Josh Jackson’s Status Resolved; Will Remain With Virginia Tech Football

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Josh Jackson Virginia Tech
Josh Jackson’s issue has been resolved, and he remains a member of the football program. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech fans received some good news on Tuesday morning.  At approximately 8am,  Andy Bitter of The Roanoke Times and David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press reported that Josh Jackson’s academic issue has been completely resolved, and that he will remain with the team. contacted a source later in the morning who verified that those reports were accurate.  Also, Bitter reported that it is unlikely that any suspension is forthcoming.  Therefore, Josh Jackson is Virginia Tech’s probable starting quarterback when the season begins at Florida State on September 3.

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Virginia Tech is unable to comment because a student’s academic record is protected by Federal privacy laws.  Jackson threw for 2,991 yards while completing 59.6% of his passes.  He threw 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions, while also rushing for 324 yards and six more touchdowns. 

Despite a big Spring Game from Ryan Willis, it is understood that Jackson was consistently the best quarterback throughout spring practice.  Combined with the experience he gained last season as a redshirt-freshman starter, we are very unlikely to see a major quarterback competition when practice begins in August.

That puts Virginia Tech in a much more comfortable position at the quarterback position than they were in heading into 2017.  Last year they did not have a quarterback on the roster who had taken a snap in an FBS game.  This year, they have two players who have started games at the FBS level – Jackson at Tech, and redshirt-junior Ryan Willis at Kansas.  Willis will likely serve as Virginia Tech’s No. 2 quarterback, while rising redshirt-freshman Hendon Hooker is the likely No. 3 quarterback.

Incoming true freshman Quincy Patterson, who is highly-touted by the national recruiting services, is also now much more likely to take a redshirt season, which will be good for his long-term development.

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  1. Unless and until Josh determines he wants to share the circumstances surrounding this issue, we, the public will not know a thing. I’m glad this has been resolved in a positive manner for Josh’s sake. I was the recipient of two different “vacation” letters from the school in my time there, I can’t imagine how I would have felt if my transgressions and shortcomings had been broadcast across the English speaking world and beyond for analysis and speculation.

  2. I hope this close call wakes him up and he realizes playing football at VT is a privilege and a honor that’s earned

  3. I have a feeling his Dad took him to the wood shed; and something got straightened out in a hurry.

    1. If we have a QB on the roster that wins “player of the game” in the ACC championship then you can compare to Glennon…who did just that!

  4. I do think this is very good news, although I think some fans were very curious about what else he have at QB. And although I doubt he would admit it. Willis is not at all happy about this news.

  5. whew. we were holding our breath there for quite a while.

    ((ps: i’d still be interested in knowing the factual circumstances – regardless of Federal privacy laws.
    i hope someone with facts will step up and let CC, JS or WS know facts for TSL publication, and how the charges got so amped.
    i just don’t want a lot of loose ends dangling causing more anxiety, false rumors and slander from the other-schools [particularly unc and hoo-prepschool] detractors.))

    1. There are no loose ends, records are private. It’s over. It’d have been “over” either way: details being leaked by any school employee could cost him or her their job

      1. …”details being leaked by any school employee could cost him or her their job”

        Seems to work at the FBI with out repercussions 🙂

        1. LOL. If there is or was money in it for someone it would get leaked but I don’t think that is the case here.

    2. 1 – There are no loose ends when the phrase “completely resolved” is used, emphasis on “completely”.
      2 – Anxiety is mostly self-imposed so you handle that yourself.
      3 – Any other school can KMA! (that was me handling some of my own anxiety!)

      Strap ’em on boys, It’s time to play ball.

    3. I doubt we’ll get much in the way of “facts”. It would have been the same situation if he’d been kicked out of school. We’re probably never going to know the exact circumstances or details and honestly we aren’t really entitled to them. Other schools were going to speculate or use it as fodder no matter what was said or what the outcome was. Best thing for everyone now is just to move on.

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