Devon Hunter Reveals Battle at Bristol Uniforms for Virginia Tech

4-star safety Devon Hunter from Chesapeake, VA., revealed Virginia Tech’s Battle at Bristol uniforms for Sept. 10 on Twitter Saturday night, while on an unofficial visit to Virginia Tech.

Not long after Hunter revealed the uniforms, Virginia Tech released a video about the uniform’s Hokie Stone design.

Detailed Pics of the Battle at Bristol Uniforms

Here are some of photos of the uniform, courtesy of the Virginia Tech Football Staff’s Twitter account (@HokiesFB).

Battle at Bristol uniforms

Battle at Bristol uniforms

Battle at Bristol uniforms

Battle at Bristol uniformsHunter, who’s ranked as the No. 1 player in the state of Virginia according to the 247Sports composite rating, is easily the biggest target for the Hokies in the Class of 2017. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound defensive back out of Indian River High School has a tremendous offer list, including schools like Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Clemson. In fact, 28 of his 34 scholarship offers are from Power 5 programs. Check Mitre 10 Catalogue and Officeworks Catalogue.

If you haven’t seen any film of Hunter, here is his highlight reel from his junior season.

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  1. Let Tennessee’s fans: including their affluent attributers, alumni, arm-chair pseudo rah-rah participants, multimillion brand marketing institutions, and most importantly unfortunately their student athletes, bask in the University of Tennessee’s fluorescent orange. Get it, It’s all a GAME.

    Just curious…

    Does anyone commenting, truly recognize the overall cost savings involved via designing, printing, and actually producing uniforms primary based in shades of black, white, gray. Brands are quite 20th century in their modernist approach. Post 20th century Virginia Tech student athletes are not necessarily focused on their university’s brand; instead realistically, our potential student athletes most likely are primarily focused on what they perceive as their own concept of Brand and how their Brand equals monetary gain.

    Take that logic, then apply logic to some trivial uniform post and then take a few steps back and use real logic as well as analytical skills for analyzing actual data that affects a student athlete’s choice to attend a university. Then look more closely how this data all equates to the overall achievements and outcomes that are in someway/somehow affected by what uniforms are worn during in given sports’ event, compared to a student athlete’s level of success in what we/others affectionately deem–LIFE.

    Personally, I happen to have two degrees from Virginia Tech and honestly consider Blacksburg, my forever home. Ironically, I might even choose to reside on Draper Road at some point during the coming months in what happens to be a residential situation which would will not only benefit one of my Mother’s property; it will also temporarily allow me to reside in Blacksburg while provide various levels of community support, while continuing to support my wife in Pennsylvania.

    Our Virginia Tech fanbase and student athletes need to remove themselves from some frivolous debate over uniforms. How about, our first goal should be focused on assuring our young men and women succeed in their overall life goals/outcomes and that doesn’t begin with wasted time bickering over whatever uniforms Virginia Tech student athletes wear. Our second goal should be focused on supporting our Student student athletes via how we project our views as well as desire of them throughout all mediums. Our third goal should be in providing praise to Virginia Tech’s exceptional administration, educators, and the athletic staff members’ that have provided alternative productive paths to our student athletes’ actual success.

    Look progressively forward; however, never forget the man who valued overall life success above every other outcome: Frank Beamer. PLEASE, let’s all move forward projecting various degrees of respect for all aspects of Virginia Tech.

    Be Well! GO HOKIES!

  2. I don’t care if they were our school colors in the, um, “stone” age, but they look awful now. I’m glad we went through a rebranding, so we could completely ignore the conclusions and put this crap on the field.

  3. I love special unis – I was a Maryland basketball fan growing up in the 80s and loved it when they came out in their yellow uniforms for big games.

  4. If we’re going 1800’s retro why don’t we let Miss Scarlett O’Hara grab something from the window. The color won’t matter none….folks in Idaho will figure out who we are. Then we can walk around campus and just glue things we see to it and say it’s a part of VT.

  5. Terrible Uniforms—use those for Liberty and permanently retire. Cannot believe there will be NO Orange or Maroon on our sideline. Bet UT has plenty of Orange on their sideline. Think Whit should stick to the brand and forget all the other crap.

  6. the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    these uniforms and our traditional maroons are the two edges of a double edged sword.

    Go Hokies! no matter what our uniform color!

    1. Einstein is credited with the idiotic definition of insanity quote. He was wrong. Ignorance, is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Wow! Smarter than Einstein, whoda’ think it! Haha

      1. Do you think Einstein changed the color of his pencils so that he would get better results?

      2. Ignorance is simply not being informed. So to use it in the context you just stated would only be correct if you meant repeating things because we aren’t already aware of the past outcomes. The context in which the original quote was intended would be doing the same things repeatedly, refusing to learn from past results, while continuing to expect a different result. That is insanity.

  7. I expected a lot of people to be negative.

    I wasn’t sure about them at first, but they’re growing on me. I think the jersey could have been a little bit better if they used the Hokie Stone as an accent and not all Hokie Stone, but I’m ok with them.

    – The recruits love them. Hunter obviously does and I believe Ricky Slade said the same on twitter
    – Black and grey were the original school colors
    – They could have thrown in a bit more maroon and orange, but there is a LITTLE BIT (maroon bordering the numbers for example).
    – I wasn’t sure about the pictures of them, but I do think they look good in the Hunter video. I also think they’ll look awesome on TV.

  8. Personally, I don’t like the unis. All this exposure for the “biggest” game ever and no orange and maroon? But, hey, if the kids like it and it brings in recruits, bring it on.

  9. In the immortal words of Men at Work (Yes, 80’s reference), “It’s a mistake.”

  10. Well if we lose to UT, maybe some people won’t recognize it’s us with those black and grey uniforms. Stay with the school colors please!

  11. Well this is a little awkward. An uncommitted recruit announcing our battle dress for Bristol?

    1. Agree. I mean if we were to not get DH and to drop an egg at BatB vs UT….look pretty silly.

  12. Wearing Orange and Maroon to the game will be wearing the wrong colors. Doesn’t look like those colors will be on the field so I’ll do my best to pull for the right team. I like tradition uniforms but not opposed to a special game uniform. Just make them school colors. Didn’t people in the early 1900’s do away with the black and gray for the school colors because they were ugly? If people don’t like the orange and maroon then they need to change the school colors back to black and gray. Going to this game was a huge expense and we can’t even have our colors on the field. If anyone needs a ticket to the Battle of Bristol I just put one back up for sale.

  13. Looks like more gimmicks again this year with the uniforms. To me, this is a mistake. We need to stay with the traditional orange and maroon brand that we are known for. Who keeps coming up with these alternate uniforms? Another gimmick like Boise State game.. Makes us look like a side show.

  14. Is there any maroon or orange in that uni?

    I like it, but would have lied to have seen a little more o n m. Won’t be able to see any of it watching the game on tv. Def wish I could be there live!

    So the colors will be black vs. orange. Anyone know if Nike or another co did Bristol ut unis this year as well?

  15. After watching the Hunter hi-lites, I think he should seriously consider wearing the number 6 jersey – as in ‘Pik 6’.

    1. His Twitter says “this is home”…. It would be truly embarrassing if we let him reveal and he didn’t commit IMO.

      1. It would be super embarassing. Hunter has to know that doing this puts pressure on him to be a Hokie

    2. I apologize for the mistake. I take full responsibility for it. Devon Hunter has NOT committed to Virginia Tech as of now.

  16. This jersey is on point!

    Did we actually have a solid shot at getting Hunter? Or did someone just tell him he could do a jersey reveal if he committed? Tic

  17. Whoa….story changed from Hunter commits and reveals uniforms to Hunter reveals uniforms. What is up?

    1. I made a mistake. Devon Hunter has not committed. I take full responsibility for that. I’m sorry.

      1. Thanks RLB. Noting to see here… Keep moving along folks… The uniforms are cool IMHO.

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