Tariq Edwards tries to battle back from injury

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Tariq Edwards

Tariq Edwards chatted briefly with the media on Wednesday.

On whether or not he’s 100%: “I’m pretty good.  Still just working on my shin and everything.  They gave me [inaudible] to take some stress off of it, because I have like flat arches and stuff.  So at times I still get a lot of pain, but I just play through it.  It just feels good to be out there with my teammates.”

On whether he’s still kicking off the rust from missing so much time last year: “Somewhat, definitely.  I gotta get back into shape as far as being able to play a whole season, but I was doing a lot during the spring and a lot of conditioning.  We did a lot of conditioning over the summer, so I think I’m catching up pretty well.”

On where he is as a player: “I’m good on key reads, being able to get around, running and everything.  I just feel like I’m getting it back.”

On how he stayed positive while not playing last year: “I mean, it sucked, you know?  Actually my son played a big part in it.  I wanted to be able to do it for him and provide a good future for him.  I just wanted to make sure I was able to help my teammates.  With Bruce back [on the team last year], that was one of the reasons I went ahead and got the surgery because we had somebody to take over.  We had the surgery, things didn’t go so well, and I was kind of in a slump for awhile.”

On going through the same issues as D.J. Coles: “Yeah, definitely.  Me and D.J. are roommates.  We talk about it a lot, going through the same situation and being able to feel where each other is coming from.  We can just kind of lean on each other.”

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  1. Heart breaking injury to really good football players/people, hang in there Tariq and DJ. We aren’t given up on you guys.

  2. The key takeaway from this interview is that Bo Campbell is apparently a grandfather. If that doesn’t make you feel old, I’m not sure anything will.

    1. Cambell has been a grandfather for a while now. We orginally signes bother Tariq and his brother tyrel, but tyrel had a son while still in high school and decided it was best to give up football and start working to support his family.

  3. I thought he was back to 100%. Seems like a good guy and pulling for him to be fully recovered by the time the season starts. Am I the only one concerned about next year at LB with both him and Tyler leaving?

    1. I worry every year when we have starters leaving. But that is what makes College Football so exciting year to year. You gotta believe that there is the next guy coming up behind. And then sometimes you get that surprise player that blows your mind and you wonder why he was even on the bench.

      GO HOKIES!!!!

    2. I’m worried about the Linebacker position for us THIS year, to be honest. It seems to be the obvious weak link of the defense.

      1. Me too…I am quite concerned that we are even TALKING about the Tariq injury 2 years later….I hope he is injury free from here on out!

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