Ty Outlaw Charged With Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

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Ty Outlaw Virginia Tech
Ty Outlaw has been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech senior forward Ty Outlaw has been charge with misdemeanor marijuana possession according to a report by Norm Wood of the Newport News Daily Press. 

The offense date on the Virginia Courts Case Information website is listed as last Thursday, the day before Virginia Tech beat Saint Louis in their opening game of the NCAA Tournament.  Outlaw played in that game, as well as Sunday’s win over Liberty in which he finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Outlaw is averaging 8.7 points per game, and he’s shooting 45.6% from three-point range this season.  He also pulls down 5.4 rebounds per game.

According to Wood’s article, athletes who are charged with a misdemeanor are subject to having their situation reviewed by athletic director Whit Babcock, and they are not automatically suspended.  The Virginia Tech Athletic Department has not issued a statement as of the time of this writing.  Outlaw’s disposition is set for April 11.

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  2. Chris Clarke. Now the mystery all makes since right?

    I hate seeing our kids continue to make poor decisions over and over and over…. over weed. For what gain when usage is simply not allowed at their level?

  3. First of all how can so many people condemn a person based on a writer’s article. How can someone be charged with a crime when they are on the other side of the country `when the offense occurred. Was the roommate charged? Maybe they had an agreement for the roommate not to use while Ty was around. I don’t know. I hope people will take a little time to think about something they may have done that was illegal and might have caused their family and friends embarrassment. Maybe now a lot of fans will understand why a lot of coaches are not thrilled to talk to the media since they seem to get more excited about a bad story rather than a good one

  4. While I clearly do not have all the facts, I call BS to those of you that rush to judge Ty when obviously you don’t have ALL the FACTS either. So, while you attack Ty or claim that “the law is the law” BS, I really actually call BS to the Blacksburg Police Dept for this stupid charge. So, let’s see: Ty supposedly wasn’t even in town? It could have been roommates? or it could have been someone else’s? It sounds like they didn’t find much anyway. The police supposedly got a warrant because of a “smell”? Seriously?? I think the only thing that “smells here” is the Blacksburg Police Department. The timing of this charge is hugely suspicious? The Blacksburg Police must be full of UVA fans or they must hate Virginia Tech or they must be bored silly to do something so stupid as get a search warrant for a pot smell? This kind of BS charge and the suspicious reason to get a search warrant is what should be put on trial here. This crap should NEVER hold up in court. What the hell is the Blacksburg Police Department doing? Shouldn’t the police be focusing their resources on preventing “real crimes” instead of wasting resources on this kind of BS. Virginia voters (and I presume Montgomery County citizens) needs to wake the F#$% up and move into the [email protected]%king 21st century. Elect leaders that will vote to legalize pot and stop all this wastefulness charging people, putting people in jail, ruining lives and families over pot. Meanwhile, American corporations are profiting producing opioids that are 50 times more powerful than morphine (which in and of itself is asinine) and these opioids are actually KILLING thousands of Americans every year – and the Blacksburg police department is wasting resources concerning themselves with pot. Americans can buy military style guns and murder hundreds of innocent people every year – and the Blacksburg police department is wasting its resources concerning themselves with pot. I don’t care what anyone says about “the law is the law” BS – charging people for pot in 2019 is just plain stupid, so I call BS on the Blacksburg Police Department if nobody else will.

  5. The RT article by Berman said he was in Cali with the team the day the officer went to the house and smelled the reef…then officer Rose thought he should get a search warrant and did and executed it and found a white pill, two yellows, a vap cartridge and some green leafy material…stuff may not even have been Ty’s – he was not there.

  6. Ironic that pot is legal in both places where the Hokies are playing in the tournament (California and DC), at least the first two weekends.

  7. Ummm, please take a breath , or a “hit”, for a minute everyone. Besides being innocent until proven guilty, that so many people have correctly pointed out…has anyone thought or considered who Ty’s roommate is ? perhaps a former player that is no longer with the team, or someone else that doesn’t have as much to lose at this stage of their life and career., still living on campus…that got caught. Give the kid a chance, Let the facts come out before you judge. Haven’t Ty, Buzz and Whit at least earned that much from their fans and the passionate alumni that are supposed to be more supportive, and less critical ?

  8. So let’s get this straight. The team left for CA on Wednesday around mid day. The cops show up Wednesday night at 607pm and smell a strong scent of weed. They come back Thursday with a search warrant and find weed in the apartment. All of this while the team is in CA? Sounds like Ty needs new roommates.

  9. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the current marijuana laws in Virginia, the issue here is Outlaw knows what happens to him if he gets caught with the stuff. He has now let his teammates, coaches and family down in a big way. As a big time college athlete, you just can’t do that crap. A very selfish thing for him to do and it may very well hurt this teams chances of winning Friday night. No excuse for him being in this situation! Very disappointing.

  10. I’m one of the few who grew up in the 70’s who never smoked it and never will. I used to be hard against it. Now, its part of my portfolio. So light up, please…

  11. Some of you guys have already judged Ty guilty. I guess we should fine you guilty of going 75 mph in a 60 mph speed limit zone, throw you in the slammer and suspend your license for 12 months. Do you know exactly what happened in this case? No, you are reading what the media has to say and passing judgement. I hope that all of you are living a righteous life before going on to the other side because if you aren’t, it may be too late for you. Let’s wait and see what happens in the future. It is awful strange that he was in Cali and his apartment was raided when he wasn’t there. I believe in the rule-innocent until proven guilty but a lot of people have it the other way around. You are already guilt even before the facts are in. It disappoints me that people know all the facts and are the judge and jury before the trial or final investigation. GO TECH and GO TY. I will support you until the facts are proven that you are guilty !!!!!

  12. Just great negative publicity and something to distract the team. I am sure ESPN is licking their chops!

  13. Has no one on this board learned anything about quick rush to judgement? Anybody in college ever lived with anyone who smoked a little weed? C’Mon people Ty wasn’t even home and the very small amount could have been anyone’s that has ever been in that apartment. Since when do police go out of their way to get a search warrant of someone’s home when they possibly smelled what they thought was weed? This whole thing is ridiculous and if the local police want to start getting search warrants for every home they think they smell weed coming from then they can start where the professors live.

    1. For those of you who never smoked a joint or drank underage in college, God loves you. But it the police in Blacksburg are raiding someone’s house for misdemeanor marijuana they are going to be very busy chasing their tails. This stinks and the circumstances of the raid need to be made public for those of us who vote in Blacksburg/Montgomery County.

      1. Which makes me wonder if they didn’t “hope” to find a whole lot more. ..I think it sucks, simply the timing of it all. I also know that the Blacksburg Police would like nothing more than a high profile bust of an athlete..which i ALSO think sucks.

        BUT…I have a hard time believing even THEY would go around getting search warrants id all they expected was to find a small amount…

        I think he is screwed from a basketball game standpoint. Legally, it should be little more than a slap on the wrist.. STILL, COME ON MAN!!!

        BTW…although I haven’t smoked or drank in many many years, i DID smoke my weight back in the day. I’m not playing holler than thou here. I don’t think it’s bad (probably not even as harmful as alcohol), and will eventually be legal everywhere, but NOW it’s not and he cost himself and his team.

  14. We’ve all made mistakes. He made one. He got caught. He will pay a price. Hope it does not distract our focus on Duke. I am sure he is highly embarrassed. Let’s give him a chance to make it up.

  15. Most misdemeanor pot charges will result in restricted license, minor fine, reporting to an officer of the court periodically and taking drug tests – 6 months his record will be essentially cleaned if he doesn’t get in more trouble along the way.

    You might also consider that he could be addicted and needs help (I know, pot is not addictive, right, neither are the 300 ritalin my friend would take in a week.). I assume he is or is headed in that direction since he is smoking right before the biggest athletic events of his life. Conservatively, 7-10% of the population suffer from alcoholism or addiction. There is often a genetic predisposition. See what the AMA says about it.

    We need to legalize and tax drugs. I could get my favorite potholes fixed. We wouldn’t be paying $70k a year to imprison people, often during the prime years of their lives. Cops and courts could focus on more urgent criminal matters. People would know what they were getting. Alcohol kills more people than anything including heart and cancer and that’s legal, so why not the rest of it (Officially other causes of death are higher but only because of how deaths are reported/recorded, often overlooking the alcohol factor).

    For the holier than thou crowd, you should probably spend more time seeing how you can live better and less time judging others. I hope the kid is okay and can help us win a national title.

    1. This has NOTHING to do with the moral side of drugs OR alcohol. I happen to agree that refer should be legal.. That is NOT the point..There are a lot of laws I think are stupid and self-serving (and I have ZERO confidence in politicians who pass these laws)..

      AGAIN, this has nothing to do with anything but the fact that he will probably miss the game and it costs us dearly.He WILL be fine, it will be dropped, or at worst it’s a misdemeanor with a wrist slap I don’t advocate holding him out of the game, but I can’t believe Whit will NOT do just that….THAT is what this is about..

  16. I’m confused. It says the offense date was last Thursday, the day before they played Saint Louis. The team left Wednesday morning to travel to San Jose. How was he arrested in Montgomery County when he was in San Jose, California?

    1. Can’t wait to hear what really happened here. Like, did some UVa fan sneak into his place, plant some pot, and then call the police? I mean, WTH?

  17. Saw VT football play at Maryland, and MVII lit up the field w/nice deep passes. The guy next to me leans over and said something to the effect of: “He’s playing really well, that 12:00 start time didn’t give him time to get stoned beforehand” Always wondered in the truth of that.

    So, how much does getting stoned afftect his playing? games or practices, or working out? Any inexplicable “off” days? Did VT ever really get Ty’s best effort?

  18. I’m amazed by the “who gives a rip” attitude expressed by some on this issue. Doesn’t matter if one believes marijuana laws should be changed/stricken from the law. Until the law is changed,obey the law.
    Innocent until proven guilty, absolutely. If someone has concern for those around them (and themselves) they keep themselves out of suspicion.
    Amazingly selfish behavior.

      1. A total knee jerk reaction! Get the Facts before rushing to judgement! All the media I’ve heard or read is pointing a guilty finger at Ty before the Facts are presented, just like Jackson and his grades and then the Clarke thing!

    1. Agree, it is the law, but I think the attitude of many regarding misdemeanor pot possession has moved towards being similar to that of a traffic infraction. It is the law and you should obey it, but a lot of us have run a red light. You do the crime and if caught you pay the price, but the question at hand is what is the price.

  19. At least the kicker of the football team isn’t trying to steal it back from him by impersonating a pizza delivery! (TIC)

  20. So disappointed. This guy has been through so much but if true his actions do not justify breaking the law. When I read stuff like this I ask myself, “why in the hell am I supporting these athletes and spending my money to watch them play?” No excuse for his actions and I think the world of him. He should be considered innocent until proven guilty but this is heart breaking news.

  21. While I now believe marijuana laws need to be changed, there still comes the responsibility of individuals to obey the current weed laws, especially kids who are on scholarship.

    Can’t these kids show enough self discipline to not use marijuana while the season is going on. Once basketball no longer matters, and before they get jobs that require no drug use of any kind, it doesn’t matted if they hit a joint or two.

    1. Plus – even if it becomes legal – the school policy is still in play – same with employer policies – it’s not like Federal employees will be able to smoke and keep their jobs if they fail a drug test!

  22. Pain medication for all of his injuries 👍…if he has already played I assume he will play again 🤷‍♂️

  23. Stupid…..Just plain stupid. You can argue all you want about it being legal or not, but you can’t excuse it because you don’t like the law. I think the speed limit is too low….maybe you think the drinking age is too high….or (insert crime) is a dumb law. But just because I don’t like it and “a lot of people do it” or, “it doesn’t hurt anyone” doesn’t mean I get out of a speeding ticket or smoking weed.
    If he has a medical diagnosis that says he needs this….then I get it, I’m behind him 100%. If not, then he is just being selfish/or dumb. Sure my team needs me….but I love getting high!
    It’s things like this that piss me off to no end. Again, it’s selfish. You KNOW you can’t do it (and you know it will hurt your teammates if you get caught) but you make a conscious decision to take the risk. I know that I am likely to get a speeding ticket because I speed. I don’t get to whine and complain because I get a ticket….I don’t plead ignorance or that it’s a dumb speed limit or that other countries have higher speed limits.
    Jesus dude, just wait a few days and you can be cool and get as high as you want…..get in trouble all you want….when you don’t have your team and Hokie “family” depending on you.
    And it’s not just him. We see this all the time and it drives me crazy. AAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!

    1. ha! Based on that statement, I don’t think you properly appreciate how many students, athletes or not, could be charged with marijuana possession at any given moment in time.

  24. Buzzie should spend more time watching his players instead of looking at himself in the mirror.

  25. While it was kinda dumb for Th to put himself in a position where he could get caught, it is even dumber that this is still a crime.

  26. Must be in College…Damn..as a ole cop friend of mine said…you could burn a drug dog’s nose off at any College in the Country.. Is that it ???

  27. So he won’t eat at In -n- Out Burger but he’ll smoke dope in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Got it.

    I know nothing about misdemeanor pot charges and what might attach to them. Is it possible that the two victories we had over St Louis and Liberty could be vacated since he played in those games after his arrest? Or no….since trial date is not till April 11 ??

    1. Come on man, wins vacated from a misdemeanor weed charge!? I really hope you’re being sarcastic.

    2. Calm down. It’s a misdemeanor and in 5-10 years people will be shocked at the way we used to treat this.

  28. wow! seems like some athletics would learn from the FB and BB team will the players dismissed over the last few years. sad ………….. issue ……………

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