Teller talks DT and his college decision

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Wyatt Teller

On Wednesday, Wyatt Teller met with the media for the first time in his college career.

On playing defensive tackle instead of defensive end: “I’m going to do whatever the coach wants.  Defensive tackle is a little different, but I basically had an idea that I was going to end up at defensive tackle.  I was a huge defensive end in high school.  It just didn’t fit.  I’m not as fast as Gayle, not everybody can do that.  Defensive tackle, it’s a little harder, different techniques, that’s about it.”

On his size: “Actually a month ago I was about 253, and I’m 276 now.  So 23 pounds…Tech food is the best, I can’t stop eating it!  Lots of protein, lots of weight room, and I’m the same speed…I’m just 23 pounds heavier.”

On his weight goal: “If I get faster, then I can put  on weight.  If I stay at the same speed, then I guess there’s not much I can put on.  If you have a guy who is 325 pounds running a 5.0 or a 4.9, then that’s incredible.  However much weight I can add and stay the same speed or get faster, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

On possibly playing as a true freshman: “I haven’t really talked to coach [Wiles] about that.  There are a lot of great players in front of me.  Even the younger guys, they really know the plays.  If I learn it, then I think I might have a chance to get a few plays in.  If I don’t, then maybe I’ll do better next year.  Either way I’m happy to be here.”

On how close his decision was between Tech and UVA: “Oh my gosh…actually I haven’t really told anybody this, but day I was making a decision I didn’t know who I was going to pick.  It was 50-50, and I was like oh my gosh I don’t know.  I prayed, I called the coaches and said yes or no.  That’s basically what happened.  I called UVA first and said ‘I don’t think this school’s for me’, and they asked if there was anything they could do to get better.  I said ‘nothing, you guys were awesome, I just didn’t fall in love’.  I called Tech and made the decision.”

On whether it was a gut feeling: “Really, I woke up that morning and I didn’t know.  I walked into my coach’s office and I didn’t know.  I called the [UVA] coaches, and I knew.”

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  1. 23 lbs in a month. Wow! That couldn’t have been a clean bulk, but if he kept his speed it should be fine. Would be interesting to see what his body fat percentage was before and after the weight gain.

  2. I like what I’ve seen of this kid so far…big, fast, strong, mean, smart and talented to go along with gracious, polite, and character by the truck load. Teller is the VT Football program poster (man)child. Many are “poster child” worthy, no doubt, but this kid? I think VT got a REAL good one here. SO lookin forward to watchin this guy play.

  3. His motor is very highly tuned. That is what makes the difference between a run stopper and a disrupt-er. He probably will red shirt this season and next year watch out! He is going to be making it hard on our QB and any tailbacks that he can get his hands on.

  4. We might as well try him at RB while we are at it. He’s bigger for sure. I wouldn’t want to take the ball away from him or get in his way….

    1. I guess football (even recruiting)is a games of inches. Very surprising how close it was between uVA and VT for Teller. Good thing talking to the wahoo coaches snapped him out the Zima haze!

  5. Man-Crush on this guy, hope he pans out. haha. Any word on what is strength numbers were? He is the type of player, physically that we typically don’t get at VT especially on defense and thats why I am excited.

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