Loeffler keeps it short and sweet

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Scot Loeffler kept his answers short and sweet on Monday.

Scot Loeffler

On when VT will start gameplanning for the Alabama defense: “I think we’ll start Alabama [preparation] at the end of the week.  We have some things we need to do in these next couple of days that we need to get done.”

On whether he’s happy with where they are in terms of what he wants to install, or whether the injuries hurt that process: “I think we’re on track.”

On his impressions of the scrimmage: “We wanted to be really basic.  We wanted to see who would play hard.  Probably the most disturbing thing was we jumped offsides too many times and turned over the ball.  So the ‘no talent’ issues in terms of taking care of the ball and penalties, that’s what we’re not pleased with.”

On who stood out to him: “Umm, I don’t want to get into any specifics whatsoever.”

On Logan’s interceptions, and whether he saw the same things Logan saw (that one was on a scramble drill and the other was on a play in which the receiver was held: “Exactly what he (Logan) said.”

On whether he has any concerns about Logan on those two plays: “No.  None whatsoever.”

On J.C. Coleman spraining two ankles on one play last week: “Oh my goodness gracious!  We have a plan that, if he can’t get back…we’ll see where we go with that.  But we have a plan in place if J.C. can’t be back.”

On whether Chris Mangus is ready to step in: “I don’t think we have any choice [laughs].  Yeah, absolutely.”

On whether pass blocking is the biggest concern with a young guy like Mangus: “With a bunch of young players, just going into that dome, it’s loud, you’re on the road essentially for the first time.  I know it will be a neutral site, but it gets loud.  I experienced that last year.  The overall mechanics is what you worry about.  People hearing calls, people communicating properly, that’s probably a #1 concern.”

On what he sees at the fullback spot, and the fact that there are lots of “Ors” on the depth chart between players (for example, Sam Rogers OR Greg Gadell, OR Fuller Hoepner): “[I see] lots of ‘Ors’.” [medial laughs]

On whether the fullbacks are playing well: “Yeah, there are some guys who are playing good.  I think Sam Rogers is a young freshman who has made an impression.  There’s some ‘Ors’ though, still.”

[Question from Chris Coleman] On how the backup tight ends are shaking out: “Umm, I don’t want to go there yet…if possible.”

[Response from Chris Coleman]: “No worries.”

Loeffler: “Thanks.” [media laughs]

On Aaron Moorehead blowing up at the wide receivers during the scrimmage: “Well you know what, they did some really good things, and they did some things that young guys do.  There was a missed assignment that would have been a 35-yard gain, easily, it was the perfect defense.  So that’s what sparked Mr. Moorehead.”

On his impressions of Joshua Stanford: “He’s a young guy who at times looks like a seasoned vet.  At times, he looks like a young guy.  I think over the next couple of weeks, him becoming more consistent is really crucial.”

On Mark Leal: “I like Mark a lot.  I think he’s had a ridiculous camp.  I don’t think he played up to his potential on Saturday at all, but I think he has had a really good camp.”

On whether he would be confident in Leal in a game: “Yeah, I feel good.”

On whether the offense would have to be altered if Leal had to play: “No.  That’s what’s nice.”

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  1. Sounds like Loeffler was answering an auditor. Keep it short, to the point and don’t offer any more than is asked. 🙂

    1. Excuse me, yeah, the Superdome is loud. But we’re talking about the Georgia Dome here. Yeah, and it is loud, too.

      Yeah, you can call me some kind of policeman, too. Sorry. Just doing my job. 🙂

  2. I was at the last bama game and will be at this one but the Uganda dome is my least favorite venue for a game. I’d rather to to duke. Just really don’t like the staleness of somes

  3. Hey Chris, you troublemaker, way to get one in there!!. So we go from a guy who recites the football version of War and Peace to a guy who gives you the SHORT version of the Cliff notes….lol!

    Good article man…Thanks :>)

  4. ROLLLLLL TIDDDDEEEEE Sounds pretty Dern Loud in the Georgia Dome !! These Young Guns will have the experience of their lives . Great little article, Thank you.

    1. True, but a neutral Georgia Dome half (or more than half) full of Bama fans will be the loudest “opposing” stadium the offense will see (or hear, or feel) this season. Lane gets loud on Defense, but that’s not his problem.

      I was there four years ago and I’ve been to all of this year’s away sites (except ECU). Not close.

      1. Agree 100%, I was at that game as well. When Dyrell ran that KO back for the TD is was almost numbing how loud it got….but then again I was also of course in the Hokie section. When Ryan Williams fumbled it was almost as loud, it was ABSURD, especially for “just” a fumble.

        1. No, it was loud on TV, too.

          I compare loudness to when Bryan Still had the punt return in the ’95 Sugar Bowl. If you’re a Hokie, stuff like that induces loudness no matter where you are.

    2. An SEC coach has experienced loud stadiums in conference almost every game…few exceptions. The dome and Lane are not the only loud stadiums in the south.

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