Marshawn Williams Calling it a Career, Will Continue Education at Virginia Tech

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Marshawn Williams will no longer play football after suffering another knee injury this season.

Virginia Tech announced on Tuesday that running back Marshawn Williams will move on from football after suffering another knee injury last season.

“On behalf of our coaches and our medical staff, it’s come as no surprise that Marshawn has remained upbeat and positive despite suffering another injury that led to this difficult decision,” said Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente in a statement. “Marshawn has fought a good fight for himself and the Hokies, and we’re glad that he’ll continue his education at Virginia Tech even though this latest injury will prevent him from continuing his football career.”

Williams enjoyed early success with Virginia Tech, but has been plagued with injuries since the beginning. Williams tore his left ACL in November 2014 vs. Duke and missed the rest of that season. Williams reinjured the same knee during rehab and missed the entirety of the 2015 season. He played in nine games in 2016 before suffering another knee injury against Notre Dame.

“I’d like to thank Coach (Frank) Beamer, Coach Fuente and their staffs for giving me the chance to live out my dream of playing college football at Virginia Tech,” Williams said in a statement. “I’m also very appreciative of all my teammates for the chance to compete with them, as well as our trainers, medical and strength staff for helping me through the many ups and downs of this journey. While I’m disappointed that I can no longer sweat with my teammates on the football field, I’ll be a Hokie for the rest of my life.”

Williams will remain at Virginia Tech and pursue his undergraduate degree. Virginia Tech will ask for a medical disqualification for Williams, allowing him to remain on scholarship at Virginia Tech without counting against the Hokies’ scholarship numbers. Williams ran for 719 yards on 183 career carries, scoring six touchdowns.

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  1. I appreciate MW’s service and wish you the best like all the other posters before me but come on guys……am I the only person convinced that it didn’t have to end like this?

    Both Marshawn and Shai were mismanaged and either were pushed to return to the field too soon or was not properly prevented by those who should have known better to limit their return so they could fully heal. If there is one critique I have against both coaching staffs then this mismanagement and the running game contest is the one. Sorry, got to call this like it is.

    1. Do you have specific information or inside knowledge about their conditions that they were mismanaged? Do you know Marshawn’s or Shai’s personal feelings on whether they felt they were ready to hit the field again? That’s quite a statement to make unless you know something the rest of us don’t know. You’re implying that our medical staff, training staff and coaches pushed these two young men to play when they shouldn’t have and contributed to aggravating their injuries. That’s not a practice that our staff has been accused of before that I’m aware of. What’s your evidence? Perhaps they were just unlucky or had weak knees. It happens. I know. I initially strained my knee on the basketball floor and it didn’t appear to be bad at all. The following summer, I blew it out completely just running to catch a fly ball. There was no warning and the knee felt fine. I was comfortable and running at full speed when it happened. My athletic career was over after that. It happens.

      1. Appreciate and understand your perspective.  I just had a friend passed from cancer that I share a board seat with so I’m distracted at the moment.  When things settle, I will take time to outline a time line of points that might provide insight on my assertion.

        1. Here’s what I offer: 
          MW had 3 knee injuries and 3 repairs in 3 years.  Since likely his 1st day on campus or at least since the day he reported to 2014 Summer practice, MW was categorized as overweight in the eyes of some.
          ·        7/25/2014, while revisiting VT’s bad running back history since the Billy Hite retirement, CC coincidentally reminds us in a TSL article that Shane Beamer admits bringing back JC Coleman too soon in 2013 from a rough ankle injury he suffered in PreSeason.  Shane played a hurt JC during 9/7/2013 WESTERN CAROLINA even though we didn’t need him to win that game.  As a result we loss Coleman until the UNC game on Oct5th and even then he wasn’t 100%
          Also in 2013, I will try to leave out the Trey Edmunds hip-pointer injury that occurred during the Marshall game.  Instead of resting Trey after Marshall, we played him 3 more games at 6 to 10 carries per game for total of 41 yards.  Why play Trey when the young man was obviously already hurt.  Eventually Trey breaks his leg but I will stop short of trying to speculate an association link there.  
          ·         8/6/2014,  MW still categorized as overweight and out of shape during Summer workouts.  Mysteriously we learn MW required Hernia surgery on 7/25/2014  due to an unspecified off-season injury and is expected to miss 3-6 weeks and could not return to practice until 8.15.2014 which means he could not return to FULL contact until 5 days later or 8.20.14 per NCAA rules.   Amazingly, coaching staff has him only “questionable” for William & Mary on 8/30/2014 instead of doubtful.

          Why is this injury NOT reported or released by the school/program until approximately 8/6/2014?  Were coaches desperate to net results in the running game?   Maybe this injury is why MW reported to summer camp over weight but if you hearing from Coach Beamer & company, MW was characterized as “undisciplined” and an eating machine.   
          Regardless of Shai and MR recovering from injuries, the staff continues to remain determine to keep the running back rotation crowded with one too many bodies:  Travon, Trey, JC, Joel, Sam Rogers, Jerome Wright, Dj Reid,Shai, MW.  Even TSL’s C.C tries to professionally temper his frustration with Shane Beamer concerning the running back situation; see every article after July 2014.

          ·         8/25/2014
          MW reported to be promoted to either Co#1 RB position along side JC Coleman or tied for 2nd with Trey, Marshawn, or Shai despite not being available for Summer or Fall practice and just returning to full contact Friday.  In 2014 against Duke/UNC (Mixed news reports from VT & Beat Writers), he tears knee.  Surgery does not occur until Dec 14 2014
          ·         9.27.14 WMU Game
          Shai had knee surgery during his high-school senior year so we knew he was possibly pre-dispositioned to reinjury (which is why most schools fled).  We were supposed to redshirt him and put a year between MW and Shai.  Did we do that????…no.  We were indecisive and couldn’t decide who to sit so we played both players. But Shai hadn’t seen the football field since September 2013.  What’s the net result?  Shai goes down- 2nd ACL tear to the same knee.  Out for Winter and Spring ball      

          ·         10.4.14 UNC Game
          Marshawn goes down to a nasty ankle injury.  X-rays are negative but the loss of Shai on 9.27.14 combined with Trey Edmund,s broken clavicle, and the staff’s aggressive desire to stoke the running game would only be a precursor to greater injury for Marshawn and others. 

          ·         11.15.14 Duke Game
          Marshawn goes down to a “knee sprain”.  After the nasty ankle injury, he probably should have rested for this game.  Unfortunately, the news is announced on 11.18.14 that’s its an ACL and surgery occurs on 12.16.14.  He is out for spring ball and it starts the beginning of the end for what could have been a great star.

          ·         9.1.2015
          VT announces Shai will play and MW will redshirt.

          ·         9.28.2015 Post ECU Game
          After sub par games from Shai against Furman, Purdue and not dressing for ECU, Shai is now reported as not being 100% healthy and that MW is likely to play in 2015 rather than redshirt as previously reported.  In TSL, Shane actually pats the training staff and himself on the back for the fact they are considering bringing Marshawn back…..“Marshawn’s the one that we’d like to play this year,” Beamer said. “Obviously he tore his ACL later than Shai did, so the fact that we’re having this conversation about his availability is a testament to Marshawn and this training staff.”

          ·         9.29.2015 (VT Press release)
          On Sept. 29 [2015], Marshawn re-injured his left knee that had previously been repaired on Dec. 16, 2014. Marshawn will require another surgery and will be out for the remainder of the season. Coach Beamer will apply for a medical hardship waiver through the ACC. “We expect Marshawn to make a complete recovery from this injury and look forward to his return.”   Insiders indicate MW tried to come back too soon and his 250lbs of weight did not help.  If Shai McKenzie wasn’t ready for the 2015 season after two knee surgeries (2013 and 2014), how in the world is Marshawn supposed to be ready by Spring 2016 after a December surgery?

          ·         2016 Fuente Era 
          MW has to miss valuable Spring and Summer Ball while rehabbing knee.  Shai is still reported as less than 100%, battling concussions and still in the doghouse with new coaching staff due to poor judgment he showed with an underage female. 

          ·         11.19.2016 Notre Dame Game
          MW Goes down to his 3rd and final ACL injury against Notre Dame after a gut-wrenching effort.   MW calls it a career in January.

          I think more could have been done to achieve different outcomes ….what about you? 

  2. Marshawn, thank you for your contribution to the program. I’m sure you made all those around you better. You are a class act and will never be forgotten.

  3. Don’t remember anyone playing tougher for Tech than Marshawn. Congratulations and good luck young man!

  4. I hope Marshawn gets my thanks, Hokie to Hokie, for being a contributing football player and a smart upstanding young man. Hokie High!

  5. Walk, don’t Run, into your future. It is with a sad heart that you will not be part of the team; but better for you to continue walking through life and graduate and succeed with a new future. You will always have done something I could never do; run for a TD in Lane Stadium. We often live vicariously through the team and imagine us making the TD run, the INT or making the big hit for a sack. You will at least had some of those memories.
    Good luck in your future. Hope to see you cheering this fall on the sideline.
    GO HOKIES!!!

  6. Keep working hard Marshawn. Get that college degree as it will mean so much for you. I really enjoyed watching you play football for VT. You will be successful at whatever you do due to that strong work ethic you have.

  7. Going to miss seeing him attack a defense and not shy away from hits. Take care and best of luck in the future.

  8. “While I’m disappointed that I can no longer sweat with my teammates on the football field, I’ll be a Hokie for the rest of my life.”

    That you are, Marshawn, that you are. Best of luck to you.

  9. Thanks for all your hard work Marshawn; you’re definitely a Hokie for life! Now, on to the next objective……

  10. Would love to see him on the sidelines during home games. He will always be part of the Hokie Nation. Good luck young man and get that degree….your future is bright.

  11. What a great young man! He was a great player, and I’m bummed for him that that part of his life is over. But, he’s right, he’ll always be a Hokie! Thanks, Marshawn!

  12. Good luck Marshawn. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a great degree and have the bad luck of the injuries ultimately pay off in the end.

  13. I will miss him on the team. I was always psyched to see him tote the rock. I’m glad that he is staying part of Hokie Nation and finishing up his degree.

  14. Whenever I watched Marshawn play, there was never any question about his effort or his willingness to compete and lay it on the line. Godspeed and all the best to him.

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