spit in our eye. Show us what you are made of! Go get happy on some little weakling school. Fight until the whistle blows because a loss will be intolerable to you after all the hard work you put in.

  4. Live in Virginia Beach….had season tickets since “97….attended all but a handful of games for all those years and I have never seen a Tech team play as poorly as they did last night. Something is terribly wrong. I really do not know what it is. Is it the youth, the defense, the offense, the scheme? I don’t know, but I do know whose responsibility it is.. The Coaching Staff. It appears to me that maybe Bud stayed too long and Fuente came too early. Maybe this is why Bud quit this year. He saw the handwriting on the wall On a positive note, the crowd was great, a full house. As bad as the play was, there was little or no booing of the team. One suggestion though, maybe we should cut back on the wild “game experience” and work on having a competitive team worth watching.

  5. Well, we are already a bad performing team with some good parts.

    Bud wanted a victory tour. Fuente sold his offense one too many times to WRs.

    WE got good olinemen. We really did not do any favors on DT recruiting. You stop an offense up front up the middle. SHortest distance to the QB, so they have good spread all the time, then recruiting those hybrid DBs that everyone is going with even the NFL.

    Personally other than QB, OL and DT is 3rd most important on the team.

  6. Everyone wake up, this isn’t real. This isn’t happening. This offense we are seeing is just a bad dream.

    FACT: Our QB Whisper is known for developing good QB’s. FACT: RW is playing better than last year, it just appears otherwise in this dream. FACT: CF is known as an offensive mind.

    So, I’m pretty sure what we are seeing after an off-season’s worth of development and two weeks to prepare for this non-powerhouse of team, the Dookies, didn’t happen as we saw it. This O is excelling but for this fake telecasts we are imagining.

    The bowl streak will continue, we will beat UVA, the talent isn’t leaving the program, the players are showing support for each other on the sidelines, CF’s buyout is only $150k, next year’s recruiting is looking as good as it historically has and we will enjoy watching this team play.

    1. His buyout next season is the same as this season, $15 Million. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. I don’t think you were getting the sarcasm that 132786Hokie was laying on – basically every word he wrote was (clearly and intentionally) portraying a state of denial – a state that could be a necessary defense mechanism :-).

      2. haha … is that the only thing you noticed wrong? I thought the original post was pretty funny but yours is even funnier! haha

  7. I’m a lifetime Hokie, and I remember especially during my student years (‘72-‘76) that we put some mediocre teams on the field but we all had fun and a 5-5 season was celebratory. Then going forward we had good teams, bad teams, great teams, mediocre teams, and now it appears we are at bad teams again. So the major issue in my opinion, and just my opinion, is coaching from the top.

    We have recruited talented players, several of which have been recruited by far more prestigious schools than us; but they are especially young right now. 18-20 year olds going up against 22-23 year olds is tough, a lot of maturing goes on during this phase of life. This is no excuse, it is what it is. But it’s Important to remember we do have lots of talented kids on the team. The issue as I see it appears that these kids are not at the point yet to execute the offensive and defensive sets the HC and OC and DC have drawn up. And instead of adjusting the sets and game plan to accommodate the execution ability of the young kids we have, they keep running the same stuff over and over again expecting a different result and saying “it’s the little things that keep us from executing”. That’s the definition of insanity. If the players cannot execute HCJF’s intricate schemes (whatever they are), it’s his and the coaches responsibility to develop schemes the players are capable of executing. Our young (and talented) OL of 18-20 year olds cannot blow DLs off the line straight up. So quit running plays up the gut expecting the guys to execute something they are not good at yet.

    Friday night Duke started off running an multi-option run based plan. We were ready and stuffed them repeatedly. The QB was pressured and he threw wild passes to the edge. Then the Duke HCDC spread the O and went empty backfield and started throwing the ball on short crossing routes with QB runs mixed in. That type O has always been DCBF’s nemesis and these young players got eaten up repeatedly. All the while our O plan seemed to be run the ball into the box repeatedly even with 8 Duke defenders in the box and our OL weakness of not being able to straight up blow the DL off the line. We have 2 very mobile QBs who can throw short passes and run when needed which sounds a lot like Duke. When Duke couldn’t power run the ball, they changed the plan. Wow! That sounds refreshing!

    We play lots of teams who have the same or less talented players than we do. BUT their coaches seem to be able to adapt to that and develop schemes that work. This coaching staff, especially on Offense does not seem capable of that adaption. HCJF said post-game we need to find a way to get more out of the guys. Maybe we do that by finding a way to get more out of HCJF. The end result if we don’t get more out of HCJF could be to further frustrate the players (who know they are better than what’s showing up on the field), and they hit the Portal in mass next Jan (or sooner) and we end up in the same mess with less talented players than we currently have.

    Because of his inability to find a way to fully utilize the talent he has, I think HCJF is losing the locker room which will be non recoverable if that continues. He’s lost most of the fan base, but that’s recoverable with wins and a better product on the field. With the talent we have, we should be giving other teams fits even if we don’t win …. and that’s just not happening now.

  8. A lot of people who post on here have no idea of what they are talking about. It is not easy to coach such a young team. Have faith things will be better as our young players get stronger and have more experience. Things will be better next year!

    1. VT coaches have been using “young players” excuse for years now for loosing games. Every year we get “young players” so every year we should keep loosing? Do Alabamas and Clemsons of the world get ‘old’ players? It comes down to coaching and this coaching staff is not good enough!

    2. Sure it’s not easy. But the problem is that it’s apparent that he’s loss both the team and the fans. He just sits there with his arms crossed all game. When do you ever see him coaching during the game?

      You see this mass exodus of players leaving and their comments on twitter and by their parents that the coach doesn’t care about them. No cares about him because he apparently doesn’t care about VT or our players. He just needs to get the h$#@ out of here.

      1. +1 If it was easy, he would not have an multimillion dollar contract. But we expect to get what is paid for. I’m not seeing any positive return on investment. Safe to saw the market is down on CF’s stock. He will succeed here or never be a head coach at this level again. But how hard would that be if you are sitting on $15 million?

        1. Let’s see – Foster has retired and can’t be fired and CJF is sitting on 15M no matter what – so where is the incentive to exceed???

      2. yes, this is what aggravates me. I don’t see him engaging with players in any way that give me confidence. The parents are posting that? not good.

    3. Better than being blown out by a perennial bottom feeder of the ACC? Better than 0-2 in the ACC , better than 3-9? Have faith. Hang in there. Seriously? Lots of people don’t know what they are posting. Nobody knows the future. But the recent past is awful football wise. The bar is pretty low for next year

    4. Many of our young players who are now a year removed from last year have regressed. We have a fifth-year senior quarterback. Not to mention two four-star quarterbacks who sit on the bench and apparently can’t play. I’m done with this guy.

    5. This sentiment certainly rang true in the transition between the 2018 season and the 2019 season. But now here we are… Not only is there not progress, the team (mostly returning starters) are regressing. There isn’t an established pattern of progress here that indicates things will actually get better.

  9. This is so bad. None of my tech hating friends and coworkers didnt even bother to text me the past 12 hours to clown us. Even they feel sorry for us.

  10. What a garbage game to watch! I have never seen Hokies this clueless with no strategy, identity or even motivation to win. Our beloved program is spiraling down in an abyss under FU’s regime. We are making mediocre teams look like Alabama on defense and Clemson on offense. It is not just disgusting to watch but painful too. I cannot believe that he is paid million of dollars of tax payers money year after year regardless of how team performs with very little accountability.

    Also, our defense has never looked this bad for the second consecutive year. Coach Foster should also get flak for this as he usually gets a pass. It seems that he has lost his fire that used to rub off on the players and is just waiting to retire. What a pity!

        1. Good question. I recall hearing, VA is one of those states that tax payer money doesn’t support athletic coach salaries. Which makes it tougher for us to compete I would think. Anyone know for sure the answer to this question?

        2. Uhhh, there are also ticket revenues, TV revenues, licensing revenues, etc. Lots of revenue sources. $100 million athletic budget – none from taxpayer funds by law.

  11. I admire Bud Foster and give him a lot of the credit for what success VT has had in the football world. But—I think he should have retired when Beamer did. His once stellar defenses look like a dam build with chicken wire with water pouring through from every area. The defensive line has gotten worse over the last several years, the DB’s look lost and have stopped playing the ball (thus few interceptions), and the linebackers and ends can’t muster a pass rush and too often leave their gap and in turn allow a big play or TD. Last night in the last 3 quarters they looked over matched, slower, less disciplined, and less aggressive than their opponent. I don’t pretend to know the origins of what got us here but I believe it’s worse than I had ever imagined. Saying this I take nothing away from the blame the other coaches should shoulder but we aren’t going to win any games at this level when the defense gives up 40+ points a game and continually allows the opponent to eat clock with long scoring drives.

    1. I agree however in my opinion he is hamstrung by the overriding fact that Fu can’t attract the kids to the program that CBF needs in order to run the defense he wants to run.

      1. I agree that he’s been hurt by HCJF recruiting a roster of 23 WRs and TEs on the roster. Beamer used to recruit towards defense of players and that was our identity. Foster hasn’t changed, but I knew when we had to bring in 2 DTs from JUCO to start immediately. It’s ultimately HCJF responsibility to make sure there is talent on both sides of the ball. Losing players like Goode, Rico, Watts hurts and it seems he doesn’t care. He comes across as cold and uncaring. He’s not liked by players or fans.

        1. and I agree too. I was pleasantly shocked to see our D line not get pushed off the ball in the first quarter. So I happily got my plate and utensils out to eat crow, but as I waited I saw I didn’t have to after all.

          I truly wish I could be saying how wrong I was about this team and staff.

          1. IMO, the 1st qtr was a set-up. I was thinking this all along watching it and getting the FG is the first quarter and then the fumble put Cutliffe in the driver’s seat. Cutliffe showed a triple option look to see the VT game plan and then went to more of a spread knowing the VT D isn’t experienced (or, arguably, capable) enough to adjust (which is pretty much what every team of modest talent has done the last 2 years).

  12. Sad and pathetic situation in Blacksburg. I do not see any “fire in the belly” of the coaches or the players. Things are bleak to to say the least. Never have I seen fans leave before the end of the 3rd quarter at Lane like they did last night. I was one of them and sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve left “early.” Don’t know if I want to spend more money and time wasting it in Blacksburg to see this product on the field. We need better coaches and better players – its that simple. We do not have the “beef” on this team to compete in this conference. We are small and thin to the point a blind person could see this on the field. Change in the coaching staff is the only answer. Whit – hire a coach and give him the right to hire his own staff. The coaches are being paid big bucks to put a good product on the field and they are not getting the job done. The truth hurts but for me this is the bottom line and it’s going to get worse – you can bank on it. I can take losses but at least be competitive on the field and play every second. Foster said he was going to fix things and promised to do so in his post game comments. Well Bud, the next game is game 5 of the season. While Rome burns almost half way through the season it’s real heart warming to know you are going to fix things. We need more than promises!!!!!

  13. Regarding that fake punt, does anyone have responsibility to position themselves on both sides to prevent this? There was no VT player within thirty yards of that one sideline! The “gadget” plays are one thing. Poor preparation? But the constant little short passes of five to eight yards up the middle. No one within five yards! Adjustments? None. Reminded me of the VT-Oklahoma game in Norman a LONG time ago when the OU QB kept, over and over, throwing wide to a receiver who had lined up near the sideline. The VT defender was at least twenty yards away. OU ran that play at least twenty times, with nearly 100% success. Last night, Duke’s little “over the middle” pass reminded me of the OU game, as Tech never seemed to make any adjustment. This game seemed to exemplify the lack of ability one team to make adjustments, and the other team to do so, given the total lack of success of Duke in Q1, compared with the second quarter and thereafter. I’ve seen VT teams get beat due to lack of talent, but felt they gave their best. Last night, it seemed that the talent differential might be in Dukes favor, but Tech seemed clueless to counter Duke’s adjustments, or to make any themselves. Duke is good, no mistake, but wow, this season is going into historic disaster territory!

  14. FU is essentially done. It’s clear that not only does the team no longer buy into him but us as fans (myself included) no longer trust him. Each year under his reign has produced worse results.

    Four wins at best barring the team gelling somehow.

    And I personally feel that at 4-8 Whit will have no choice but to make the change.

    1. at this point I think it’s more likely that he’s fired before the end of the season (and replaced temporarily by Kill) than he making it to the offseason.

      1. There’s one small issue you’re overlooking. It’s called a $15 million buy out in his contract. Not so simple to just fire him. Assistants will be axed. OC, Wiles and most of staff Fu brought with him. JHam probably OK most others won’t be here next year.

        1. That’s right. JF has $15 million reasons to not let this bother him. So at least someone waring maroon and orange can be happy about this.

          “Always look on the bright side of Life…”

    1. Bingo!! This O is pathetic and it’s because the OC is a joke and the QB is just as bad. Give Hooker and QP ALL the reps from here on out. They just need experience and holding a clipboard ain’t gonna get it done. Biggest change needed? CJF takes over play calling on O and let’s Corn. empty dip cups. He’s not a P5 caliber asst coach.

        1. Hold one guys, let’s not have friends bickering. I think we can agree both the D and O are disappointing right now. All we have is each other. Ok, so let’s focus on the real problem . . . read the posts from just about everyone else if the issue isn’t clear to the majority.

  15. What I witnessed last night was players totally unprepared to deal with any adversity. The Offense other than 2 plays was non-existent all night long. And the Defense mailed it in for the 4th quarter.
    Not a good representation for the players or the coaches.
    Our defense made their tight end look like all world; And how about the flea flicker HB TD pass or the fake punt by Duke for a 1st down.
    These players seem to know very little about containment; it appears that also gets back to coaching;

    And remember, Duke got pasted by Alabama 42-3 in the first game. Think about the differential now between Ala. and VT; A scary thought…

    Bottom line – Not the kind of effort fans expect when there are 13 days to prepare; And the stadium looked great on TV with 60,000 fans and the white-out.

    There is a real chance we may not win an ACC game this year; And my motivation to drive 6 hours and spend money on hotel rooms has all but vanished. The youth of the players as an excuse can be utilized as a reason for a loss; however, that excuse flies in the face of most fans when a blow-out of this magnitude occurs at home.

    In reality, this should be of little surprise to anyone after the way VT struggled w ODU and Furman;

    VT Football has now sunk to new lows of epic proportions; We all got a dose of reality last night…

    1. Speaking of differential, Alabama by 39 over Duke, Duke by 35 over Hokies equates to Alabama by 74 over Hokies
      In 1973, Alabama 77 Hokies 6
      Just a weird numerology coincidence.

  16. I would suggest that the remainder of this season be used as an extended version of spring practice (player development and finding out what we have or don’t have) interrupted by 7 scrimmages…all geared toward & culminating with our championship in Charlottesville.

    1. Definitely at the QB position. This is not to blame Ryan Willis but expectations were somewhat high for him based on both his experience and the year he had last year. Now is the time to really look at Hooker and Patterson to see what you have in the future.

      1. I think it was fair to expect RW to progress this year. It doesn’t appear he has on a consistent basis.

      2. Sorry, but RW had a very avg year last year by most measures and there was little reason beyond wishful thinking to think he would be appreciably better than that this year.

        He has good arm strength, but avg (at best) accuracy, average athleticism, and below avg field vision and decision-making. That doesn’t mean he’s still doesn’t give VT the best chance to win, but he is what he is.

        This is not revisionist history. My eyes have been seeing it and I’ve been saying it for almost a year now.

  17. Now is the time to support our team. It is easy to support a team/program when things are going well.
    Nobody involved is happy with our current results, especially those most deeply invested – coaches, players and
    people associated with the team and all their family members.
    This is not life and death but remember it is the life for the people mentioned above. Let’s treat these individuals as we
    Would like to be treated – with respect.
    How we respond during these times might be more reflective of our personal character than our teams performance.
    We will get better-maybe not this year-but We will get better.

    1. Amen. Someone with a level head who doesn’t jump off the ship at the first sign of adversity. Many of our fans are projecting this attitude and lack of support towards the players and coaches and it only helps to pull us apart and divide us. From a community that bonds in our toughest times and is very tight in that we are all Hokies, I too see personal character being revealed in many supposed fans.

    2. I have been very supportive of the coaching staff at VT for the past 4 years. When FU was introduced as the new coach there were promises made that the offense would be different and it would be opened up. I have not seen this, in fact year after year, it keeps getting worse. I used to wish that Bryan Stinespring would be replaced and that a new OC would come in and give us FANS something that we could be proud of. With Brad Cornelson, the offense has gotten worse. I watch a lot of football and we continue to run the same play after play after play. There is no imagination of the offensive staff. Look at what Duke did last night on the double pass for the wide open touchdown to make it 21 to 3 before the half. I have only seen something like this from this staff once since they have been here You have to do something to create a spark and do not even see a semblance of this from this staff. A long time ago Beamer was given a choice to replace some of his staff, he did and things turned around. Now is the time for Babcock to do the same. If I have to continue to watch what I witnessed last night, this will be the last year that I will purchase tickets. Like others have said, I do not blame the players but the coaches. When remarks are made that both QB’s are somewhat injured, why are we putting them out there. You always put your best players on the field that give you a chance to win the game, not someone who is injured and try to build the offense around them. Shame on the coaching staff for not putting the best product out there each game for the fans. Like the poster above stated, driving over 6 hrs., spending money for hotel staffs and the such. Pretty soon the stadium will look like a ghost town. Did you see the student sections at half time, they bailed. They want to see a winning team like the rest of us.

      1. On target.

        The so-called “loyalists” seem to be under either the impression or delusion that anyone expressing dissent or disgust is either a) disloyal, b) fair-weather, c) a new fan, d) rabble-rousers, or e) all of the above.

        Apparently any dissent toward what is happening with this team is tantamount to treason in their book.

      1. If you are counting on someone else to pick you up, in life you will be disappointed. Work to pick yourself up and you will find others will help you.

    3. I will be happy to support them if CJF & Staff will all work for a total compensation package of around $800k/ year. I’ll even blame the poor performance on our “young players” kinda like the true freshman QB at Clemson who helped them win a national championship last year.

  18. Stunned…and I don’t know why. Should have expected this. The coaches and their “systems” won’t change…because if they could, we would have already noticed something, anything.
    As fans, we ARE the best in the country as we’re reminded by every former player and every former coach. We, as fans (and especially for those who support financially) deserve much more.
    My hope is that Jerry Kill will be open & honest. Recruiting and player development is in need of change. Love coach Foster and all that he’s done, but I believe he’s done & checked out. Is he even able to recruit if he wanted to? The love affair with certain defenders is not warranted…look at the tape. Cornelson…not going to go there!
    Truly disappointed in this staff.

  19. It’s never wise to put too much emphasis on one game, or even one season. But what we are seeing is a trend. THAT should be the concerning part.

    1. This is not a trend. The trend would be 10 wins then 9 wins after 3 6 win seasons. We won 6 last yr. The trend is youngest team last yr, 2nd youngest team ever last yr.

      1. Do you think Fuente will turn it around? This team can’t consistently run the ball, protect the QB, get the TEs involved in the passing game, and is mediocre on defense. You think not getting the TEs involved in the passing game is a youth problem? You think the OC and QB not helping the OL get in the best position to pick up blitzes is a youth problem? You think the DE/DT/Safeties taking bad angles on option plays is a youth problem?

        What we have seen this year isn’t on the youth of the team.

        1. I think this team will improve by season-end, but not enough to keep the peanut gallery happy. That ship has sailed.

          But I still believe there’s a really good chance this team will be much improved in ’20 and especially ’21. I know it’s a cliched excuse, but this is a very young team – probably the youngest in the country – and plays almost exactly like a very young team should be expected to play.

          However I think a lot of it boils down to QB play so the Offense can develop an identity and do something well enough to make other things work better (and, to a lesser extent, finding/developing playmakers on D). Does Hooker or QP step up to the next level and/or is Burmeister something more than another Willis?

        1. Good point. Who is responsible for how young the team is? That is what concerning even true supportive Hokie fan. What is being done to improve ourselves in the future with new talent? To ask these questions and others is not to say we are not true Hokie fans. If the team needs some Techsideline poster to be supportive the team has Big problems now and in their future life.

  20. It’s one thing to be competitive in a loss. But after the fumble we could not handle the adversity on defense. The offense never showed up getting most of their yards on two plays. Other than that the offense was like watching a repeat of a bad movie

    1. A competent offense would have put 14 points on dook early. Would that have had an effect on the D? It would have told the players that you can give up some points, but the O will score more. dook would probably have folded like a wet newspaper if they had been down by 14.

  21. I get tired of seeing players come out right after a big play. It’s happened several times with wideouts but also last night after the big run by McClease. Not sure if it’s a conditioning thing, a culture thing (player takes himself out), or a coaching thing. Ultimately it’s on the coach and we need to let the players have success and not limit the upside. Obviously this team needs to keep the hammer down to have a chance. I’d like to know what’s really up with those decisions to sub out/in.

      1. Yeah but our RB’s in the past wanted the rock back so they could finish the job… that’s my point. Someone needs to finish.

  22. From 1980-1986, under Dooley we won 54 games, almost 8 wins per season. From 1987- 1992 under FB we won 24 games, 4 wins per year. It must have appeared that FB had tanked the program cutting the win totals in half. JF wins for his 1st 4 years will be roughly equal to FB last 4, possible better depending on the rest of this year. I have to hope that, as bad as things look now, there is still hope for a turn around. Because, wow, do things really look bad now. The offensive situation is mystifying given what we did under Willis last year.

    1. I don’t like this comparison anymore. The program JF took over was leaps and bounds over the one FB inherited. We are a well respected program now and that was over 30 years ago.

        1. That’s a problem with some fans. They read what they want a comment to say, not what it actually said. Hell, I’m as frustrated as anyone, but comparing apples and oranges usually doesn’t work. Quick cures? None to see, but benching an inconsistant QB, throwing off his back foot, Kansas transfer and giving the reps to HH and QP may not be the answer, but the reps will make them better back-ups to BB next season.

    2. Didn’t the program FB inherited have a scholarship limitation? That was one factor in giving FB time. JF won with FB’s recruits, it has come time for him to deliver on his own recruits. And this year’s recruiting is cause for reprimand.

  23. Next year’s recruiting will be our savior. That is going well, isn’t it?

    The wheels have not come off; there are no wheels.

  24. WOW ! Another loss to Miami (= 4 straight ?) and the season would be over ! Keep bringing in those 3 Stars at TB and this nightmare will never end. Talk about a coach who is ‘in over his head’ ! Can’t wait to hear his ‘stoic’ comments after the University of Miami fiasco in Miami, Florida !

    1. Maybe you should apply as an unpaid adviser for the coaching staff. Show them how to recruit those 4 and 5 star RBs.

      1. The only way to get the 4 and 5 star recruits is to put a team on the field that can win and one that dazzles the fans. Until then we will never be able to get these players and that starts with the COACHING STAFF !!!!

        1. The way we get better recruits is to sell them on helping you, the coach, build/rebuild a program. It’s those types of players that will give 100% in practice and in the game. It’s those types of players who will be leaders and not let their teammates settle for mediocrity. They’re the blue collar, bring the lunch pail and leave it all on the field for your family, type of players. They’re the Corey Moore’s, the Kam Chancelor’s, the Ben Taylor’s and the Sam Rogers’ of the world.

          As a fan, I don’t need to be ‘dazzled’. The 1st quarter of last night’s game wasn’t ‘dazzling’, but defensively it was awesome. It was shades of the Hokie defenses of old. The only thing missing was a blocked punt, the continuous shots of the lunch pail and sideline imagines of Bud Foster looking like he was gonna rip someone’s face off.

          Fuente’s right when he says this team doesn’t have an identity. There is no more lunch pail defense. There is no explosive offense. Seeming, there is no passion. Right now I’d settle for 1 out of 3.

      2. Maybe Jukebox_78 should, how much worse can it get? At least his buyout will be tolerable.

        The fact is in what occupation is an employee allowed to have a bad year without repercussions?

        I suspect many feel that beyond a certain salary the expectations is for predictable outcomes all the time. FU expects that from his QB, and others, and why can’t an interested party not expect that same from a multimillion deal coach?

  25. Ok, maybe now is not the time for humor but nevertheless here we go:

    “Drive for 25? How about a Drive for $15 million so we can find a replacement for Fuente?”

    Laugh or cry are the only options left sometimes.

    1. It may come down to this. I have been a season ticket holder since 1978 but I am to the point that it may be time to go!

    2. You say humor, I think it is the reality. The guy simply cannot coach at this level. Not sure how he did at Memphis to be honest. I won’t be putting up any more money until it is for the buyout.

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