to Serve as Ambassador for Drive for 25 Day

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Drive for 25 Day
The Hokie Club’s inaugural Drive for 25 Giving Day is next Tuesday, Sep. 25 (photo by Ivan Morozov) is pleased to announce that we have signed up to serve as an Ambassador for the Hokie Club’s Inaugural Drive for 25 Day, coming up on Tuesday, September 25.

What is Drive for 25 Day?

Drive for 25 Day is a one-day fundraising event scheduled for Tuesday, September 25, 2018, inviting all members of Hokie Nation to join the Drive for 25,000 Hokie Club members.

The goal of Drive for 25 Day is to add new members to the Hokie Club, and to encourage existing Hokie Club members to donate as well.

The event starts at noon on Tuesday, Sep. 25 and runs for 25 hours, until 1 PM on Wednesday, Sep. 26.

On Drive for 25 Day, you’ll be able to donate either to the Hokie Scholarship Fund, or to make a sport-specific donation.

What Should I (a Virginia Tech Fan) Do?

It’s simple: if you’re not a member of the Hokie Club, join! You can join for as little as $25. That’s all it takes to become a member of the Hokie Club and to be counted in the drive to 25,000 members. Give more if you can afford it, but the bottom line is, if you can afford $25, climb on board!

Even if you don’t buy season tickets, don’t come to games, don’t want a parking spot, or live in Egypt, join!

If you’re already a member of the Hokie Club, then take some time out on Drive for 25 to give a little more. You can give to a specific sport, or give to the general Hokie Scholarship Fund, which helps pay for scholarships (a huge expense). There are some really exciting matching opportunities (keep reading below) that can raise a lot of money for Virginia Tech Athletics in just one day.

What Does It Mean that is an “Ambassador”?

It means that we’ll be here to tell you what’s going on, answer questions (as best we can — the real authorities are Hokie Club staffers), and provide you with a link you can use to join the Hokie Club, or, if you’re already a Hokie Club member, give a little more.

What’s the link? Check back during the Drive for 25 Day 25-hour period, and we’ll give it to you then. It’s a special link that won’t be ready until then — Tuesday, Sep. 25 at noon.

Also, if you care about this stuff, our link will be specially-coded to identify any donation you make as coming via our Ambassador link. TSL will get credit for it, so it’s a way to demonstrate to the Hokie Club and the Virginia Tech Athletic Department that TSL’ers are among the biggest, most generous supporters of Virginia Tech Athletics.

What Else Do I Need to Know for Drive for 25 Day?

More fun facts:

All sport-specific donations will be matched, up to $5,000 total. So if you give $100 to Wrestling, for example, it’ll be matched.

1998 graduate (and current Board of Visitors member) Mehul Sanghani and wife Hema, a 1999 graduate, have agreed to match up to $250,000 in the total amount of cash raised on that day.

With $5k matching gifts for all 22 sports ($110k total), and Mehul and Hema’s $250k match, that totals $360k in matching gifts.

During the 25-hour period, the Virginia Tech Athletics Twitter account (@hokiesports) and the Hokie Club Twitter account (@HokieClub) will have challenges each hour and contests for new Hokie Club members. There will be giving competitions and opportunities to win exclusive experiences at future Virginia Tech Athletics events.

I Have More Questions…

Then check out the Hokie Club’s FAQ on Drive for 25 Day.

Okay, Now What?

Check out TSL on Tuesday, Sep. 25 at noon, and check out our Twitter feed as well, and we’ll give you our Ambassador link to join/donate to the Hokie Club. See you then!

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  1. Will & team,

    So happy to see this. How far you have come. So glad to see that now the University sees the value of your site which I have cherished since the 1998 and now clearly understands your contribution to the VT athletic culture. You guys earned it with your diligence, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly, your patience. I will join the drive for 25 on the 25th.

  2. from being a shunned “red-headed step child,” maverick website to being trusted as a certified Hokie Club “ambassador” ! wow !, TSL consider the complement this is to your efforts, tenacity, integrity, and publication quality. (echoing venice’: congratulations Will, CC, and TeamTSL !

    here’s hoping all you tentative ((like i used to be)) Hokies will seize this opportunity to begin stepping up – no matter what amount you start at – to keep providing scholarships for Virginia Tech’s athletes.

    Drive for 25 !

    using the TSL link not only helps our athletes, but a solid showing by us TSLers using the link adds to our favorite website’s “journalistic credibility,” leading to better relations between TSL and the Hokie Club (aka: Virginia Tech Athletic Dept.), and thereby better TSL access and coverage for us. [ –> just putting all the cookies on the lowest shelf.]

    Go Hokies! goal: 3 – 0 Saturday 22 September 2108.

  3. My wife Hema & I are so proud and grateful to be a part of this. Congrats to Will & his entire team for serving as ambassadors and their newly endowed scholarship! TSL is community and Ut Prosim personified.

    1. thank you for stepping up in so many ways for the betterment of Virginia Tech and Hokie athletics!

      Go Hokies!

  4. Ok ambassadors…I have a few questions

    1) the FAQ says new tax law states that contributions to the hokie scholarship fund are not tax deductible. I thought that it was as long as you don’t leverage it for your benefit like purchasing tickets?
    2) I contribute once a year around tax season. Does it make sense to switch the time of year since there is a matching component going on?
    3) along those same lines, I get confused on the fiscal year timeline. What is the cut-off for dontating for the 2018-19 campaign?

    1. For #1, I think since there are priority points given (even if you don’t use them), the thought is that the IRS will consider that a benefit. I was personally expecting to get deductions above my seating and parking requirements, but now I think that won’t happen.
      For #3, I know giving now counts for 19-20. I think that lasts until sometime in the Spring of 2019.

      For 2, I think if you don’t get tax benefits, there wouldn’t be incentive to do it specifically during tax season. Giving on a specific day a benefactor is matching funds sounds like a good plan. However if you don’t plan on getting seating or parking benefits, you may want to give to a specific sport because that is still 80% deductible.

  5. I just hope the Hokie Club IT is up to the challenge. My past experiences trying to give them money have been utterly frustrating.

    1. I joined last year for a $100 a year, the $25 sounds like a new minimum. I hope they reach the 25000. Scholarship money is a good cause. Lets Go Hokies

  6. Been waiting for this as TSL is my main connection to VT, football or otherwise!

    Didn’t think it would ever happen LOL! Now if only the special link will take me to a web site that makes donations easier – if only 🙂

  7. Thankfully, somebody has finally recognized the significance and value that Techsideline brings to the Hokie nation.

    Congrats Chris and “team”.

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