Cam’Ron Kelly Decommits from Virginia Tech

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Four-star defensive back recruit Cam’Ron Kelly, the highest-rated recruit to verbal to Virginia Tech for 2019, has decommitted from the Hokies.

Kelly posted the following message to his Twitter account at approximately 10 PM on Saturday, July 21:

Cam'Ron Kelly decommit

Kelly was one of just two four-star commitments (per the 247 Composite Rankings) the Hokies had for the 2019 class. The other is offensive lineman Bryan Hudson, who is now the Hokies’ top-ranked recruit.

Kelly is currently ranked #174 in the nation, the No. 12 athlete, and the No. 4 player in the state of Virginia per the 247Sports Composite.


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  1. My reaction is not negative – seems like if he wants to look around, that’s fair. I’m disappointed, but it’s easy to have second thoughts. That’s why hundreds of products/retailers have “money back” guarantees – human nature. And, guess what, lots of people asking for their money back are much older than 17, 18, 19. Normal.

  2. if I am going to battle I want people that are totally committed with me not someone that is not sure. Good luck wherever he ends up.

  3. These early verbal commitments are wasting too much of my valuable reading time. I will be much more interested in reading about them once they sign a letter of intent and once they are on the field and dressed in Burnt Orange and Chicago Maroon. Until then,…..

  4. Any possibility this is blowback from the Mook dismissal? Not sayin’, just askin’, so don’t get all riled up 🙂

    I can imagine some people dissing VT, pointing out that we booted our top two returning DB’s – and upperclassmen at that.

  5. Will, it would be interesting to know what the %s are for decommits to recommit to the same school as related to VT and among all P5s.
    Its tough to hear this news, but I remember being 17 once. This can be expected to an extent and I’m sure the coaches have contingency plans.

  6. I don’t know if he was ever a solid commitment. He never tweeted 10,000% committed like some of the other guys do.

  7. He posted on twitter that he’ still very interested in VT.

    Hope this turns out like Ellis and Garbutt where we wind up getting the re-commitment.

  8. May end up visiting PSU next weekend. I think they are having a big annual recruiting (and weight lifting) thing where they raise money. He may want to go to that. I know it is a recruiting dead period, but doesn’t mean other recruits aren’t talking to him.

  9. I’m at the point of saying “who cares?” So many of these young people do not know the meaning of commitment!!!! Hope he can learn the meaning of commitment and the sun will still come up in the east tomorrow!

  10. CJF had better learn to “Close the Deal” on 4* and 5* recruits. Saban wrote the book on recruiting. He should get a copy and read it.

    1. Of course, Saban is closing for Alabama, not VT. Do you think Saban could close as well if he were at VT, and do you think Fuente could close better at ‘Bama?

      1. Saban could close at Red Neck Tech. If you can’t run with Big Dogs, then stay on the porch. Nobody remembers who came in second.

        1. Yeah OK 👌

          Saban couldn’t coach in NFL. He can recruit sure,but he also had more resources & help recruiting than any other coach in the country

        2. Saban didn’t light the world on fire when he was at Michigan state with his recruits. He was definitely a solid coach there, but the biggest reason he said he was leaving them for LSU at the time was that he didn’t like being the second best team in the state.

    2. I’m not a Saben fan. Remind me of something — what was Saben’s record as a head coach in the NFL. I believe he wins so much in college because he has the best players. Even the playing field and you see what happens. CFB needs parity. $ produces wins in CFB — less so in NFL.

  11. Is my memory wrong? I seem to remember this guy being fairly active recruiting guys to join him here.

      1. He really could not go wrong here. Not sure why it is a problem to make an early decision 🙂

  12. Dag gone-it. Did we just get Franklin’ed or Dabo’ed? Frustrating and Par for the course this off-season. Chris did say back in June that this was an odd and strange commitment sequence (especially considering two certain schools were involved).

    #Coach, We Need to More Stars

  13. Just wondering if this was one of the recruits that committed VERY quickly and maybe just had stars in his eyes with the recruiting process. If so I could understand that maybe he did act too quickly. Still would like him at DB wearing Orange & Maroon.

    So I hope he sits back, reflects and ponders and makes the best selection for him; and may it be to DBU. But that needs to be his decision.

      1. Well..we’ll see. I prefer guys who are ALL IN as Hokies..I don’t put much stock in what a rising Junior says anyway.Can’t lose something you never had!.

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