Jacoby Pinckney Commits To Virginia Tech

Jacoby Pinckney
Jacoby Pinckney (photo by Ivan Morozov)

Jacoby Pinckney
Wide Receiver, Class of 2019
Dorman High School, Roebuck, SC
6-2, 205

Virginia Tech picked up some big news on Tuesday afternoon when 4-star wide receiver Jacoby Pinckney committed to the Hokies over Alabama, Georgia and Michigan.  He is Tech’s 12th commitment of the 2019 cycle, and the fourth wide receiver in the class.

Pinckney is from Dorman High School in Roebuck, SC, which is about one hour and 25 minutes southwest of Charlotte.

According to the 247Sports database, the Hokies won the battle for Pinckney’s commitment over 15 other Power 5 conference schools.  On June 10, he cut his list to Virginia Tech, Alabama, Georgia and Michigan, but he also had offers from South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, and many others. 

Pinckney’s ratings vary by site…

247: 3-star, No. 555 player nationally, No. 74 WR, No. 9 player in South Carolina
Rivals: 3-star, No. 55 WR, No. 4 player in South Carolina
ESPN: 4-star, No. 251 player nationally, No. 38 WR, No. 3 player in South Carolina

ESPN holds a higher opinion of him than the other recruiting services, but no matter what the rankings say, it’s not often that the Hokies win a recruiting battle in which Alabama, Georgia and Michigan are the other finalists.

Pinckney caught 65 passes for 1,075 yards and seven touchdowns as a junior.

Jacoby Pinckney Twitter
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  1. First things first, welcome to Hokie Nation Mr. Pinckney!

    That said, I don’t mind Virginia Tech University. I do mind the announcers pronouncing Vaaah Tech. The first is true, but not official. The second is just flat out lazy. Can’t be bothered to say Virginia? Then just say Vee Tee. Even Vee Tech sounds better. Of course, someone from “Ole Miss” is just going to laugh at my concern. Then again, I don’t hear Gah Tech or Azzz State or Wah State. Vah Tech just sounds unattractive like those others.

    Let’s get back to welcoming commits and thinking about their future on field exploits in the name of the Hokies!

  2. “According to the 247Sports database, the Hokies won the battle for Pinckney’s commitment over 15 other Power 5 conference schools. On June 10, he cut his list to Virginia Tech, Alabama, Georgia and Michigan, but he also had offers from South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, and many others.”

    I know how the trend on TSL is to rank recruits by the number of Power 5 offers, rather than by stars. But, from everything I’m hearing about Pinckney, 16 Power 5 offers actually seems kind of low, especially when you consider Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Bama were in the mix. Think this was a result of other schools being scared off by the competition, more top flight WRs available this year so the offers are spread out a bit more, it’s still early and more schools will be making offers, 247’s reporting missed some offers, or something else entirely?

    I only ask because, if we’re supposed to be switching our mindset away from the subjective star system and to a more objective data-driven system, I’m interested in the reasons why some recruits rack up silly numbers of offers. Perhaps there’s a personality element to this wherein some recruits give off a “vibe” that they would be interested in going to places that really don’t have a shot (can’t say “no”), whereas others might be more likely to tell recruiters that they have no interest in going to their school and not to waste time trying to recruit them.

  3. Just to throw fuel on the fire, as the official land grant university in the state we are Virginia’s University.

  4. welcome Mr. Pinckney! love the glint in your eye in that graphic! [btw: is that a VT graphic or some other graphic artist?]

    nice job recruit team and coaches. this class has impressive potential, and credentials to boot.

    Go Hokies!

  5. He looks great on film, but how does the opposing coach not put someone over the top to help out. In a lot of those clips he is singled up on the outside against a much smaller/slower kid.

    1. and then one of our other receivers gets the single coverage; burns their D several times; and either they put two over the top opening up still another receiver or/and the running game; and then JP is single covered (at least once in a while): someone is open or designed plays are set-up.
      it’s a team sport. they’ll all earn chances. the coaches send in the plays. the QB has to read and decide who is open. and execute.

      welcome Mr. Pinckney! love the glint in your eye in that graphic!

    1. no kidding, VT sports marketing is really putting it on. Notice Lane atop the stormy mountain!

      1. Apparently according to the comments on his twitter feed, the graphic was actually done by a buddy of his.

  6. I cringed when Tyrod committed to “The University of…Virginia Tech”. I got over it.

  7. Always great to get a commit, but seriously…. when do we say something to these kids about at least getting the name of the school you are going to right?!!?!?!? VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY…. ugh! 🙂

    I mean what is worse, VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY or when and announcer says ‘VA TECH’??? I mean I never hear anybody call Georgia Tech ‘GA TECH’…. lol

    1. Virginia Tech University is one of our official monikers. Not saying I don’t agree with your sentiments though.

      1. Is it really?!?!? I have heard of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia Tech, and VPI but never heard us called that. Someone just made that up… lolololol

      2. It was even used by the CBS Sunday Morning correspondent in reporting on the Flint, Michigan story. Go VTU!

    2. The press says it wrong and the players repeat. Once on campus, if not before all the players will get it right. Some in the media will never learn. The worst is when an announcer refers to us as the University of VA. I’ve heard that before.

    3. Ha….Just a comment that I’ve made before.

      I think we are missing the BIG picture and risk sounding like the Wine & Cheese snobs up North……#1. We ARE a University last time we checked; why not refer and reverend ourselves accordingly? I am not sure I see the issue…its just that many of us are ingrained with the prior histories of our name but fact is our name has always evolved and changed over the years. Heck VT’s campus email system almost reads VTU #2. It’s not as if we are being called the University of Va Tech…..now that’s a huge shift and too close to you know who. #3. Like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Va Tech and Virginia PolyTechnic SU was just a foreign technical word in college football to the high-profile recruits and the general media. That was only just 20 years ago before or during the Smith, DeShazo, Druck, & Vick years. Now recruits and the general media know us and know us well. When recruits and Broadcasters refer to us as “Vah-Tech” and VTU, its really in an adoring and complimentary fashion. We should take it as such. They are truly tipping their cap and referring to us in a trendy, hip, and inclusive fashion. I don’t think we should exile, counter, or embarrass good intentions with a scolding or a response that suggests we are offended. Seems a bit square and stuffy around the collar to start a new relationship by demanding we are addressed properly by our 1st, middle, and last name only…..please….no nicknames. Or we relax and welcome the new guy that wants to call us Smitty instead of Mr. Smith. Just my 2cents.

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