Virginia Tech Football 2018 National Signing Day Central

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Justin Fuente Virginia Tech Signing Day
Justin Fuente will be watching all the action on the Feb. 7 Signing Day, along with Hokie fans around the nation. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech signed 22 football players in the early signing period that started Dec. 20, but now the second signing day (Wednesday, Feb. 7) is here, and there are still a few important recruits left on the board.

Here are the recruits who’ll be announcing on Wednesday:

We’ll follow those four recruits and any other action on our 2018 Signing Day Ticker. This is the same ticker we installed for the Dec. 20 signing day, and we’ll continue to move recruits from the Verbal table at the bottom to the Signee table at the top, plus add any signing day decisions to the Signee table.

As always, follow the action on Twitter at:

And follow the discussion on our Football Message Board and TSL Pass Recruiting Message Board.

As we enter the second signing period, Virginia Tech is ranked No. 22 in the 247Sports 2018 Composite rankings, and No. 19 in the team rankings.


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  1. Wake up fair weather so called fans?? The 5 subpar years of about one game above 500 prior to Justin Fuente’s arrival continues to be visible and remembered by potential recruits, high school coaches and others who have had in the past a positive impact on VT football in general may have lost some interest in VT in general, for football and basketball. Coach Fuente did not inherit a full cupboard of super athletes, yes some good ones, but not nearly enough. Have you experts who call VT JV possess not enough common sense and judgement to realize the major drop in VT football quality that occurred before Furente’s arrival?????? AND IT TAKES TIME TO REBUILD THE PROGRAM!! FURTHERMORE, BUZZ WILLIAM’S TASK HAS BEEN FAR MORE CHALLENGING, HE INHERTED “NOTHING” THANKS TO AD JIM WEAVER WHO COULD NOT GIVE A SH..T ABOUT BASKETBALL!!!! WAS WILLING TO LET ANY LOSER TRY THEIR HAND AT COACHING!! FURTHER, NOTHING WRONG WITH THE NAME “VIRGINIA TECH, DON’T NEED TO BE SEXY..IT STANDS FOR A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN ATHLETICS…. HAVE YOU CLUELESS FOLKS NOT NOTICED HOW ESPN RARELY TALKS ABOUT VT FOOTBALL?LATELY?? 9-10 WIN SEASONS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS, ESPN WILL RETURN, SAME FOR BASKETBALL!! I played the first game ever in Cassell, I have earned the damn right to challenge all who want to question VT athletics or academics…..if you don’t like it, too bad!! grow up!! JOIN THE HOKIE CLUB , PUT YOU MONEY WHERE YOUR ILL INFORMED MOUTH IS!!!!

    a VERY PROUD HOKIE!!!!!!.

      1. do not equate us with isis, please; worse than a hoo-sult.

        if those 3 guys had any inkling of what they have just turned their back on and
        what they are going to miss in the next 4 – 5 years, they …

        i wish them well at their chosen second-rate institution. we will be better with the ones who have joined our family; and we – team-wise, university-wide – and these newest VT student-athletes will achieve more than their chosen prep squads, combined.

        get out of the mud. get over it. and go buy 10 season tickets for both VT hoops and goalposts. really.

        Go Hokies!

        1. Yep. He will go through another coaching change if he even makes it to his Junior/Senior year.

          1. I just wish we could work on how to make VT name sexy to these kids. Sure university perks and accommodations catch these guys immediate attention. But sometimes I don’t feel like we are even on the A-List for consideration. How do we get to be that girl on the top 5 hot list. Getting more players drafted on Draft Day1 is a great start.

      1. AG likes free (easy) ride (on bench) (and in Lamborghinis: LOL); hence why he initially vol’d for same at utenn.

        also knows we’re bringing in the 5star DF he’d have to watch for 3 years. smart decision by his handlers.

        Go Hokies! bigger, faster, smarter, better fish to gobble on.

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