Tyjuan Garbutt Decommits From Virginia Tech, Says Hokies Are Still Top School

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Justin Fuente, <a href='/player/TyJuan-Garbutt-4184/' data-lazy-srcset=
TyJuan Garbutt” width=”600″ height=”635″ /> Justin Fuente and Tyjuan Garbutt.

Tyjuan Garbutt, a 4-star defensive end prospect from Fredericksburg, Va., announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he was pulling back on his commitment to Virginia Tech.

The interesting part is that Garbutt still lists Virginia Tech as his top school of choice.

Garbutt, at 6-foot-4, 222-pounds, has 19 scholarship offers from schools such as East Carolina, Georgia, Iowa State, Michigan State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Tennessee, Virginia, Wake Forest and West Virginia. Garbutt originally committed to Virginia Tech on Feb. 6.

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  1. His loss. We only want players who want to be here. I agree with the Cornell comment. We want student athletes not athlets/students.

  2. Sorry to hear it. Also, I think it was mentioned but he looks a lot closer to 6-2 than the listed 6-4. Just saying…

  3. I guess we all know he isn’t coming to VT. Life will go on. But it is disappointing nonetheless.

  4. Kinda funny to be talking about the value of a “man’s word” when the “man” we’re taling about is a highschool student. C’mon, give the kid a break. He’s only been able to drive for a year if that. He’s making a HUGE decision here and he has a TON of people in his ear telling him what he should do. Maybe he needs more time and due diligence to make sure he gets it right. I agree, these guys shouldn’t commit so darn early if they have questions unanswered, but put yourself in his shoes for a moment and consider the circumstances he might be in. Don’t just assume he’s being illegally recruited away. Have we ever accused a commit we flipped of accepting bribes or assumed that our coaches used money to lure them away?! Just because we don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean a sinister plan is being hatched.

  5. Why these kids commit so early is beyond me. Just don’t commit until you have made all your visits.

  6. Disappointing; however, the sun will still come up in the east and go down in the west. More and more we see someone’s word isn’t worth the “tweet” that comes floating through the air!!!

  7. We seem to be particularly snake bit at DE. How many 5* or 4* or top flite Virginia DEs have we lost? I love Bud, but I gotta wonder if he’s losing his edge.

  8. I want VT to become like Cornell University rather than a University of Alabama.
    It’s possible if we all give/work in that direction.

  9. Good Luck Tyjuan, but this opens the door for others who want to play early and get on the resurgence that will be the VT HOKIES!

    And a school not busted for MAJOR recruiting violations, loss of institutional control – or has to settle out of court for millions around sexual assault cases.

    Maybe he heard how hard the team is working and got a little nervous about what it will take to play here…Welcome back Mr. Discipline and Cousin Hard Work…we missed you here in Blacksburg!


  10. In da club. Bands make Garbutt dance! Bands make Garbutt dance! $EC bound no doubt.

  11. I’ve learned to not take all this recruiting stuff too seriously. I mean, I know the coaches have to, their success depends on it. But it’s become chances for kids to show off, make a name for themselves, and perhaps in many cases, get strange people to show up and give money to their families. As others have said, when this kid re-opens, I am cynical, and suspect someone showed up with the cash,.

  12. Why commit in the 1st place? His original commitment had all sorts of talk about his word and that he is 100% commited. No one’s word is worth a grain of salt, what ever happened to “A man’s word?”

  13. Compare him to a former de. Then we may understand what we could miss out on. I have confidence in the staff to get him back but as everyone has said if he doesn’t want to be here then oh well.

  14. He and Justin look like they are about the same height and weight, and Justin wants to be here…..do I’m not worried.

    1. Are you saying we’re gonna suit up Coach Fuente as a DE? Awesome!!!!! 😉

    1. That’s the 1st thing that crossed my mind. If true, wonder who it is or who they are.

        1. Dude have you got a special insight to Ole Miss? Think you are just showing your lack of objectivity.

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