Virginia Tech Rises In One Poll, Drops In Another

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Virginia Tech
Could Virginia Tech fans have weather like this again on Saturday? (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Following the 62-17 victory over William & Mary, Virginia Tech moved up in one poll and down in another.  The Hokies moved up from No. 14 to No. 11 in the Coaches Poll, but dropped from No. 12 to No. 13 in the AP Poll.

The Hokies remain the second highest ranked team in the ACC this week.

AP: No. 2 Clemson, No. 13 Virginia Tech, No. 21 Miami
Coaches: No. 2 Clemson, No. 11 Virginia Tech, No. 20 Miami

Boston College, Duke and NC State are also receiving votes in both polls.

Weather Update for Saturday

Virginia Tech’s Saturday home game with East Carolina could be impacted by Hurricane Florence.  Here are two random forecasts for Saturday…

ACCU Weather: 73 degrees, risk for major flooding, 18mph winds with gusts up to 34mph
Weather Underground: 74 degrees, winds 10-15 mph, rainfall over one-inch, heavy rainfall possible

The weather forecast is expected to change throughout the week as the track of the storm changes, so check frequently when formulating your travel plans.

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  1. Meh, polls don’t converge until at least mid-season. VT is probably at the generous end of its ranking range, not surprised that we dropped a spot (and rose in another) and certainly not worried about it. Will probably float up and down until Duke/ND.

  2. related to the weather / field – does anyone remember if the Lane Stadium turf still uses the tray/air/vacuum system that was installed way back in the early 2000’s? i remember it working well during Isabelle in 2003 for the Texas A&M game, but I think there was a game last year where there was lots of pooling of water on the field.

    1. Yes. The Duke game you are referring to was a snafu because they elected not to install/turn on the vaccuum system that sucks the water away from the turf. That was a poor call misled by the mild forecast and the amount of effort required to set it up.

      But I hear they weren’t making that mistake again with the W&M game. So ECU game should be fine on the field, barring any technical issues or biblical-level rain.

      1. Yes, someone posted a twitter post from the ground crew showing the vacuum system on a trailer that they were going to install this week.

  3. Go back and have a look at the famous ECU vs. Miami game during hurricane Floyd in 1999. The Pirates thrive on these kinds of games. Makes me a bit nervous (a very little bit).

    1. Played at Carter-Finley because Greenville was under a foot of water. I was there with 2 other Hokies in O&M! But it was after the hurricane had come through and weather didn’t impact the game (other than moving it to Raleigh). No historical advantage for the Pirates.

    2. What does a team playing in 99 have anything to do with this ECU team? Not one player or coach is the same. Now, see us at UNC 2 yrs ago w Fuente and see how we respond to those conditions.

    1. They’ll get to it right away. I seem to recall my BCA ticket refund happening within days… or was it years?

  4. Please decide whether / weather to cancel the game by at least Wednesday.

    It is not safe or fair to all families involved to have ECU community leave their homes to come to VA for the game. If they need to evacuate, let the families stay together and support each other.

    And even Wednesday may be too late in the week, given that the storm may arrive late Thursday. And if it turns out to be a sunny weekend in Eastern Carolina, say thank you to someone that it wasn’t worse!

  5. Canceled? You must have missed the Texas A & M game during hurricane Isabelle. Couldn’t see the fans on the opposite side of the field.

    1. Agree. We were there, great game, left for the beach in SC the next morning, beautiful morning and great weather in SC. Once the storm comes gets on land it usually lowers in intensity and becomes a glorified tropical storm. Travel timing could be an issue though.

    2. I think you are giving the “hurricane” during the Texas A&M game too much credit. This is an entirely different situation. If I recall, that hurricane came from an entirely different direction and was just a low-pressure system with “heavy rain” by the time it got here. When the words, “catastrophic rain/flooding” are used for SW Va. it’s a big step up from “heavy rain and possible flooding”.
      Sure it may be nothing….too early to tell. But to assume that it’s just another game in the rain would be misguided. Also, the latest models are thinking it may stall out over VA and dump more than 2 FEET of rain from Friday through Monday. Again, not even close to the same as the Texas A&M situation.
      We shall see.

  6. It is actually supposed to be worse in the middle and western part of VA. Hampton Roads and NE NC may not be as bad.

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