Wiles on Marshall and tackle depth

Note: Corey Marshall is taking time away from the football team for personal reasons.  Virginia Tech released this statement yesterday: “Corey is planning on taking some time away from the team to take care of some personal matters.  His status with the team will be determined at a later date.”

Charley Wiles discussed Marshall and the rest of his defensive line on Monday.

Charley Wiles coaching his defensive line

On whether the Corey Marshall situation will complicate things for Wiles: “Nah, I don’t think so.  John [Ballein] put out the statement, you guys got the statement.  We’re repping the guys who are out there, whoever is available.  Certain guys get hurt, or aren’t available for whatever reason, so we’re repping the guys we’ve got.  I’m pleased with the progress those guys are making.  We’ve got another big scrimmage, and then we’ll look forward to getting into game week.”

On what he thinks of his backups right now: “I wish somebody would just really…you know, they’re all doing some good things, but it’s inconsistent.  It really is.  I told all of them that. Nigel Williams made some plays, did some good things, but there’s some inconsistencies in his game.  Obviously they are going to play some, because you have to spell those [starters].  They can’t play 60 plays.  But he’s going to be one or two plays at a time probably.  Hopefully we can get consistent play for a few plays.  We’re still working to tighten up.  Three good plays, and all of a sudden we’re on the ground.  We get cut…obviously people are going to cut you when you’re attacking, getting up the field on people, they are going to try and cut you.  So Nigel I think was O-fer…I think he got cut five times during the scrimmage.  So he’s got to stay on his feet.  I hated to see Kris Harley hurt his shoulder again because he was playing pretty well.  Alston Smith is doing some good things.  Woody Baron has been the most consistent guy.  Lacking a little bit at the point of attack…I wish he would dent the line of scrimmage a little more at the point of attack, but he stays on his feet, very athletic.  I think you notice Woody from a burst standpoint.  He can go get some things out in open space.  But you know, it’s been a good competition.  It’s been fun coaching those kids.  They’re giving great effort, and we’re improved from where we were in the spring.  I think we’re stronger.  We’ve just got to keep playing and get more reps and be more consistent.”

On whether he thinks Corey Marshall will play against Alabama: “We’re sticking with that right there (holding up a copy of the statement).  I’m not talking about Corey.  That’s the statement, and that’s all we’re gonna make on that right now.   We’re gonna coach the guys who are out here.  We’ll go into the Alabama game with whoever’s available.”

On moving him to defensive tackle: “Well, we wanted to get our best football players on the field.  That allowed us to get Dadi Nicolas , Tyrel Wilson , J.R.Collins and James Gayle in the two deep.  Corey really was fairly productive as a true freshman at defensive tackle.  So we made that move for the betterment of our football team, and that’s still the case.”

More on Woody Baron : “Oh, we’re playing Woody.  That’s done.  After this past weekend…I mean right now, he would be the third tackle.  Right now, today.”

On the extent of Kris Harley ‘s shoulder injury: “You know, he hurt it…he fell on it…it’s been last spring, maybe even last fall.  It’s been a lingering deal.  I don’t think it comes all the way out, but there’s some movement in there.  It’s just very tender.  He’s landed on it a few times, and he landed on it the other day.  He’ll be in blue today (Monday).  I’d like to see him be able to practice on Wednesday, but Mike Goforth doesn’t think he’ll be able to scrimmage.  If not, then Saturday.”

On whether Harley will just have to play through it: “I think right now, yeah, play through it.  If it continues to be something, maybe they’ll scope it and see what the problems are.”

On how many reps he sees his backups playing: “I would say 10, 12, 15 plays.  Probably working in there three or four plays at a time.  One at a time.  Maybe it would be Woody and Luther Maddy, and then maybe Alston and Derrick Hopkins.  Alston can play both sides, which is nice.  I would like to keep one one of Luther and Derrick [in the game], and then a young kid.  As opposed to just subbing the whole front.  Tyrel Wilson played real well the other day.  He’s fighting  through a foot injury.  Dadi’s got a little tendonitis in his knee.  But we’ve had a hard, physical camp, and we’re getting closer and closer to being ready to play I think.”

On how he sees the Wyatt Teller situation working out: “It’s probably working out pretty good.  We need help over there [on the offensive line], we need depth over there.  Wyatt’s a big body.  I think he brings some athleticism to the position.  I think it’s going to work out good for us.”

On whether he anticipates getting Teller back on defense at some point: “We want to do what’s best for the football team.  We’ll address that after…we’re trying to win a game.  Wyatt’s all about ‘what can I do to help the football team’, which is obviously refreshing and we really appreciate his approach.  He’s really done a nice job picking it up.  He’ll get a bunch of plays here on Wednesday.  He wasn’t going to play for us [on defense] this year.  It just wasn’t going to happen.”

On what kind of shape Maddy and Hopkins are in: “About six plays for Luther, for whatever reason.  Derrick can play a little bit more.  And that’s fine.  If Luther’s six plays, then get him out of there for a play or two.  I’d like to keep those guys around 40-45 plays, really.  And just kind of backing up by committee with the rest of those guys.  I want to make sure we aren’t taking any plays off because we’re tired.  We want to be real fresh and playing hard all the time.”

On whether he would move J.R. Collins to tackle: “I don’t think so.  He’s been kind of paying attention to it, but I think we’ll just go with what we’ve got right now.”


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  1. Was the “which is obviously refreshing” quote a jab at Marshall? As if to say some people aren’t team first.

    1. I didn’t read it that way. I took it more as a general comment on a lot of guys (in general) thinking first of what’s best for them.

  2. I feel like i am at orientation again. Look at the guy to your left now look at the guy to your right they may not be here when you graduate.

    1. I know, I feel like this will band together and take off or completely implode. There’s a real late 70s Yankee Billy Martin team feel here. These new coaches must be stirring some things up!

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