Rico Kearney Transferring From Virginia Tech

Rico Kearney is leaving Virginia Tech. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech redshirt freshman Mike linebacker Rico Kearney has announced his intentions to transfer via his Twitter account.

Kearney has 35 tackles this year, and he has split time at Mike with Rayshard Ashby.  With Ashby injured, he made his first career start against Boston College, and made 18 tackles.  However, he made just one tackle in his next start against the Pitt Panthers.

Because Virginia Tech has so many young linebackers in the program, attrition was expected, though the timing of it is certainly odd. 

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  1. So, is he officially off the team now? Just incredibly strange timing, departing the week before our annual rivalry game. This couldn’t have waited till Sunday?

  2. Might have been posted, but heard he was the other knuckle head that was causing trouble. This is a rumor, head at our last HC meeting, you know how those are.

  3. Recruited by Charlie Wiles. Signed in March 2016. He will be missed I think. Showed flashes of brilliance there at BC. Despite the fact that we are “loaded” at LB it’s just a shame to see any player leave the program after being evaluated and approved by Bud and his crew. We will likely never know the real reason he left – that’s ultimately between him and the coaches. But the young man did offer that it had to do with playing time. I hear that and think of the many other young players in the past that waited far longer and trusted in Bud to know when they were ready. And some of them play in the NFL today. Regardless, he’s gotta choose his way and in good Hokie spirit I sincerely wish him all the best wherever he ends up – as long as it’s not another ACC school.

  4. Some of you guys oughta “get a life”. Va. Tech football is havin’ a bad season and I don’t like it either but posting like mistreated children isn’t helping anything.

  5. This program was built on always doing the right thing and as fans we need to remind ourselves of that in times like this. We aren’t a good football team right now. But I ask – how would Frank respond. By calling a kid a quitter?!? No – he would wish him the best and keep his head up. LET’S GO HOKIES!!!

  6. So he doesn’t feel like he wasn’t given a fair shot to showcase his talent.

    So, hmm…2 negatives, so he DOES feel like we WAS given a fair shot to showcase his talent. OK.

  7. Wow…the timing and optics of this are beyond bad. Kearney was a baller and a team can’t have too many of those.

    1. He was not strong at reading gaps. He was in the wrong gap multiple times vs Pitt. Good luck to him, no hard feelings…plenty of depth

    2. He quit on the team on the team during the season. He could have waited and quit on Saturday. Better off with someone else.

  8. I get that he wants to leave for playing time, but why not wait until the end of the season to announce this? I guess maybe emotion factored into this announcement, but still….

    1. Not if he will bail on his teammates in their darkest hour…good riddance!

      Him or anybody else who bails. He got PLENTY of opportunity .He’s a freaking RS Freshman..Go ahead…take your ball and go home! If you didn’t stand out on THAT defense…where exactly are you going to be a star….

  9. Chris, you told us before the season that if Coach Fuente stays ten years, 2018 will be his worst season. I believe you are psychic. Its pretty clear to me that the absence of a running game and no pressure by the defensive line are less the coaches fault and more the result of attrition and injury. As far as transfers go, Fuente is clearly not afraid to tell players to move on if he’s convinced they’re not a program match; now let’s see this winter if he’s the same with the staff.
    Bud’s defense really relies on pressure to make the scheme work, and the d-line is generating very little of it this season. Hopefully, the JUCO situation helps with a short term reload.

  10. We’re loaded at LB. Let’s hope the extra scholarship goes to a DL (JUCO, grad transfer, or quality high school recruit).

    1. Absolutely. LB is maybe our deepest position and with the scholarship we can actually fill needs

  11. And the hits just keep on a coming! I leave the board for an hour or two and come back to find this plastered on TSL front page. Wow! If this doesn’t tell you about the locker room and the coaching staff, I don’t know what will. Kid makes 18 tackles vs BC in the one game he sees significant playing time, the D is gutted, and another player leaving. And this would be a Fu recruit even, R-Freshman. Just wow. Don’t even know what to say.

    1. THis doesn’t tell me that at all barring more information. And I am not a dummy so it isn’t like i am oblivious.

    2. I think it says more about the character (?) of some of our young players….cut and run at the first sign of trouble…He won’t be the last, and THOSE are guys I don’t want. We have too many who can’t fight through adversity to have them poison those who want to..

      Quitters rarely find their footing..it’s always someone else’s fault.

      1. I agree with your assessment on this!! Do not need folks who fold their tents at the first problem!! We want and need kids that say I need more playing time let me show you why I should get it!! He had one good game and got the next start where he had a bad game!!
        Good luck to him but he better realize he will need more than luck.

  12. I’ve heard the same thing about other players who have transferred out, and found success. One of them left because he was told he was not going to play by CJF, and he was urged to leave.
    Now, if CJF feels that way, he is certainly doing the right thing by suggesting another team might be a better fit than VT. However, the one I just learned about this weekend said CJF pulled the trigger awfully quickly. He felt he wasn’t told what he could do to improve his position, he was just urged to transfer. The press release from VT just said he left for playing time, but did not mention the push by the coaching staff. The player I’m talking about is being warmly welcomed by his new team, and their coaches think he’s a future star. Kearney surprises me. I wonder what the backstory is.

    1. Timing makes you know that something smells here… we look like a bunch of idiots to the college football world… things should hopefully have nowhere to go but UP in 2018… unreal

      1. No..it isn’t easy for ANYBODY to say, but quitting IS quitting!!

        The guy QUIT on his teammates when the going got tough. Don’t let the screen door hit you in the arsw!

      1. Uncalled for….with a handle like khaki blue, sure you’re not a hoo posting on a VT board?

    1. Totally uncalled for. Grow up or at least take a break until you can get your emotions under control.

      1. Unless he was told to leave before season ended he quit. So did Plantin.

        That’s my opinion of him. Announce after season/semester, otherwise you quit on your current team

        1. That’s the point. You have absolutely NO CLUE what was said in the meeting so you don’t know if he left or how it was handled. That is not a criticism of the coaches either just the acknowledgement you do not know enough to make that call. The rest still stands.

      2. It’s no more uncalled for than blaming experienced successful coaches and wanting them fired because there’s been an apparent ongoing cleansing of those not buying into the program. I’m on for the long haul. If we’re talking about no bowl next year or 2020 then coaches should be fair game

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