Khadim Sy Returns to Virginia Tech

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<a href='/player/Khadim-Sy-4197/' data-lazy-srcset=
Khadim Sy” width=”1500″ height=”1000″> Khadim Sy has returned to Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

Khadim Sy’s strange journey took another turn on Wednesday when it was announced that he would be rejoining the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team for the second semester.

In the announcement by Virginia Tech, head coach Buzz Williams said that Sy would redshirt this year and have three years remaining beginning in 2018-19.

“I am very happy that Khadim rejoined the team today,” Williams said. “This has never happened in my career, and since his departure, all parties have worked to make sure that this was the right decision for everyone involved. Dream is an outstanding young man who will be able to spend this semester focusing on his academics and getting better in all aspects of his life, on and off the court. I believe this is the best possible move for Khadim and I know his teammates welcome him back to the program.”

Sy averaged 4 points and 2.7 rebounds per game as a freshman in 2016-17.  However, it was announced that he was leaving the program on September 14 and would transfer to Tallahassee Community College.  He withdrew from Tech and enrolled at TCC in late September.  Less than a month later, on October 9, Mark Berman of the Roanoke Times reported that Sy was leaving TCC, with his coach indicating that he was returning to Virginia Tech.

In his preseason press conference with the media, Buzz Williams indicated that he had had no contact with Sy.  However, behind the scenes it appears that things have been in motion to bring Sy back to Virginia Tech, and he has already rejoined his teammates in Blacksburg and resumed practice.

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  1. With another big next year the sky is the limit! We need more size and depth for rebounding. We have just about everything else. You can’t coach 6-11! Elite 8, final 4,…… can only ponder and dream! Welcome back Khadim ! And the Oak Hill pipeline remains viable!

  2. Khadim is friends with a friend of my son. I’ve never met him, but reports are that he’s a good kid – well liked. I’m really glad he is back on the team. I prefer seeing players finish in their schools if it’s a fit.

    Glad he is back. Good news all the way around.

  3. OK – was that a slip or is that his nickname?

    Khadim “Dream” Sy ?

    3rd paragraph – start of second sentence!

  4. I’m just glad he is back. He seemed like a good young man, and It’s always good to have options, especially down low.

  5. Happy for Khadim. Buzz must have decided that he was a better option than Thamba? Seemed like a good kid. Hope he prospers and makes Buzz proud of giving him a second chance.

    1. I’m glad he’s back but I will jump for joy if Buzz adds one more big like Thamba for next year. Imagine this team with (4) players 6’-9” or better.

  6. Uh….welcome back?

    OK everyone….what other strange stories are out there in the past 20 years to compare with this?

    But honestly, I hope it works out for VT and Sy.

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