Virginia Tech Rises to No. 13 in Both Polls

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Virginia Tech rose to No. 13 in both the AP and Coaches’ polls following their 64-17 dismantling of East Carolina on Saturday afternoon.  The Hokies haven’t been ranked this high since they were ranked 13th in the AP Poll on September 9, 2012.

The Hokies are one of five ACC teams that are ranked in the latest polls…

Clemson: No. 2 AP, No. 2 Coaches
Florida State: No. 12 AP, No. 11 Coaches
Virginia Tech: No. 13 AP, No. 13 Coaches
Miami: No. 14 AP, No. 14 Coaches
Louisville: No. 19 AP, No. 20 Coaches

Virginia Tech returns home to face Old Dominion on Saturday, Sept. 23.  Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m., and the game will be broadcast by ACC Network Extra.

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  1. Sometimes polls can be overstated. It’s just the process of us continuing to win and others continuing to lose. That’s the case for us right now. Unfortunately, it’ll be corrected the last weekend in September.

  2. I’m getting a little queasy with the ranking. #13 in the country is better than a lot of us imagined this year. Obviously we’ll find out what we’ve got on 9/30. In the years before CJF we often climbed the polls only to be embarrassed with losses to unranked teams (Pitt in ’12, Duke in ’13, ECU in ’14) and last year in Fuente’s first season (Syracuse, GT). That we are so easily ranked is a testament to the program Frank Beamer built @ VT.
    This year we did struggle some with FCS Delaware although a 27-0 shutout is still nothing to sneeze at. We’ve had trouble establishing the run (what else is new?) and lapses in defending the passing game (not very DBU-ish). The big question again is “are we for real” and worthy of our ranking?
    A loss to Clemson doesn’t necessarily mean no, although a close game like the ACCCG would indicate we’re maintaining the gains we made last year. Overall, we’ve got to be very encouraged with the direction of the program and CJF’s 13-4 record to date.
    I’m going to answer the big question with a YES, and enjoy our #13 ranking. A lot of teams would give anything to be where we are.

    1. I think it’s also a factor of there being a few great teams and then a bug drop. There’s so much parity after the top 3 to 5 that you could shuffle the teams in the teens and really nobody knows. We’ve got the hype because of the WVU win and ones that look good on paper with a shutout and blowout. But like all the rest we can get beat if we don’t show up or play like the first quarter of ECU again.

    2. I agree, Warped, I think we may be flying a little too close to the sun at #13. Do I think we are about equal to FSU and better than Miami and Louisville? I don’t know that we are, though I don’t think we’d embarrass ourselves against any of them. When the O is playing like it’s capable of, and the D is nasty, I think this team could give any team in the country some trouble. I just need to see more consistency from both units.

  3. I love this team toughness and no quit attitude. Doing very well considering the youth at the skill position on offense. The Clemson game may be a good gauge as to how far this team can go this year.

    1. At this point I’m not planning to out a whole lot of stock in the Clemson game as a season barometer because Clemson is exceptionally good and cylinder-hitting this year, while Tech is trying to assemble the pieces to,do the same, yet with several unknowns. That game won’t tell us how good we’ll be for Miami or an ACCCG. I can see us faring well or poorly versus Clemson, and still being able to reckon with or even handle Miami et al.

      I agree on all the positives you point out about this year’s really young team under what is essentially a new program. I don’t know if how we’ll do in a rabid home environment, versus the defending and favorite national champion in what is still early season, with what is still a team of significant unknowns, is going to elucidate terribly much

        1. You sounds like a coach 133895Hokie, lol!!!! But you are right, keep the troop focused on the matter at hand. However, I would say that although not impossible, we have to have a real meltdown on a major scale to lose this game. This ODU team is not a real strong team like the ones that ODU had in the past years who would been more of a threat and they are starting a 17 year old true Freshman QB against Bud Foster defense. But I agree with you a 100% about focusing only on ODU because to develop a true champions mentality, you have to play your game independent of the foe with the intent to use any game as a means to perfect your game.

          But we are just excited and are just trying to speculate how a Tech – Clemson showdown will play out. Appreciate you coach, lol!!!

      1. BlackFordRanger:

        You are a 100% spot on. What I meant from the statement I made is that Clemson will give some perspective as to where we can be on the national scale. Assuming that the spread would be double digit in Clemson’s favor, I would place a bet on Tech feeling that we can play with this team. But in a no point even spread, I believe Clemson has the clear advantages in many areas from roster depth, talent and to just playing on a major national stage consistently although the West Va. game was a major stage for our team that was handled well.

        The gauge factor for me is how close are we to regaining our national footing. If we are able to win this game, this should be a huge confident booster for this squad and there would be no one remaining on the regular season schedule who should be favored to beat us although GTech and Miami on the road will be challenges. If we play Clemson close, this should instill confidence in a young team about their current potential that should bode well this season as you stated for Miami and other ACC programs. If Clemson wipe us out, it is not the end of the world and the coaches would be able to spin things in perspective and keep the kids motivated for the remaining season. A blowout will serve as a lesson as to what we need to aspire to get to the next level and from my current observation, there is talent in our cupboard but the talent is still under developmental “construction.” But like I said, I do love the heart of this team and the man in charge (Coach Fuentes) demeanor and ability to keep these kids playing with a no quit attitude.

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