Reports: Wabissa Bede To Return to Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech basketball received good news on Thursday when it was announced that rising junior guard Wabissa Bede will withdraw from the transfer portal and play for the Hokies next season. 

Jon Rothstein first reported the news.

Bede started 26 of 35 games for the Hokies in 2018-19.  He averaged 3.8 points, 2.3 assists and shot 35.4% from three-point range.  He is expected to man one of the starting guard positions for new head coach Mike Young this coming season.

Rising redshirt senior Kerry Blackshear remains in the transfer portal. He has yet to make a decision on his future, and likely won’t until after the NBA Draft (June 20). Pending Blackshear’s decision, the Hokies’ 2019-2020 scholarship roster currently looks like this:

Kerry Blackshear, r-Sr. (transfer portal)
Wabissa Bede, Jr.
PJ Horne, Jr.
Keve Aluma, Jr. (Wofford transfer, must sit out in 2019-20)
Isaiah Wilkins, So.
Jonathan Kabongo, So.
Landers Nolley, r-Fr.
Hunter Cattoor, Fr.
Jalen Cone, Fr.

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  1. I guess Bede wasn’t good enough for Williams to invite him to come with him to aTm.

    1. That’s a really good point. But, he should be able to give us 8-10 ppg, 4 assists and good defense if he plays 30 mpg. Or if the younger guys are good enough to start he is a strong bench guy. Still think we need KB to get much above .500 overall and have a shot at the NIT.

      1. If Blackshear is back, I think last year showed that you can run the offense through him and be more than fine. At that point, it would just be a question of whether of not coach can coach as well as Buzz. Blackshear would make everyone else around him look good and probably lead the team in points, reb, AND assists.

    2. No player actually went, right? Just recruits who really have nothing invested in VT other than kicking the tires. I was kinda amused at Guluez (sp?) saying he liked VT so he had done research and was happy with the place, but TAMU was OK too. Guessing he didn’t do as much research.

      So we got Med Hill from Marquette, also a recruit, so Buzz never took former players and I suspect that is entirely intentional on his part, for whatever Buzz logic there is, completely cut ties with the past maybe but I dunno.

  2. Goodness the naysayers are just terribly blinded –> so good news is still bad news…3techfanz and OandM…take a deep breath – Brent stole our team in the middle of the night and took recruits and visits with him…it takes time and Mike Young is a breath of fresh air…he’ll give VT ~10 great yrs and will build a real program!

    1. didn’t say he wouldn’t. Simply referred to next year’s roster – 7 players.

  3. I’d like to see a grad transfer at 6’10”. There would certainly be playing time in the ACC. On another topic, I see Blackshear going to Europe to follow in the footsteps of his parents.

  4. That roster doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. I doubt Blackshear returns but if he did and Young brought in 2 more forwards, we could have a competitive team. If Young can get as much out of his Tech roster as he did with his 2-star Wofford roster, we may be in good shape. Maybe 7-8 ACC wins in his first season and a few nice upset wins with a 12-13 man roster without Blackshear. With Blackshear, who knows how good we could be? I don’t see us doing a BC with no ACC wins or even as bad as Buzz’s first season (2 wins).

    1. I disagree, our roster next year is out of whack. Without KJ and Aluma we got an 8 man team, and 5 of ’em are guards. P.J. is our “big” at 6’5″. We need 3s and 4s badly. God love those guys who will wear orange and maroon next year. They’ll be like the dinner guest whose only complaint was there wasn’t enough food.

    1. It could be Mike wanting to beef up the roster in 20/21-21/22 seasons.

      1. Not to be critical but if Aluma is better than the recruits we can get by 2021-2022, then we are in serious long term trouble. Not an ACC player

  5. OK, guess we knew that, a little too much drama but moving on…

    Not holding my breath for KBJr, it will be what it will be, now the hard part: who can CMY bring in that wasn’t thinking about VT at all a month ago?

    1. that doesn’t need us to pay his way for the official visit…:>(

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