Video: Virginia Tech Football 2019 Trailer

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For the seventh year in a row, VTimHokie85 is back with another Virginia Tech football preseason hype trailer. Seven. Years. In. A. Row. Take a bow, Tim!

Tim doesn’t shy away from the fact that 2018 was a train wreck at times. He embraces it. The result is no less hype-filled. Find yourself a brick wall.

Oh, and he honors Bud Foster as well. Nicely done.

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  1. Well done VTim! Hopefully the Hokies can send Bud off into the sunset with an ACC title. Thinking big and hope the team is as well. D should be much improved and offense has a chance to be explosive.

  2. Always effective to have some form of darkish British narration like they do on those survival on the Serengeti nature programs.

    1. As they watched the trailer, one of my 9-year old twins said, “Sounds like Gandalf.”

      The other responded, “Yeah, or Dumbledore.”

      I then took five minutes to explain who Dylan Thomas was and what it means to “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” to two children who didn’t ask and didn’t care.

  3. I have a feeling Bud will summon up one final season of excellence. He’s the best defensive coordinator of all time and I think he’s got enough in the tank to inspire our young men to an outstanding season. This season should be a tribute to him.

  4. I love the production value and the spotlights on Bud, but I’d be lying if I said I was “jacked up” watching this coming off a 6-7 season. I am very excited for the level of talent we’ll have on the field (offensively) but the problem that has plagued us in the 25 years I’ve been a fan of this program, we can never put it all together. D is good, O isn’t and vice versa now. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Been a LONG time since the Terror Dome was just that….

      Im with you, its hard to get jacked up when you know the reality of the situation. However, I believe Coach is building a great foundation that will get us there again.

    2. My level of enthusiasm doesn’t really go up or down based on how good I expect our team to be. I’m just excited to have another year of college football and I’m really excited to see how the team performs after such a difficulty season and off-season.

      Fuente has swept away the last of the players who weren’t bought in. The trial-by-fire for young players last season should give them valuable experience. The offseason meeting between Fuente and the players appears to have been valuable with regard to culture and chemistry. The players had a great off-season, it seems.

      Add to it the extra juice the players will have playing for Bud in his final season. Are we going to the CFP? No. Are we going to win the ACC? No. Could it be a nice rebound following a disappointing season? For sure.

      Will I relish every minute of Bud’s final season? YES! Regardless of how good or bad the defense is, this is the last go around with Bud. We’ll never have another coach like him — so I’m going to enjoy watching him coach his tail off one last time.

      I don’t need the promise of 10 or 11 wins to get “jacked up” when we have such an amazing storyline!

  5. my, my the ability to evoke such powerful feelings with perfectly selected music, video, and words.

    very talented

  6. Not sure if it’s an omen, but he uses the lines of a Welsh poet whose national rugby team was ranked #1 only to lose in their very next outing.

  7. I’m a grown a$$ man, but right before those flames blew out at the end, I thought, wouldn’t it be fitting if they went out as a tribute to Bud. When they did, it brought tears to my eyes. That’s when you know how special this man has been for VT.

  8. Great job as usual.

    If I only had computer skills like those. I’m doing good if I can cut the computer on and get TSL.

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