Travon McMillian Planning to Transfer from Virginia Tech After Graduation

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Virginia Tech Travon McMillian
Travon McMillian (34) has had an up and down career at Virginia Tech. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Travon McMillian, who ran for 1,043 yards and seven touchdowns as a redshirt freshman in 2015, plans to graduate and transfer from Virginia Tech.

McMillian announced the news on Twitter.

McMillian later told the Roanoke Times’ Andy Bitter that he will graduate after the spring semester, and will not play in the Camping World Bowl on Dec. 28.

Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2015, McMillian’s workload and production has steadily declined. McMillian received 200 carries in 2015, and then received 145 and 104 over the next two seasons. McMillian’s average yards per carry has also dipped, dropping from 5.2 in 2015 to 4.2 for 2017.

McMillian has been pushed out of the running back rotation multiple times in the last two seasons. Since rushing for 88 yards and a touchdown vs. Boston College on Oct. 7, 2017, McMillian has averaged over four yards per rush just once. McMillian carried the ball just once vs. Pittsburgh on Nov. 18, and carried the ball twice vs. Virginia to finish the season.

McMillian will have one year of eligibility remaining and because he is graduating, will be able to play right away at whatever school he transfers to.

Virginia Tech’s rushing attack has been up and down all year long. McMillian led the team is rushing with 439 yards, but had fallen out of favor in recent weeks. Steven Peoples returned from injury against Virginia, taking 22 carries for 71 yards. Deshawn McClease received 13 carries for 71 yards as well. Peoples and McClease figure to lead the Hokies’ running back rotation vs. Oklahoma State in the Camping World Bowl, with freshman Jalen Holston and redshirt sophomore Coleman Fox coming off the bench.

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  1. I wonder if this had anything to do with his criminal activities in Maryland as an armed robber. I assume it would be Hard to concentrate with that do deal with. Either way good luck with your future plans.

  2. I’m happy to hear that he has a backup plan but I don’t believe the NFL is part of any future plans. One good season is not anything to brag about. I think he should just go to graduate school and not return to the field. Don’t seem that he really ever wanted to be a running back coming from being a quarterback in HS. At least he got a free education

  3. Tmac God have big plans for you no matter what noone say you are a God fearing young man and with God on your side you will prosper.

  4. Thank you Travon for coming to VT. You’ll always be a true Hokie wherever you end up playing. We’ll be pulling for you. Nothing but all the best to you. You’ve earned it! Godspeed TMac!!!

  5. Travon … class act …and a great Hokie … couldn’t have handled this with any more class than you did these last couple of years … all the very best in your future!!

  6. Sad day for Section 7 but proud of Travon getting his degree in finance and moving in to greener pastures with more opportunities. I hope Travon finds more touches in his next opportunity. Mochas Gracias for those breakaway sprints to the goal line.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat them Cowpokes!!!

  7. Always thought TM was our best back on the team. Never understood his utilization (lack thereof). I recall comments about blocking issues. Don’t know. Wish him well.

  8. T-mac, I dont know why the present coaching staff mimimize and downsized the impact you have had and could have had for the Hokies. Us fans knew and loved your ability but somehow it seems you never fell Into favor with CJF and staff and I hate that. Having a running-game black-hole despite having a 4star & number 8 dual back player in the country on the team is one of two things that bothers me most about our new staff. Well see soon enough if they know what they are doing.

    Good luck young man. Like everyone has said… are a class act. We thank you for being a distinguished model athlete who kept clean from trouble and represented VaTech with excellence.

    Now….I’m even more concerned about Oklahoma State.

    1. 100%. If we don’t utilize a 4* then others may take note. However, who is to say TMac didn’t block well or had other issues like learning the system / plays? It’s not always as clear from our side.

      Good luck TMac next season. Hope you shine wherever u land.

  9. Thanks for all you did TMac. I appreciate it and will always remember you time at Tech fondly.. I truly hope you find a spot to land and finish it off with a flourish….In the meantime, the Hokie Nation salutes you for how you did your business!..

  10. My favorite TMac moment: that glorious TD run against Tennessee. Second: turning the corner for TD against N.C. State.

  11. Class announcement. Makes one proud that he is graduating and being thankful for his opportunity at VT. Here’s hoping his future is bright, and he will always have a special place in the heart of his fellow Hokies. Be blessed friend, and God bless!

  12. thank you Travon for your hard work, loyalty, and for toting the rock for us.

    i am puzzled by the decision not to play in the Camping World Bowl on 28 December.
    is this to prevent injury? does it affect his eligibility to transfer? can someone please explain?


    (this does open a scholarship up for someone – maybe another of the 2018 running backs that have been promoted over on recruiting board; or the coaches can fill it any way they need or want to. <- capt. obvious)

    Go Hokies!

  13. thanks for graduating Travon. Need to do a great job recruiting our Juniors! stay in school for the glory which lasts a lot longer than an nfl career. Graduate!

  14. I don’t know what the future holds for him as a football player. However, that class with which he handled this announcement makes me confident about his potential for success in life. He will always be a part of the Hokie Nation.

  15. Class act!! It shows how a man moves on while not forgetting the past. Best of luck Tmac. I am sure you will succeed in whatever direction you take.

  16. Wish you the best of lock TMac and a successful pro career if that is in God,s Plan for you!

    You have always been a class act and will always be a HOKIE in my book, no matter where you end up!


  17. Good luck T-Mac! Sometimes mgt and staff are not a good fit, same for players and coaches. Went from being a “Dude” with strong success under one coaching staff to being low-man with declining impacts in another. Here’s hoping you’ll be a “Dude” again with the right fit for you. Nice words on your way out young man. Your future is bright.

  18. And that is how you announce that you are transferring. As much as social media causes a wealth of issues, this tweet is emblematic of how you can use social media to get your message across and dominate your own media portrayal. Best of luck, well handled and one cannot blame you for your personal decision.

  19. Good luck T-Mac! You had some great highlight runs for VT. Hope get some good playing time next year.

    1. This transfer was timed with graduation as priority one, football took a back seat.
      Sound decision.

  20. This kid has always run the ball so high. Never dropped his pads. Had two different RB coaches and still did the same thing. Don’t think he was coachable. Always went down on the first hit – had a few good runs outside but just didn’t get it done inside the tackles. Wish him the best though!

    1. I’d like to see you run as fast as you can & then have someone tell you to run a different way just as fast. Seems like an impossible task to achieve. People run the way they run. Period!
      Personally, I think RB’s are better off playing for a school with a crowded backfield early in their careers. It gives them a chance to develop while sharing the load which decreases the chance of injury. If he can find a school that needs him & have a great year he may have a shot at the NFL. It certainly worked for Edmunds. If it doesn’t work out at least he has a degree. Best of luck!

    2. Poor form to criticize him after his gracious and thoughtful announcement. He has been a fantastic representative for Virginia Tech and handles himself with class. We would do well to return the favor.

      1. Well yeah, if he had typed that criticism yesterday it would have been ok. I don’t have a problem with his comment. We all wish Travon well in his future endeavors.

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