Virginia Tech Moves Up In Polls; Ashby And Farley Honored By ACC

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley earned ACC Defensive Back of the Week honors following his first collegiate game. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech’s 24-3 victory over Florida State has given the Hokies a bump in the national rankings.  Tech comes in at No. 12 in this week’s AP Poll, and No. 14 in the Coaches Poll.

The Hokies are one of three ACC ranked in both polls.

AP: No. 2 Clemson, No. 12 Virginia Tech, No. 22 Miami
Coaches: No. 2 Clemson, No. 14 Virginia Tech, No. 21 Miami

Future opponent Notre Dame is also ranked, coming in at No. 8 in both polls following their 24-17 victory over Michigan.

Two Virginia Tech players were also honored for their work in the win over Florida State.  True sophomore linebacker Rayshard Ashby was named ACC Linebacker of the Week after he posted seven tackles, two tackles for loss and a forced fumble.  Redshirt freshman Caleb Farley was named ACC Defensive Back of the week after he recorded two interceptions and a sack against the Seminoles.

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  1. let’s not just make too big a deal yet. The attention is nice but it can have a downside, Let’s hope we can stay focused on just playing the next game and not overlook anyone along the way.

  2. Does the ACC give out recognition for the play of the week? If they do I think hands down it should go to Bryce Watts. The way he was sprinting across the field to close in and bring down the FSU back at the 6, that was a thing of beauty. What an effort that was.

    1. Got to give Ladler props also. Watts would never had caught Ackers if Ladler had not slowed him up at the 15.

  3. As much as I love the win, the FSU oline was not very good and we caught FSU at the best time (new coach etc.). But we will get better on both sides of the ball as we also have a lot of upside. This could be a special year.

    1. and reading up, looked like they were missing three guys on the oline too. It was a top 20 win, not a top 5 win, so yeah, move on from there but VTs going to make a lot of good adjustments too.

  4. I’d call going up to 12/14 more than a bump…………more like a jump. Not important at this time a year except a lot more attention from the talking heads which is a pleasant surprise. For the lead up to the game and for most of the 1st half, the indifferent telecast viewer wouldn’t know who FSU was playing.

  5. Love it. We may not actually be one of the best 12 teams in the nation, but I’ll gladly take all the buzz and attention we can get.

    1. I didnt see any of the 13-15 teams that did better than we did this week. Granted, only one data point and hard to jusge some others who played cupcakes, but #12

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