Cam Goode Leaves Virginia Tech

Cam Goode Virginia Tech
Cam Goode will be leaving Virginia Tech. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Per his request, Virginia Tech has released true freshman defensive tackle Cam Goode from his scholarship.  The announcement came on Twitter just moments ago, and it included a statement from head coach Justin Fuente.

Goode was a defensive tackle from Washington, DC who signed with the Hokies in February.  A talented player, Goode was expected to contend for playing time as a true freshman this season.  He enrolled for the second summer session in July, but quickly determined that he wanted to transfer.  He battled weight issues throughout his recruitment, and he was listed at 6-0, 331 on Virginia Tech’s online roster.

We’ll have more on this situation in a TSL Pass article tomorrow.

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  1. Seems odd we got one the most competitive Home schedule in recent memory and people are jumping ship.

  2. Sounds like academic life, and weight expectations may have been too much for him.

  3. I will wait for CC’s analysis, but hard to see how this can be good, except to find out now rather than later and the fact that his scholarship loss opens room for the 19 class which may already be oversubscribed.

  4. Wish him the best. Hoping he would be a long term starter on the D-line. Next man up!

    1. There’s nobody left. The DT situation is a complete disaster. It obviously would have been nice for Settle to stay but the coaches knew he was gone as soon as possible. Recruiting the DT position has been terribly mismanaged under Fuente. Hopefully he’s planning on scoring 40+ points a game…

        1. They’re still coaching the roles they’re assigned…The head coach is responsible for making the final decisions in these matters and is the voice of the team. If you’re implying they had no voice or influence in the decision I believe you should re-think that position. EVERY comment I’ve seen or read from Wiles on this young man is that his first priority would be to come to camp “fit” or “in shape”. I don’t claim to know exactly what happened but it’s very, very clear that Cam did NOT come to Bburg in the kind of shape he’s obviously been asked to do. I was and still am a big fan of this kid from seeing his highlights, etc. and I hate that we’ve landed here, but it sure sounds like Cam didn’t demonstrate he is willing/able to commit to doing the things that the coaching staff asked him to do, and it cost him.

          1. If that’s the case he really should have a sit down with Tim Settle. Too late now I guess…

          2. Tim Settle had the same problem with his weight when he landed at Tech and it didn’t cost him his VT career. As someone else said above- the DT situation is a disaster. Would think the coaches would do everything possible within reason to make this work.
            There must be more to this than what we know at this point.

      1. Walker, Mihota, Hewitt, Burke, Fullwood, possibly Porcher, and the 3 recruits for next year. Need a big JUCO guy possibly

  5. Looks happy in the picture! Oh well. Oh hell.
    Does the “no restrictions” indicate an admittance of some guilt on VT’s part?

    1. “No restrictions” probably means he ain’t cut out for big boy football and they don’t consider him a threat if he resurfaces at somebody we play in the future.

      1. yeppers – evidently we do not foresee him playing in another aCC uniform against us. hope that’s accurate.

        wish him the best. once he gets himself together and determines his direction, maybe he re-applies and asks for re-admittance?

        Go Hokies!

    2. Maybe the new transfer rules have gone into effect? They can’t stop a kid from transferring to another ACC school, for example, as they could have done in the past.

        1. I believe the two year rule is still in effect for undergraduate transfers within the conference if the school wants to enforce it. In this case it appears he can go where he wants.

    3. To me, “no restrictions” has no impact because he’s going to need a redshirt year wherever he goes to get in shape. So even if we went to an ACC school (which seems doubtful), he’d need to sit a year. I’m guessing JuCo or the like.

    4. Probably means that the coaches feel emphathy for his situation and we need to be careful to be perceived as having given him a second chance with whichever program he is good enough to make.

      1. I wish you would post this on the main board. It irks me to read so many derogatory posts. So many non-football playing experts who have never walked in this kid’s shoes.

        He got big probably because his genetics and life influences made that easy. It’s likely the complete opposite going the other way. Ask Didi Nicholas how easy it was for him to put on weight.

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