Terrell Edmunds Picked No. 28 in the NFL Draft by Pittsburgh

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Terrell Edmunds Virginia Tech
Terrell Edmunds became the second first-round pick for Virginia Tech in the 2018 NFL Draft (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Terrell Edmunds became the second Hokie to get picked in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, going at the No. 28 spot to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Earlier in the night, his brother Tremaine was picked No. 16 by the Buffalo Bills, making the duo the first pair of brothers to be drafted in the first round in the same draft in NFL history. With their brother Trey already in the NFL (playing running back for the New Orleans Saints), the Edmunds family will have three sons in the league next fall. Not to mention that their father Ferrell Edmunds played seven years in the NFL.

Terrell Edmunds is the 11th Virginia Tech player to be drafted in the first round (linebacker Mike Johnson was a 12th Hokie drafted in the first round, during the supplemental draft in 1985). It’s only the second time that two Hokies have been drafted in the first round, with the other being 2004, when DeAngelo Hall was drafted 8th and Kevin Jones 30th.

Terrell Edmunds was generally not regarded as a first-round pick, but on April 23rd, Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com wrote “I continue to hear there are teams late in the first round who are very high on Terrell Edmunds and Justin Reid; I believe one of those two ends up in the first round…” La Canfora turned out to be right, and for the Edmunds family, it was a special night.

Both brothers passed up their senior seasons to enter the draft early, and it paid off handsomely.

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  1. How many stories have been written on these pages about the recruits who sign because of the “family atmosphere”?

  2. We’re still dbu…it just stands for da brothers u. Fullers, Edmunds, Adibis, Vicks (sorry, but it could have been good), etc. Too many to remember and it’s one the things I’m proud of about the program!

  3. Typically, VT players undervalued by the ACC Sportswriters, as Terrell was voted only 3rd team All-ACC….there goes your proof!

      1. I remember him too. His leaving the Roanoke Times was one of the best things that ever happened for VT.

    1. cha ching$.

      how about our recruit staff, D coaches (for the last 3-4 years) for their efforts, and CFB (sorry – no bonu$, Frank) for recognizing and development?!?
      our defensive coaching capability to place D men in the NFL just took a very visible leap. this graphically should be in every recruit’s and potential recruit’s social media repeatedly for years.

      (and Deion needs to shut up about “free shoes/seafood u” pretending to be DBU.)

      the parent’s Edmunds should be so proud of all three of their young boys: now Hokie alums in the NFL.

      GO Hokies!

      1. Just about to say the same. They got some grief the last few years but they didn’t leave the cupboard as bare as some claimed. Can’t get them all but did have a few gems. Thanks CFB and staff for you did to build a winning program that continues to make all Hokies proud.

  4. The knock on Bud over the years has been he can’t put players into the NFL. I’m sure recruiting opponents has used that attack.

    However, this confirms that if Bud has NFL talent to begin with, he will put them in the pros. What’s amazing are the defenses he’s been able to put on the field when he’s had less than NFL level talent.

    So, all those NFL talented players need to come to VT. If they are good enough, then can get to the NFL, yet still get to play for one of, if not the best, defensive minds in all of college football. They can have the best of both worlds.

    1. Actually, the knock was that he can’t put defensive linemen in the NFL. VT has not had a problem with LBs and DBs getting a look. It’s Fosters scheme of pushing DEs to DT and LBs to DE, i.e using “undersized” players at those positions to gain speed and agility.

      1. I would gess if we were getting those top shelf DE’s that had speed and size, Bud would play them at DE. Bud will always choose speed over size at DE. He would prefer both of course.

  5. We might have to change our nickname from DBU to BFU. Just think of the defensive players that have been drafted that have made it to the NFL that were coached by BUD FOSTER! His loyalty to VT is absolutely fantastastic.

  6. This is incredible! Continue the family connection, and it provides proof that we can send kids to the NFL. Will only make recruiting better!

  7. Two brothers in the first round… incredible! Maybe the Edmund Bros will include a free beer ticket to all season ticket holders next year. Lol

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