Four Virginia Tech Players Selected in 2017 NFL Draft

Four Virginia Tech players were selected in the 2017 NFL Draft.  None came off the board early, but Tech stars began being selected at the beginning of the sixth round.  Others will sign rookie free agent contracts, and still others will have tryouts in hopes of getting a rookie free agent deal.

It was assumed that Bucky Hodges would be the first player selected from Virginia Tech this year, and many believed he would be off the board by the third or fourth round.  That wasn’t the case, however.  Free safety Chuck Clark was the first Tech player taken.  He was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the second pick of the sixth round.

Here’s a complete list of Virginia Tech players who were taken in the draft…

Chuck Clark: 6th round, #186 overall, Baltimore Ravens
Bucky Hodges: 6th round, #201 overall, Minnesota Vikings
Sam Rogers: 6th round, #206 overall, LA Rams
Isaiah Ford: 7th round, #237 overall, Miami Dolphins

Hodges and Ford were both selected much lower than many expected.  Ford’s speed was always a concern, but his production in college was outstanding, and he got a 4th-5th round grade on  Nevertheless, he is a great value pick for the Dolphins in the seventh round, and he’ll get to play in his home state of Florida.

Quarterback Jerod Evans surprised many people by declaring for the draft a year early, and as many expected he was not selected.  Here’s what one NFL Scout said about Evans…

“No idea why he came out early. No idea. He’s not even close to being ready and it’s a shame because he’s one of those players who almost for sure would have gotten better with another year of learning.” — AFC regional scout

Evans will have to sign with a team as an undrafted rookie free agent, and as such he will have very little chance of making an active roster next season.  His best hope will be to work his way on to a team’s practice squad.

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  1. On the same page: Of the various factors that NFL teams use to evaluate players – stats, measureables, opponents, interviews… I’m wondering how much what they get talking to the college coach counts for? I don’t believe coach Fuente would go out of his way to talk down Jerod but one has to wonder if public statements of, he’s just not ready, also translate a layer down into perceived weaknesses. When a college athlete leaves early with a plan and agreement with his coaching staff and the staff then talks him up (both for the player, and for the recruiting value to the program for future players) that’s a win-win. When the coach and the player are not on the same page on the exit timing that is a risk that players need to balance in making that decision. Not sure where Jerod’s head was on that – wish him the best of luck going forward.

  2. Evans decision will always be a mystery as to who he was getting such poor advice from?!!! I don’t know what his personal situation is and obviously the lure of big NFL $$ was the likely the his motivation, but I have yet to read any scouting report where anyone said he was ready for the NFL. Too bad as he was in great position to have All-ACC senior year. I wish him the best as he had one terrific season last year and represented Hokie Nation well!

  3. One report I read said that Bucky and Isaiah were hurt because of a too simple offense. Evans just through the ball up and they ran under it. So if Evans stays another year with only Cam to run under the ball and he has 300 carries, would the experts say that he was not an NFL QB because he ran so much and just through the ball up? Life is a gamble.

  4. Congrats to all the Hokies for landing into the NFL. Wheather drafted or inking FA contracts.

    Clark will do well in the Ravens, Ford has huge upside potential in Miami, Hodges is well positioned to step into a role next year in MN & Rogers do your magic in the it’s of Lights.

    Go earn a spot & those Benjamins Nigel (Buffalo) & Ken (Denver)!!! Lastly, Hokie for Life Go get them Trey Edmunds @ Kansas City

    Best of luck to all!!!!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!!

  5. I read an article based on Evans’ tweet warning teams they warning teams they would be sorry for not drafting him. The comments completely trashed him. I guess if you are black you are automatically a thug. For what it’s worth I am a 69 year old white guy.

  6. Evans Bucky and Isaiah should have stayed one more year. They did not do themselves any favors leaving early.

  7. Congrats to Sam “Mr Hokie” Rogers from walk on to scholarship player to the Rams. Enjoy LA, and maybe my nephews can show you around.

  8. It is a shame about Jerod. I can only hope that he is going to get what he wants out of declaring early (playing time, money, no more college, closer to family, etc.).

    Not ecstatic that Bucky and Isaiah went so low, but sometimes the small things go a long way to ding you in the NFL, and sometimes the needs of the teams don’t really match up with your talents compared to who else is available in the draft.

    In any case, congrats to our 4 drafted Hokies! Best of luck to them and to whichever other Hokies are able to sign contracts!

    1. I geniunely agree. Best of luck to the drafted and undrafted Hokies BUT It is a shame how things ended. I’m going to repeat what I posted just yesterday:

      Someone has to start telling these guys the truth……when are Virginia Tech players going to realize they’re not at an elite program YET and that they need to stay in school and play the game for their entire 4 to 5 years and get that degree?

      I love these kids and I’m genuinely thankful that they chose Virginia Tech for their college career but thay have to stop drinking the kool-aid. Here is another year where the brilliant careers of three extremely good players could have possibly ended achieving CFB’s pinnacle accomplishment had they came back for their final year. Somebody got greedy or the wrong people were in these kids ears. It’s a real shame. Neither Tech nor the players got any prestige or competitive advantage by leaving early. 7 rounds of picks and Two barely were drafted and Mr JE himself failed to get drafted at all. Now everyone looks foolish. The only people who won were the agenuts telling these kids they were 1st and 2nd round draft picks. When are the Hokies going to learn? We are smarter than this. I just want to see these guys earn their maximum worth.

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