Defensive Tackle J’Bril Glaze Announces Intentions to Transfer From Virginia Tech

Redshirt freshman defensive tackle J’Bril Glaze announced his intentions to transfer from Virginia Tech on Tuesday, removing another young option from the Hokies’ corps of interior defensive linemen. 

Glaze is a native of Tampa, Fla. and signed with Virginia Tech as a member of the Class of 2017. The 6-foot-1, 289-pound lineman redshirted in 2017 and was not in position to be in the two-deep in 2018. 

The transfer of Glaze will likely not be felt in 2018, but could be felt in future seasons. Both Ricky Walker and Vinny Mihota are in their final seasons, leaving two openings in Virginia Tech’s starting lineup for the 2019 season.


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  1. If you read ‘between the lines’ you sense he loves the team and the school but that it is something, non-football related (academics?) that may be an issue. Any of you Tech alumni may remember that the first year or so can be tough.

    1. I don’t read that at all barring you knowing something. the main thing I might read is lack of confidence in seeing a path to playing time. Though if he were patient, there could be opportunity next year after Walker and Mihota leave. I mean there is huge opportunity. But nothing makes me read what you point to.

  2. Wishing him all the best. Hate to lose a member of our “Hokie Family” but I’m certain he has given this much thought.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a Mayan god or leader of some kind. Wonder if his family dug that up or just a coincidence.

  3. I would not be surprised to find the staff is helping him find a new home.
    Hope he lands in a place suited to his talents.

  4. Hate to see him go. However CC had him 8th of 8 on the depth list the other day. He may have been getting less reps and maybe saw that he wasn’t breaking into the top 5. With that perhaps going to another school was his only option to see some playing time.

    Best of luck, you’ll always be a Hokie in part.

  5. Or maybe he’s transferring because the VT coaches felt he wasn’t going to play at this level and they let him know that. Not to be mean and I have no idea why he’s leaving but it could be as simple as that.

  6. sorry to hear he feels he needs to leave us. very respectful sign-off.
    do not know why he is in such a hurrrrry (with two interior linemen graduating after this season), but his practice, coach-ability and work ethic determine much of his playing time and team status. of course there could be other personal or family reasons of which we do not know.
    best wishes for success in football and life.

    Go Hokies!

  7. Best of luck to Jbril in his next endeavor. That’s a well phrased goodbye letter.

  8. Maybe Fuente can find a graduate transfer to replace him? We’ve done it with other positions like QB and WR. If not, we have an extra scholarship to offer for 2018.

  9. Defensive tackle was already a position of need. His lose is gonna be felt, especially next year & the year after. I hope we find a guy that can step in right away. We haven’t had much luck w/guys coming from the Tampa area. They seem unwilling to stick around.

    1. The polar climate of Virginia this year may be more than he can stand…It sure is starting to feel that way to me, and I’m a lifelong Virginian…

      Who knows…I wish him luck

      1. That would be a large helping of weak sauce…if true, then he’s not going to be a very effective player anyway

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