Virginia Tech Football Dismisses Trevon Hill

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Trevon Hill played his final game as a Hokie on Saturday. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

In a major piece of news, Virginia Tech defensive end Trevon Hill has been dismissed from the football team.  The move was announced early Sunday afternoon in a release by the football program.

Hill, a redshirt junior, was Virginia Tech’s most experienced defensive end.  He tallied two sacks in the season opener against Florida State, and 1.5 sacks in Saturday’s loss at Old Dominion.  Through the first three games of the season, he has arguably been the Hokies’ best defensive player.

Sources tell TSL that the dismissal results from an incident in the Virginia Tech locker room following Saturday’s loss, among other things.

With Hill off the team, redshirt sophomore Emmanuel Belmar will likely take his place in the starting lineup.

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  1. Again I’ll say it, with the youth on defense, everyone knew a game like this was going to happen. We all need to relax and watch this team respond. I honestly think this lost will do more to get these young guys motivated than anything. Now the coaches can point to ODU when the players start going through the motions. We will come out on the other side of the train wreck and be better for it

  2. I am really glad that my livelihood doesn’t depend on 18-22 year old testosterone filled males making good decisions.

    1. Especially after being beaten by a huge underdog (and in the neighborhood stomping grounds of many of the players). Had to be a tough environment in that locker room on Sat night.

  3. Good grief! It wasn’t a conference game. We’re not going to the playoffs. It was a glorified exhibition game. Next week matters. Beat Duke!

  4. Have a feeling he confronted a coach (Wiles, Foster?). Had Hill gone off on a player it probably would have resulted in a suspension, not a dismissal.

    1. That’s my gut feeling too…in which case that’s just not acceptable…and sounds like there we’re past issues as well. Sad but I know the staff wouldn’t have dismissed him if it was a minor incident.

    2. You would have to be right..a good fight among players might have been a good thing…cause there wasn’t any from us on the field

  5. This is pretty comical. Fuente is doing just fine. It’s kids playing college ball. You put up 35 points, you should win the game. Bud’s young defense lost this game, plain and simple. Look at the stats, worst in his 24 yrs. They could not get ODU offense off the field. No pressure on the QB and LaRussa made them pay. Hats off to Wilder and ODU.

  6. Everybody is LOSING THEIR FRICKIN’ MINDS!!!!
    If a terrible loss and a dismissal is all you guys need to jump the hell off the bandwagon, then you were never on to begin with. This guy knows what he’s doing. We lost a ridiculous game….agreed. But to all of the sudden assume that the man, or Bud, doesn’t know what they are doing is hilarious. You guys are the meat of the foolishness that is the media and dip shit fans.


  7. Am I wrong? I thought Hill had been on thin ice for a while now. FWIW I’m not surprised he’s gone. I’ve had the feeling he was not team-first guy for a while.

  8. After the loss to JMU we won ten in a row. It seemed as desperate after that game as it does now. Let’s pull it together against Duke and build some positive momentum. It is within us.

  9. Wheels on the bus appear to be falling off.

    While I hate to see this for VT and for Hill, I hope there was a credible reason for this rather than the coaches attempt to pretend like they have control of this train wreck.

  10. The head coach, must make good decisions both on and off the field. I trust this was a “Team First” decision as it should be. Getting soundly beaten by a 28 point underdog, probably tells us something about this team and maybe our expectations will become more realistic.

    GO HOKIES!!! Duke in 6 days…

  11. None of us know what or why something happened in the locker room after the loss to ODU. All I can say is it had to be something very serious to dismiss a 4 Star player with the experience that he had.
    Next man up and we’ll move on to the next game.
    Go Hokies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bye Felicia. Next man up. Get troubled players off the team who may be a season long infection to young players.

  13. Did anybody notice how many times he tapped himself out over the last couple of years? Can’t win with guys like that…just as Mike Singletary said.

  14. CJF has better hope he got this one right. He is rightly being watched. So far it appears his first season will be his best … and this was with all of Frank’s recruits…. not good !!

      1. Ya he did then p*ssed it all down the drain getting hammered to an 0-3 28 pt dog. He better really this team cause from the outside right now it looks very sketchy

        1. So Coach Fu now plays the game and coaches. Plays defense or doesn’t play as was the case vs ODU. If Coach Beamer was on the sideline Saturday, ODU probably wins by 28 as we would not have the O to score and catch up when the D was getting blitzkrieged and firebombed up and down the field. Shocking how fast some of Hokie Nation is imploding and honestly needs to get some Hard, Smart, Tough in them. Suck it up buttercups and let’s roll into Durham with some fire in our bellies pissing napalm!

    1. If I recall correctly Jerod Evans was a Fuente recruit and he was a huge part of the first year success.

    2. What does “being watched” mean? Are you really saying that CJF is on the hot seat?

      Shut up. The coaches took responsibly, as they should. We all are disappointed.

      Comments like this is why I don’t read message boards.

      1. Then why are you commenting? Sorry I have expectations that are too high I guess… keep drinking the koolaid!

        1. Ok Sac, tell me this…

          What Coach would you like to replace CJF with at this junction? Who could Virginia Tech get?

          Here’s my expectations for the record: If Clemson can win a National Championship, so can we. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

          1. I also don’t recall Dabo losing to a terrible team in this fashion. If you can’t get your kids motivated to beat a terrible team, I question your coaching. We also had 2 weeks to prepare! I’m sorry, but my opinion on Fuente has been severely tainted

          2. I’d love to eat my words, but I don’t see it. I hope FU is listening bc he needs to know that the fan base will not accept this. Sue me for having lofty expectations.

          3. You may recall the term “Clemsoning”? Dabo claimed wasn’t a thing when it was in the eyes of the media and some fans. Dabo was right ultimately but it wasn’t straight to the top for them. It took a lot of downs to build those ups!

          4. Whatever had been built was damaged severely last night by that pathetic effort. Maybe he should look for DC cause they can’t stop a nose bleed

        1. Having your opinion of CJF “severely tainted” is a rational reaction rather than claiming a 3rd year coach is “being watched.”

          Let’s not be the fan base that wants to throw a coach out after an incredibly bad loss.

    3. 2 things..1 Is that the best player yr 1 was the trabsfer QB CJF got. The cupboard was bare at QB from Beamer

      2- Every kid he is kicking off are also CFB players he recruited. Not to mention he is playing w young guys The talent is coming in, CJF doing everything right. (except losing to ODU and blindly backing JJ)

  15. Sounds like a loss of control at the top and efforts to rectify the situation. Does it really take a loss of those dimensions to do this or is it hot tempers in a volitile situation? Implosion on and off the field.

    Made an impact on the 757, fans and others alike. Have been listening to people all day. There is nothing positive. What a way to pay back the loyal fans in the Tidewater area who “drive so many hours.”

    1. Agreed. I’m not giving up on coach FU, but seems like Hill called them out on their BS, and got booted for it. My opinions have drastically gone from: “He’s a great coach” to, “He’s a good coach, with a bad temper.” This seems to be a recurring theme now. Definitely irate at the coaches and players.

      1. I watched him congratulate the ODU coach after the game (and it appeared he had to try to find the man, and wait for him). He seemed VERY classy in congratulating the victor and to be in control of his emotions, at an admirable level. It reminded me a bit of Tony Bennett after the UMBC loss, and Coach Bennett received quite a bit of respect for his grace in (gut-wrenching) defeat. I don’t know how Coach Fuente performed in a post-game press conference or in the locker room without media around, but he seemed to be in control of his emotions at midfield.

    2. You guys on here who think Coach Fuente dismissed Hill because of some reaction to the game yesterday are putting out a pretty small minded look.

      You HAVE to have faith that an upper level manager who is high on the pay scale would know better than that. I can’t imagine the locker room implosion that would ensue after that on top of losing to ODU. Fuente is smarter than that. HIll had to have been let go for reasons that are crystal clear to everyone involved.

      Here’s hoping the young man can learn and turn. Good luck Trevon.

  16. How did the coaching staff prepare for this game? Like this was a practice game? CJF CVV and CBF etc.should all be looking in the mirror. Recruit, develop, execute and adjust in the game, right?

  17. I agree not good. But sometimes you have to remove a foot to save the leg. I’ ts not always easy to do the right thing,

    1. What’s not good was him pointing fingers at teammates. It would’ve been nice if he’d prepped for the game this week by properly hydrating too.

      He just couldn’t take coaching and leadership the right way

      Shame, talented guy

      1. I assume your talking about T Hill? I hate to sound like I’m piling on. But I saw Hill interacting with kids and older fans during a fan appreciation day and he was very disrespectful and a down right jerk to a few kids who tried to or wanted to get his autograph and talk to him. That kind of stuff speaks volumes about your character or lack of character rather and about how you treat the fans who support you. Watching him yesterday and hearing about what happened in the locker room after the game is not surprising to me. I hate it because our defense is already struggling, but that kind of stuff will eat your team up like a cancer.

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