Jaylen Griffin Pulls Commitment From Cal, Names Virginia Tech in Top Five

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Jaylen Griffin, a 3-star linebacker from Rome, Ga., pulled back on his commitment to California on Wednesday, and released a top five, including Virginia Tech.

This comes shortly after Griffin, who was offered by the Hokies in early June, visited Virginia Tech last weekend.

The other five schools listed in Griffin’s top five are, in alphabetical order, Boston College, California, Colorado State and Louisville.


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  1. Hey this might sound crazy but put this kid on the field right away!

    Have you ever seen a high schooler blaze a suit as his social media profile? Mature, stylishly fresh and looks like he has the “it” factor. This guy exudes “playmaker” confidence. Last time we saw that type of style and maturity was Seth Allen and he turned out to be a pretty good basketball player for the hokies.

    Plus living in Atlanta and following recruiting in the state of Georgia the last 11 years, three star talent here is 4 star Talent elsewhere at places like a Va Tech right now. Georgia is just flat out rich in football talent This kid grew up in UGAs backyard and probably has a huge chip on his shoulder that he’s been overlooked by the University.

    Hope we get him.

  2. WOW ! Another 3 STAR ! What am I missing about the rankings of the athletes that Justin & Staff
    are pursuing ??? TRUST the Coaches ??? Same song; second verse ???

    1. J.Fu did come in saying that he would not base his evaluations of players on a recruiting service’s star rankings and that he and his staff would do their own due diligence on each player they recruited for his system. With that being said, only time will tell how proficient this staff is at evaluating the best talent for their system and coaching them up.

    2. Well, #1, it’s not February, #2 we don’t have any 2 stars either. All these 3* have multiple p5 offers other than VT

    3. Latest reports show over 1 million high school football players in the US. Equal distribution grades 9-12 thats 250,000 each. He is ranked the 1042 player by 247 sports. Do the math and tell me what percentile that is? Well under 1%. It amazes me how much people moan and gripe about stars, but when you actually do the statistics, the percentile of these lowly 3 stars is well, look. Its not like we are talking quartiles or what not. SMH

      1. What % of high school football players play D1 football? He’s likely not in the top 1% of that list.
        I recognize that it’s way too early to cast any definitive judgements on JF’s ability to recruit for VT, but at this very early point, it doesn’t appear that any elite high school football players want to play for him. I hope I’m wrong on this.

        1. That is a ridiculous comment. How many 4 and 5 star recruits to CFB and staff deliver the past 10 years? This program and school is built off a blue collar work ethic that 3 star athletes want to prove themselves. That is the mentality we need again. How many QBs or other offensive players did the previous staff develop into first round draft picks? Give the coach a break, support and patience!!!!

        2. I think VT has almost as many four stars as mighty Tennessee right now. Maybe they have 2, and the rest are 3. You are jumping to conclusions based on very little data. Consider that the man has not even been here a year.

      2. Dude, that is useless information. Less than 3% of HS seniors even get a shot at D1, so what is the point?

    4. I would pay more attention to the offer sheet. The problem we have had with 3* kids in the past usually has to do with recruits with no other P5 offers. Griffin has several and was recruited by several more. I would also reference Fuente’s remarks at his intro press conference where he stated that he won’t pay attention to star ratings and will based their assessment of players on their own due diligence. It’s hard to give him a few years based on our experience of the past few but he needs at least that much.

      1. This is how I tend to look at things. If multiple Power 5 programs are looking at/offering a player, chances are he’s a solid talent. The problem is when you offer a guy with 1 or 0 Power 5 offers, you’re taking a big risk than almost every Power 5 team in the country is overlooking someone, which is rare.

    5. Somebody obviously failed to mail out the letters that order all 4 & 5 star recruits sign with VT or maybe the post office lost the letters. We need to get to the bottom of this stat!

    6. C’mon Juke, that snarky comment is way out of bounds. Reflects a lot more on you than Coach Fu.

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