Josh Jackson’s Future In Doubt Following Reports Of Academic Issues

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According to media reports, Josh Jackson‘s future is up in the air. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

According to reports by two members of the media, quarterback Josh Jackson’s future at Virginia Tech is uncertain.

First, Mike McDaniel put out this tweet in the afternoon.

That tweet matches the rumors that have been floating on social media and internet message boards since last night.

The next report, and the most legitimate report, came from Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, who spoke with Josh Jackson’s father.  You can read Barber’s report here.  Jackson’s father confirmed to Barber that Jackson is still a member of the team, but that they would “know more in two days.”

“As of right now, Josh is still a member of the Virginia Tech football team,” Fred Jackson told Barber. “We’ll know more in two days. It’s too early to talk about this.” can neither confirm nor deny the reports, but the words of Fred Jackson make it seem that something is amiss.  TSL reached out to the Virginia Tech football program about the situation this morning, but they had no comment.

Jackson started all 13 games at quarterback last season as a redshirt-freshman, and although he was hindered by injuries towards the end of the year, he still put together a solid campaign with multiple young receivers around him.  He completed 59.6% of his passes for 2,991 yards, with 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions.  He ran for a further 324 yards and six touchdowns.

Jackson remained at the top of the depth chart at the conclusion of spring practice, and no quarterback seemed poised to present a significant challenge.  Rising redshirt-junior Ryan Willis, a transfer from Kansas, distanced himself from redshirt-freshman Hendon Hooker throughout the spring, and he would open August camp as the No. 1 quarterback if Jackson were not available.

The Virginia Tech coaching staff is currently out of town working at satellite recruiting camps, but they will return on Friday, June 8.  The Hokies have another on-campus recruiting camp on Saturday, June 9. will have more on this situation as it develops.

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  1. Let’s see what happens prior to a lot of speculation. He’s a good kid, I hope it all works out for him.

  2. In 1985 my VT career was in jeopardy for an honor code violation. My citations were all correct, but I used too many – too much of the paper (hand written) was quoted – in a senior level Psychology elective course. I was a Junior. I was put on probation by the honor society and kept my scholly thank goodness…I had no idea the APA had a limit on the amount of quotes a paper can have…still had a great senior year. I hope JJ is OK!

      1. Just having a bit of a tough Spring with all the challenging news in football scene. We will overcome!

  3. Plagiarism is a slippery slope. A mistake in citing a source could happen easily especially now if a “secondary” source is paraphrased or misrepresented as the original source

    1. Pretty sure making a mistake with a citation in the singular is not what we are talking about here.

    2. JJ is smart enough not to make a citation mistake. Let’s be honest, college is not very hard…so I have no sympathy for kids who try to take shortcuts, athlete or not.

      I will be the first to admit I am a JJ hater (I like HH and RW more than JJ, I truly believe they are more talented), but this has nothing to do w/ me being a JJ hater.

      1. “College is not very hard”

        Where to start.
        1. Did you ever play on the football team?
        2. Did you pursue an engineering degree?
        3. Were you a teenage public figure under the spotlight in the social media era?

        1. Very few football players pursue engineering (if any) and they all have plenty access to or are assigned tutors. I think that’s what wrwadd5 was eluding to.

    1. Blessing in disguise. HH and RW are way more talented. Beating out JJ straight up would have spoken for itself, but I can’t say I will be upset if this paves the way for HH or RW.

      1. You must be amazing at spotting QB talent. Those poor coaches… they spend all that time working with these kids in practice and dissecting film and still can’t put the puzzle together as well as you have.

        1. I love this comment. I kinda trust JF to go with our best option don’t you? Our defense
          may struggle mightily this year and all we need is a rooking tossing picks all over the yard

        2. In my opinion, JJ may not be the long term answer, but he’s the best option going down to open up in Tallahassee. A 2nd year starter in the program has to have some advantages. Now, if he falters down the stretch…such as he did last year…start working in those back ups.

      2. wrwadd5…please go root for another team. No Hokie Fan would say and put in print what you did. We wont be upset if you go root for anyone else and if this paves the way I wont be upset!

  4. Weird thing is I don’t know if the honor code “court” goes on outside of the school year because it has students on it. If it’s honor code, i’m not sure how it gets resolved in two days if it’s not during the school year.
    Just as an aside my little brother went through an honor code violation that was complete and total BS. One jerk professor having a bad day can make a kid’s life absolutely miserable and there is almost no recourse for the student. It worked out for my brother, but i’ll never forget what a miserable and unfair situation that was for him. It had to do with working on a homework with another student, which was very much encouraged by the class TA and the professor, but all of a sudden he was being called a cheater for doing it. Professor never showed up to the hearing so it was dropped. I’m guessing he had a change of heart and chose not to destroy my brother’s life.

    1. Just to give you a different take on slicing and dicing the limited news we have on this.

      There has been “TKP poster rumors” that this news is 2 weeks old, which corresponds with the end of school, I believe. The two days comment probably refers to the fact that most of the coaching staff are out of town until Saturday.

    2. There HAS to be recourse for honor code issues during the summer because there are still classes being held during the summer (Summer I & Summer II sessions). The university doesn’t close down during the summer, but rather is quite active.

  5. it seems odd…. JJ worked a project with my nephew during his Grey shirt semester. I was told JJ did most of the work. was really proactive.

  6. I just don’t get this after he posted his grades on Twitter.He had excellent grades, so why would he lie about it for all of the Twitterverse to see?JJ does not seem like the type of person to do that,so I’m praying this is just a huge mixup.

      1. Exactly. 99% chance that this is not about maintaining a certain GPA or passing a certain number of hours, but rather it is about possible honor code violations (cheating, plagiarism, etc)

    1. He has since deleted that Tweet. The rumor is that it’s not a grades issue, but something else.

    2. Based on the nuances of what’s been stated, this seems more like it could be an honor code/cheating kind of situation as opposed to bad grades. Guess we’ll find out in a couple days…

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