Coastal scenarios: how VT makes the ACCCG

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Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even if it’s just a picture of your television, paused on an ESPN graphic of the ACC Coastal Division scenarios.

Click it if it’s not clear enough for you to see.


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  1. How much better is FSU than they were last year? Apparently, their QB is quite good. I’m just remembering that FSU had to have a game winning drive at the end of last year’s game in Blacksburg. I think VT is a little bit better this year. Is FSU vastly better?

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would argue that duke is more worthy than vt when having the same record. If they have the same record, then can that be evaluated as being equal? What about against comparable opponents? If Duke is better than VT than why did they lose to two teams that lost to VT? (GT and Pitt).

    Can comparable performances then indicate that vt is better than duke? Obviously certain, specific match ups gave duke the edge over vt in that game, as vt had the edge over others. Depending on the match-ups, we may even remain competitive v. Florida. State.

    1. It’s impossible to make absolute “who is better?” judgments in college football between teams this evenly matched in record, because anything can happen in any given game. Short of playing a “best of seven” type series, one game doesn’t actually tell you all that much. That being said, when it comes down to it, Duke beat us (at home) when it mattered. If Duke wins against Carolina and we win against UVA, Duke is absolutely the more worthy. Because they beat us. At home. If, however, Duke loses and we beat UVA, then they won’t have taken care of business when they needed to, and we will be more worthy.

    2. Don’t undersell Duke. Cutcliffe can flat-out coach.
      Ten wins will be an all-time best for that program. There will be more to come. This is a real, “feel good” story and good for the ACC. The more good teams, the better.

  3. ‘Heels will beat the Dukies. We could barely handle MWilliams, Duke will not be able to and it will cost them the game next Saturday. The question is which Hokies team/Oline will show up vs the Hoos?
    Regarding the ACCCG, BT’s D is as good as the Noles. A Hokie-Nole game would be much better/closer than Duke-FSU game and thus better for recognition of the ascendancy of the ACC. FSU will beat Alabama should the Tide make the MNC. Can’t wait to see that happen.

  4. We better the care of our business and only think about UVA. You know we will get their best shot. Who ever wins the turnover battle wins the game.

  5. It would be cool to win the coastal after all that’s happened this year and i think we would be the only team in america to have played probably each of the two best teams in the country this year. I hear all this posting about FSU possibly playing with their third team qb. However you all are forgetting one big thing: FSUs defense is freaking SCARY. To me that’s why they’re so great this year. I don’t think we would have a single matchup in our favor against that crew. I’d love a chance to play them and I’m sure Bud would probably come up with a good game plan jamies or no jamies. But with that defense I wouldn’t like our chances too much. But for now BEAT UVA!!!!

  6. UNC hates Duke……they want tom ruin their party! I want FSU with a 3rd team QB who has never played…..we can beat them.

  7. Just beat uva and let other things fall as they may. A loss to uva at 2-9, will be much worse than a fsu beating.

    1. YES Just beat UVa. But how to we go to Charlotte if we have a 5-3 record and Dune loses to UNC and has a 5-3 record too. They have the head to head tie breaker over VT.

      1. Other teams in Coastal will have 5-3 record as well. The tie breaker is record against the other teams that are tied or the record against other coastal teams.

  8. I hear a bunch of chickens out there. Do any of you have a competitive bone in you, man up. Did you ever play ball beyond little league? If you did you embraced the competition, wanted the shot, the limelight. You were not scared like what I am hearing. And to ask for a cupcake in a bowl game just so we can win is rediculous. We could just end the season now and be 7-4. Sound better than maybe 7-6. I want to play somebody to be somebody. Bring them on.

    1. Lol ok general custer.

      Football, as in war, business and other areas, should be played rationally when coming to understanding our chances.

      Could we beat fsu given the chance? Maybe. Odds are not good though.

      Id rather take a week of better recruiting and healing rather than a likely dismantling by fsu. Long term gains vs short term loses.

  9. It’s figuratively and literally clear, Will.

    I’d call the Duke-UNC game 50/50, and I’d give us about an 85% chance of beating UVA. Which if my math “skills” are correct gives us a ~40% chance of making it to the title game.

    BTW, if I was Florida State, the team on that list I’d least like to play is us.

  10. It is beyond comprehension that some people do not want a shot at FSU.

    This could be the greatest game and most satisfying Championship we have ever won!

    Man-up you Namby Pamby’s. For those that are scared or concerned, the rest of the fan base deserve a free kick upon thy privates.

    Let’s win these next two and then go take someone else out that we shouldn’t beat

  11. Duke will lose to UNC. We will find ourselves in Charlotte and by the way. All you all who go ahead a write this team off by saying they hope we just go to a bottom bowl and end the season are ignorant.

    An extra game, especially versus FSU is a chance to get better and get some valuable game experience. If we were to beat FSU baring a miracle, boom.

    1. Let’s just BEAT the crap out of frenchie..and I’ll take whatever outcome that brings!!!!

      That is ALL I care about!!!

  12. At this point, why would you want VT to win the Coastal? FSU would simply embarrass us. Let’s just hope we can beat UVA and then hopefully get a winnable match-up in whatever second rate bowl game we end up in.

    1. You get the feeling everyone is trying to lose? “no, after you… no, that’s quite all right, after you”

    2. Because Shame-ous Winston won’t be playing in the game, their backup is hurt. VT can beat F$U with a 3rd string QB. Is it a cheap title? Yes, but a title nonetheless.

    3. Hey, Let’s check the 2014 schedule and plan on forfeiting a couple of the tough games so as not to be embarrassed then too!!

  13. My opinion is, Duke has earned it. But keep in mind that what we’re discussing here is a contest for the opportunity to get beaten (perhaps badly) by Florida State.

    1. I agree and I would watch Duke try. It could be interesting drama if Winston is arrested just prior to the game.
      However, the strongest Coastal opponent against FSU at this time might be UNC.

    2. Duke will have earned ONLY IF they can beat their rival on the road. If we beat our rival and finish 5-1 in the Coastal, and they lose to go 3-3 in the DIVISION…we most certainly would’ve earned it over them…so the scenarios will determine who’s “earned” it.

    3. They have earned it IF they beat UNC..PERIOD.

      It would be a “nice” story” in ny event with thewir “cinderella season”, but THAT is not the idea…Would we be backing in?…Blindfolded down a dark alley! Would we likely get our butts handed to us? Quite Likely!

      Still, it is why you play the games…IF we beat frenchie, and wind up there, there is nothing to be ashamed of…

      Let’s just BEAT uva!!! THAT is NOT a foregone conclusion!!!

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