Virginia Tech a 7-Seed in 2018 ACC Tournament

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Virginia Tech finished in sole possession of seventh place in the ACC, and the Hokies are therefore the 7-seed in the 2018 ACC Tournament. The tournament will be played in the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York for the second year in a row.

The Hokies get a first-round bye and will play the winner of No. 15 seed Pittsburgh and No. 10 seed Notre Dame, Wednesday night at 7 PM. The game will be televised on either ESPN2 or the ACC Network.

Here’s the full bracket for the 2018 ACC Tournament. Click here for’s ACC Tournament Page.

Virginia Tech 2018 ACC Tournament bracket


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    How about a first half ‘fast’start’ by VT against ND and then the usual ‘slow fade’ by the Hokies in the second half, resulting in another dismal loss. Buzz is not the best recruiter in my humble opinion. Certainly no more than one ‘biggy’ on the squad, forever ! Each Tech game has shown the absence of any consistent rebounding on either the O or D. Folks may disagree, but Tech has almost ‘zero’ inside game. Shooting ‘threes’ for almost the entire game is a recipe for disaster, particularly when the shooters are ‘off’. AMEN !!!

    1. Blackshear, Horne, and Clark all score and play defense inside. Inside game could be better, but it hasn’t been too bad in the last 2 games. Clark opened my eyes against Miami – he can get to the rim and he can score.

  2. What a horrible draw. Even if we manage to beat ND (a big “if”) we then get the pleasure of facing Duke! And the worse part is Tech could have easily avoided this if they had just beaten Miami (and they had a 12 point lead!!). They made their bed so I guess they have to lie in it.

  3. Assuming ND beats 0-18 Pitt, I’m really looking forward to the rematch of Justin Robinson vs Matt Farrell. I still remember Farrell stealing the ball from Robinson at mid-court to seal the game in Cassell last season. Farrell is a tough, gritty player but he’s pretty much the same player now as he was then. Robinson, however, is a MUCH improved player. It should be a matchup of two great point guards. It’s an incredibly tough #10 draw for the Hokies in the ACC tournament but it’s going to be great preparation for the NCAA tournament win or lose.

  4. It’s a shame it ended as it did. We were in a perfect position. Had the ball with about 40 seconds left withe the game tied, had two shots at the basket but missed both of them. On a side note I’m not sure I’d keep encouraging KJ to keep shooting 3’s. It seems his 1 for 15 in the last several games.

    1. VT lost that game. They rushed so many shots! When earlier shots didn’t fall, they continued to rush them. I don’t get it. Seemed to me that the earlier misses increased the pressure to make later shots, which added to misses, especially in the last 5 min.

      Not so interesting, it looked the same in the ncheat game as well.

  5. That’s a pretty brutal draw, but that’s ACC Basketball. Barring upsets, we would need to knock off Duke, then Miami or UNC just to face UVA in the Finals.

    I’d say our path to the Finals in the NCAAs could be easier than winning the ACC.

  6. Well we beat them at least once in New York….although it was in “The Garden”. To be honest, if we are “on”, and I know that is a big “if”, I think we can match up with about anyone in the country. I know that is cliche’, but these guys seem to have a bit of magic when they are “dialed” in.

  7. 2 points away from a 3 seed, ouch! 0 – 4 against Miami and Louisville and 10 – 4 against the rest of the ACC.

    1. ND is not a good team to play our first game against either. Aren’t they healthy now? Or at least healthier? Weren’t they without 2 or 3 starters the last time we played ND? Aren’t some of them back now?

      1. Yes, both Matt Farrell and Bonzie Colson are both back from injury, and they didn’t play against VT the first time around. Colson was preseason ACC Player of the Year, so that tells you how good he is. Zach LeDay used to be able to neutralize him to some extent. Not sure how a VT team without LeDay will do against Bonzie. I’m concerned about him drawing quick fouls against Blackshear. Bonzie is sneaky around the basket and hard to guard.

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