Adonis Alexander and Houshun Gaines Will Serve Probation, Community Service For Marijuana Possession

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Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander and defensive end Houshun Gaines will serve one year of probation and 24 hours of community service in a plea deal concerning their possession of marijuana charges.

The two players were indefinitely suspended after the two were charged on April 24. Jimmy Turk, who represented both Gaines and Alexander, said the two have already finished the Student Conduct process concerning their charges, and have been placed on probation by the university.

Alexander and Gaines will register with community corrections and will be randomly drug tested. The two may also take substance abuse classes, at the discretion of their corrections officers.

Gaines was also charged with underage possession of alcohol, however that charge was dropped.

Alexander, who was expected to start at cornerback this coming season after playing rover and cornerback as a true freshman, started eight games last year and picked off four passes. Gaines redshirted last season, and was expected to get time on the field this year. It is unclear when they will be reinstated by the football team.  A Virginia Tech spokesman said their status with the team has not changed, and that they remain indefinitely suspended.

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  1. I couldn’t care less about the weed – except that they’re underage. When you’re underage (21, legally), I’m kinda hard-line about no booze, no weed, and easy on the Red Bulls.

    Given current statutes, this is about as good an outcome as it could be for the two young men for their athletic and academic careers, as well as for the program. If they’re serious about playing college football, they’ll pee clean for a while.

    There will be plenty of booze and weed once your pro career begins.

  2. True injustice – how can they mess up a kid’s college experience for such a minor offense? Really unfair, really unjust.

    If you want peace, work for justice.

    1. No one has messed up these kids college experience but them..if that’s the outcome.

      I could care less if they smoke a joint once in a while or drink responsibly….but the fact that they aren’t “aware” enough to know that if they get caught w/ illegal substances or drinking underage in a public setting that there are serious consequences, then they’re just asking for trouble…and they are made aware of that the second they sign on the dotted line.

      If you want justice, hold yourself and others accountable to either live by the laws or change them.

      1. No person harmed, no property damage, no academics compromised, and we it is ok to kick a kid [football player or not] out of school for a year? This seems really unjust to me. The next time I get caught for speeding, I don’t expect to go to prison – punishment should fit the crime. Seriously, in this case it doesn’t. Yes, they should pay a penalty, but one that fits the crime. Ask them to do some community service and move on – no person harmed, no property damage, no academics compromised – and an act that is socially acceptable to most everyone and legal in plenty of states.

        1. Who got kicked out of school?? did I misread something?

          They got a year probation by the school…I’m not sure I knew many people who DIDN’t get some kind of double secret probation back in the day…..

    2. Dude..nobody screwed up more than i did in college, but really???

      Pay your money and take your chances..they rolled the dice and got caught.. I think they got a pretty decent outcome!

      If they don’t CONTINUE to screw up, and that may mean being EXTRA careful for a while, they will be just fine and laughing about it in the coming years…if they DON’t (ala Marcus Vick), then the joke is on them, and it won’t be funny at all….

      They still have choices. I think they did pretty well….

    1. If you start for Alabama it isn’t. BTW having possession of a stolen firearm is not either. Well it might be a crime but not enough evidence ” on person and in the same car” to prosecute. TIC

      1. What part of the DA refusing “to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning” didn’t you understand? 🙂

        Silly logical thinking person. D-I football players don’t get charged for crimes in SEC territory.

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