Dwayne Lawson to Transfer from Virginia Tech

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Dwayne Lawson and Justin Fuente at the Virginia Tech 2016 Spring Game (photo by Ivan Morozov)
Dwayne Lawson (2) was one a highly-touted recruit for the Hokies.

Dwayne Lawson, a former 4-star quarterback recruit, will be transferring from Virginia Tech.

Lawson will transfer to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas.

“Our coaches and staff at Virginia Tech invested significant effort in providing Dwayne the support and resources to be successful as a both a student and an athlete, as did Coach Beamer and his staff,” said Head Coach Justin Fuente in a statement. “After conversation with Dwayne, he felt leaving our football program would be in his best interest. We wish Dwayne the best at Hutchinson Community College.”

Lawson, a sophomore, seemed to fall behind in this year’s quarterback competition. Fuente has said repeatedly that Brenden Motley and Jerod Evans are the top two options right now for Virginia Tech at quarterback.

Lawson played in five games last season as a freshman, completing three of nine passes for 51 yards. He also ran 14 times for 55 yards and one touchdown.

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  1. I think everyone should just wish him the best, and refrain from speculation about test results and that type of thing. Unless you had some kind of first-hand knowledge that’s almost slanderous and assassinating a young man’s character. Recruits look at our board and see that. Let’s take the high road and just wish him well.

  2. He didn’t look good in the Under Armour game. He didn’t look good in the spring game after being in the program for a year. I expected him to be moved to TE. At least there is no false hope he will be the next QB savior of the Tech program. I wish him well but “next man up”.

  3. Something bugged me about him from the git-go, I’ll leave it at that. I’m not going to put this one on Lefty.

  4. I thought that if you transferred to a lower divisions you could play without having to sit out a year?

  5. Dwayne Lawson has been through a lot in a short time, some it coming from how the old coaching staff used him and some of it is his own doing. The change in the coaching staff just added more difficulty to his situation. The kid just wants to play football. While it’s sad to see it end this way, in the long run it’s probably the best solution for the player and the program. Wish the kid a better experience at his next stop.

  6. This says more about Jackson IMO. Jackson was going to surpass Lawson either this year if he didn’t redshirt or next year and Lawson knew it

  7. It was posted above he failed a drug test? Did he didn’t or did he as I watch a lot of VT forums and have seen nothing about that?

  8. Ditto me. Not exactly a surprise. This says one of two things: 1) either Jerod Evans has impressed and Coach thinks Motley is better-prepared at this point than Lawson or 2) Lawson was either over-rated or his learning curve is steeper than anticipated. True, he was mis-managed last year, blowing off his red-shirt and the change in the coaching staff didn’t help him. The, on the other hand, in failing a drug test he didn’t help himself either. Evans may find that Power 5 football is a different kettle of fish but I suspect Fuente and Cornelsen are good enough judges of QB talent at the stage they’re at now that they needed to add something to what they inherited. W/Motley a rising Sr. w/experience and Evans w/2 years post-HS experience and 2 years’ eligibility, Lawson didn’t figure to get much PT in 2016. Assuming Evans can do the job, the earliest Lawson would see serious PT was his 3rd year – and who knows who else will be in the mix then? It says here, Fuente will have lifted the program from the mediocrity it’s been mired in recently by 2018 and he’ll have serious QB talent on hand. Lawson was caught in a numbers game.

    1. no reason to be that harsh – kid had all kinds of measurable – but steep learning curve for “read” offences…wish him well…

      1. Loeffler. He took a kid with size, speed and arm strength and wasted it. Let’s see how he does at B.C.

        1. Wasted it? The kid was a freakin freshman. And it’s nobody’s fault but Lawson’s if he couldn’t learn a playbook, which has apparently been the problem now under BOTH coaches. If he was a man he’d stay, learn, and be ready to be a 3-year starter come 2018, but that’s apparently not a situation that’s good enough for him.

    2. EVERY coach has busts. This is not on Lefty. Lefty brought a lot of good recruits here, and left us in a better position than the previous jokers did.

      1. A position coach has to be able to develop players. I never saw that with him. He also failed as an OC. Just look at the Wake game as an example.

    3. Think your personal feelings are showing again. Wish Lawson all the best and hope he finds a home to showcase his talents.

  9. Evans, Jackson, Hooker, Ellis..not much room there in the next 3-5 years. If he wasn’t in the mix this year, shows this is the best move for him.

  10. I wish him well. Too bad he doesn’t have the patience to wait another year. With his talent, he may very well have been the starter next year.

    1. Assuming Evans isn’t the starter this year.
      Fortunately for him , he can use his redshirt to sit his transfer year.

        1. Point is, you have to sit out a year when you transfer. Since he didn’t end up redshirting last year, he can still use it giving him 3 more years of eligibility.

  11. I hope it all works out for him in the end. Unfortunate that it didn’t at VT but that happens sometimes.

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