Paul Johnson Teleconference

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Opening Statement

Thursday we’ve got a quick turnaround for this game. Both teams do. It’s been an important game every year that I’ve been at Georgia Tech. Seems like either that Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech has represented the Coastal Division in the conference championship game. So we know how big a game it is. Great deal of respect for what Frank’s done there and the program he has. We’ve had some great games the last few years, just hoping that we can do enough to come out on the right end of it this time.

On VT’s defense

I think they’re always good on defense. You have to give Bud Foster a lot of credit, he does a great job. They’ll have a good plan. They’ve got great athletes. Against most people they play a lot of man free and really get after the quarterback and blitz a lot. It’s a little bit different for us. They always have a great plan, they know what they’re doing, they run well and they tackle well. When you combine all those things together, you’re usually pretty good on defense and that’s what they are.

On VT’s offensive struggles

Well yeah, they’ve got a lot that concerns me. I mean their quarterback is a very explosive guy. He can beat you at any given time. Two years ago when we played down here, we couldn’t tackle the guy. He must have averaged about seven yards on quarterback sneaks. They’ll have some talented players. I’m sure they haven’t executed as well as they would have liked so far this year offensively. It’s not because there’s not talent there, they’re very capable.

On Thursday night games

Well, it’s difficult. I’m sure it’s going to be difficult on both teams, the turnaround. We’re coming out of a physical game with North Carolina, and I’m sure that they had a lot of plays, going into triple overtime. They had a physical game as well. It’s just tough on the young men involved. The Thursday night games are great as far as exposure if you’ve got time to get ready and play. It’s just really tough to come off of five days rest and it’s hard on the kids.

On battles with Frank Beamer

Well, I think we’ve had some great games. Clearly all you have to do is look at Frank’s record to see what kind of coach he’s been. He’s had an outstanding program for a long time. I think that he’s got a philosophy and some basic beliefs and he’s very good at sticking to it and coaching and adhering to those principles and that’s what’s made him successful. He’s done a remarkable job and I’m sure that he’s had a Hall of Fame career there at Virginia tech.

On the comeback against UNC

I was proud of our guys. I thought that they came back and we played a little better in the second half. First half, you have to give North Carolina credit, but we didn’t play very well. That’s two weeks in a row we’ve kind of sputtered coming out, and we won’t be able to do that as the competition level increases. It’s a concern, we’ve got to show up and play right from the start and hopefully we can do that. I was proud of our guys to come back from down 20-7, found a way to come back and score 21 unanswered points.

On why VT and GT have separated from the rest of the division

No…I don’t know. I think that if you look just since I’ve been here, sometimes the programs get overlooked a little bit. But if you take Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, they’re probably in the top three or four in total conference wins over the whole span that I’ve been here. It’s just kind of worked that way. It’s always a big game and a game that has a lot of meaning in the Coastal Division race.

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