Williams, Baron talk defensive tackle

Nigel Williams (r-Fr.) and Woody Baron (Fr.) talked about their roles as young defensive tackles.

Woody Baron

Nigel Williams

On how camp has gone for him so far: “Camp has been really productive for me, and the whole D-line.  I’ve been making strides, I’ve tightened up my technique.  I’ve got to be more consistent with the way I’m playing.  I’m taking Coach Wiles’ coaching tips really well.  Hopefully they carry over to the season and the rest of the year.”

On getting cut block too much in Saturday’s scrimmage, and whether Wiles made that clear to him after the scrimmage: “Yeah…[laughing]…it was made clear, in meetings and during the scrimmage.  It’s something I need to work on.  I think I’ve made pretty big strides this week in improving how to counter the cut techniques.”

On whether he saw a lot of cut blocks in high school: “It didn’t really happen to me a lot in high school, because I played mostly defensive end.  Dealing with all that clutter, it’s definitely an adjustment.”

On how you combat the cut block: “Basically coming out with with my hands up, good hand placement, and keeping my head up.  You want to engage the contact.  You don’t want to catch the person, because then it’s up to them where you go.”

On whether it’s a surprise that Corey Marshall isn’t here right now: “Oh, we were all shocked.  Some are still shocked.  But, it’s something that happens.  Hopefully he works everything out, because it’s a big blow to the team.”

On whether he expects Marshall to be back for Alabama: “I really do not know.”

On whether he’s getting more reps in practice with Marshall gone: “Definitely.  We all have to step up, we’re all competing.  We’re all fighting to get spots on the team.  I think all of us have a pretty good chance.  We just have to keep working and keep pushing each other.”

On how “entertaining” it is to play for Coach Wiles: “Oh, he’s entertaining.  We all have a chance to get a good laugh in, in the meeting room and on the field.  He’s a really good coach and a really good person.  We all get along together really well.”

On how ready he is to jump in against Alabama: “I think the teaching Coach Wiles has been giving me, it’s really going to help me a lot.  I’m actually looking forward to it.  I think I’m going to be ready.”

On his injury when he first arrived at Tech: “I tore my labrum in an all-star game in high school.  I had surgery in May [of 2012].”

On when he was able to start practicing: “I was limited in practice in September [of 2012].  I went full-go in November.  So it was a pretty big jump.”

Woody Baron

On being the #3 DT with Corey Marshall being out the picture: “Yeah, that’s what I’ve been out there doing so far.  I’ve been running with the twos [#2 defense] even with Corey.  Before he left, I was running with the second string.”

On being a 20 year old true freshman, and whether that gives him an advantage over the other younger players: “Ummm…you know, I’m not sure that it does.  I think we’re all in the same pool, as far as freshmen go.  I just have a bigger number.”

On being coached by Charley Wiles: “Coach Wiles definitely tells it like it is.  He’s really enthusiastic about what he does.  He’s a spur of the moment kind of guy.  He’s a great teacher.  He tells us what we need to do and how we need to do it.”

On his first college game being against Alabama: “It doesn’t get any bigger than this.  The first game I’m being baptized by fire, just thrown in there.  It’s a big experience that I’m walking into, and it’s a great  opportunity.  I’m really excited.”

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