Braxton Burmeister To Transfer To Virginia Tech

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Braxton Burmeister
Braxton Burmeister will transfer to Virginia Tech from Oregon. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech athletics)

Former 4-star quarterback Braxton Burmeister will transfer from Oregon to Virginia Tech, the school confirmed on Saturday. 

Burmeister is expected to enroll this summer.  He is not a graduate transfer, so it’s possible, and perhaps even probable, that he will have to sit out the 2019 season.  He redshirted at Oregon in 2018 after playing as a true freshman in 2017.

Burmeister, who is listed at 6-1, 206, started five games for Oregon in 2017.  He struggled as a true freshman, completing 57.1% of his passes for 330 yards, with two touchdowns and six interceptions.  He appeared in four games for the Ducks in 2018 before taking a redshirt, going 5-of-10 for 43 yards.

Burmeister was a 4-star recruit from La Jolla, California according to the 247 Composite rankings, although the actual 247 rankings listed him as a 3-star recruit and the No. 572 overall recruit in the country.  Rivals rated him as a 4-star prospect and the No. 187 overall recruit of the 2017 class, while ESPN rated him as an upper-level 3-star player.

Assuming he has to sit out this year, Burmeister will learn the Tech offense in 2019 and then be expected to compete for the starting job in the spring of 2020.

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  1. I watched the kid play in San Diego. Smart, accurate, disciplined player. Just the kind of kid you would think Coach Fu would go after. We was THE QB recruit for San Diego for about 2 yrs. Signing as a QB, then playing as a true freshman says a lot too.

    I think this kid is going to come in with an off the chart football IQ.

    Good job coach

  2. Needed depth…There will be attrition again..all these qbs wont stay here once pecking order is established.

  3. So is there a position change in H.Hookers future? Seems to be a crowded QB room again suddenly. At 6’4″ he’s a bit tall to be a running back, but looks pretty good with the ball in his hands

    1. Agree with position change. He could’ve transferred into a running quarterback offense and been the man. Apparently, Burmeister committed to Arizona twice before settling on Oregon. Commitment issues? 🙂

  4. Because he likely has to sit out next year, does pursuing this guy say anything about Fuente not trusting Quincy to be the guy in 2020 and beyond?

    1. A great coach never trusts any position to be healthy and competitive all season. I think the last two years have proven the importance of quality backups in all positions.

      1. Yes, if Quincy goes down with injury people would be asking why Fuente didn’t prepare for it, well he is. Good job. Plus Quincy will be eligible to declare for NFL in two years.

    2. I think he’s always gonna stack his deck. He’s a QB and he knows he needs more than one rockstar cause $hit just happens with rockstars

      1. Agreed. Fuente knows RW is gone next yr. I wouldn’t be surprised if HH turned into a grad transfer in the portal. This yrs portal was chock full of great talent, and HH came late to the game and was not instantly available to play. Early into the portal as a grad transfer next yr could easily happen. Burmeister is hedging your bets on QP in a couple of ways…one is if he doesn’t develop into the passer that we need him to be, two is that he gets hurt…you always need a good backup. We should be rather good 2020, and he also should serve as someone to push QP…..heck he may just straight beat him out. Can’t read into getting a great, experienced talent at QB when we were just crying about how our coach had “mismanaged” the roster.

  5. Nothing better than competition for starting positions & depth at a key position. If some players lose out & decide to transfer, so be it. Just like all levels of sports, some are stars, some are starters & some are bench warmers.

  6. Although I hit up Techsideline every day as a self-employed office of one, I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on all things that impact VT Football and Basketball. As these announcements of players entering the portal seem to be a lot and how it didn’t look so good for Tech, it occurred to me today that we “traded” Josh for a four-star QB. Not to bad for the Hokies. I understand Bermeister hasn’t played a game and the star rankings don’t always mean diddly, it still feels like we did OK.

  7. When was the last time we got a player from the west coast? I mean, I’m not complaining just that it doesn’t happen too often if at all. I suppose the same could be said for Willis from Kansas or a couple from Texas, JJ from Michigan…or Ohio but these are pretty rare.

    I guess in this new climate of transferring location has become less of an issue, just check the list of schools who might be looking for someone like you, especially at QB? Or this is a Fuente thing, I’m just not used to it?

    not looking a gift horse in the mouth, welcome Mr Burmeister.

      1. I think a Fu thing but also an indicator we are doing better at national brand. Also helps that our O has improved over the last 3 years. Kids at QB position can come in and compete immediately in this multi-spread RPO offense. Who knows, the Enter Sandman experience showcased on youtube, twitter, secspn may also intrigue some kids to come and live it in person. Love it!

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